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Please change this current hour cell mechanic.

By GuillaumeFG#8017 - MEMBER - April 11, 2021, 09:22:36

It is hell on earth trying to catch it ,  most of the time its wasted due to the mob positioning/range difficulties, its not fun, makes xelor MUCH harder to play than before the rework so, it does not hit the mark when they said that ppl complained before that xelor was too difficult of a class, and mainly becouse NO ONE i ever seen liked it.

Edit: Make into something simple as: The Xelor has +10% damage dealt on the Dial and the Xelor has -10% damage outside the Dial, it makes destroying it interesting on PvP also remember that the reworked xelor has ALOT to think about in their turns now with Tock, Tick passive, timing the Clock spell to go off in a desireable turn, which spell to use due to every turn being a variable amount of AP and so on you have 30 seconds to do so and chasing ONE square, making it be in range to the enemy you need to atack on the current hour is not viable!

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It isn't as hard as you think and once you learn how to calculate your WPs the Xelor gets rewarded with a VERY strong dmg buff.

I'd say that one of the biggest problems that I've seen on many Xelors is that they try to make the Current Hour go a full circle all around the Dial just to get the dmg buff, this can easily be solved by using Counterclockwise which allows you to keep the Current Hour always facing the enemy and avoid over-expending WPs, plus it gives you another 15% DI.

If the enemy is not in range of the Current Hour then just let the cell go, it will come back after it goes around the Dial by itself as you move through the hour cells and cast Distortion, over expending your WPs just for the dmg buff will end up crippling your Xelor later. Distortion by itself already does an awesome job increasing your damage which is equal (if not better) than the bonus from the Current Hour (and even better if you synchronize both)

You can check this thread if you want to read some tips about this topic and know how to manage the Current Hour better, the initial Dial+Distortion+Devotion is being useful for many from what I've seen in the game: How to manage the Current Hour

Keep practicing and you'll see how rewarding it is to calculate your turn and how your damage will increase exponentially! huh

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