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[Guide] How to manage the Current Hour Cell

By Bluhen#6777 - MEMBER - April 05, 2021, 04:16:33

Hi everyone!

I'd like to open this thread as some sort of Guide to help new and veterans Xelors about a topic that I've seen has been causing some confusion among the players: Manging your Current Hour. Here, I'll try to show you how to manage the placement of the cell, how to synchronize your spells and some considerations which will ultimately help you to save your WPs and time every turn.

First, let's start talking about... *drum rolls*

The Dial and You

The core spell of the class, the Dial not only provides the Xelor with an insane mobility at the cost of 2 AP but also a very strong 30% Damage Inflicted buff or 30 Force of Will if you have the passive Dark Dimension equiped. This is a very versatile tool and a crucial spell for any build.

While all of this sounds great, the buffs can only be obtained as long as you cast your spells while standing on the Current Hour Cell so it is very important that you know where to summon the Dial, how much WPs your spells are consuming and where&when to move in order to avoid over-spending the points.
Current Hour Cell (CHC)

This is were most of the Xelor's gameplay revolves around and knowing how it works is key to maximize your damage and AP steals. Always remember: whenever you spend a WP while standing on the Dial, be it by teleporting or casting spells, the Hour Cell will move according to how many WPs were spent.

When the Xelor summons the Dial 2 important things will happen:
  1. The Xelor will always teleport to the VI cell (the one right behind you)
  2. The Current Hour will always be placed on the XII cell

Knowing this is important to define your first turn and were you will summon the Dial, as a personal recommendation I'd suggest you to try to use Distortion and Devotion BEFORE summoning the Dial, this is to avoid the Current Hour going crazy around the map and spending additional WPs trying to catch it but, of course, it depends on the situation.

Regardless of what you do, there is always one thing that you need to decide: where you will summon the Dial.
  • Behind you: This will allow to prepare where the CHC will land beforehand. If you like the Iop-ish style and just unload your whole arsenal on the enemy, you will find that by casting Distortion and Devotion will put the Current Hour right below you allowing you to get that sweet 30% dmg bonus without needing to move a single cell, saving 1 WP and, more important, time.

2.- In front of you: Summoning the Dial in front of you will allow you to have more control over your Current Hour Cell and it will be very easy step on it. It is specially useful when you don't need to cast Devotion for example or spend too much WPs, if you do need to use Distortion, though, remember to move to the cell III to catch the CHC.

Tips for catching the Current Hour
Prepare your turn before hand.

Always think 1 Cell ahead. I've seen many Xelor just teleporting to the CHC but they find themselves confused when it moves to the next one, having to spend an aditional WP to get on it. If the Current Hour is on III then move to IV or II if you are using Counterclockwise, if you need to use Distortion then move to VI knowing that 2 WP + 1WP will move the CHC 3 cells forward. Always add 1 to the number of WPs spent.


Time Theft

There are many situations where you will encounter this situation:

You are adjacent to your Hour Cell and you barely reach the enemy with your spell. Normally on this scenario you'd have to spend 2 WP minimum to catch the cell. Well don't worry, Time Theft can fix that, since it only costs 1 WP it is a very good tool for helping you to move the CHC just 1 cell.

Destroying the Dial

Quick and simple. Don't be afraid of destroying the mechanism If you find yourself on an undesirable scenario where you'd have to spend too much WPs just to land on the Current Hour Cell which, in the end, won't be rewarding enough and you will cripple yourself on the following turns. If you destroy the Dial with Hand you can save yourself the 2 APs of Gear (assuming that the Dial isn't in Cooldown).


The functioning is simple: it reverses the movement of the Current Hour. It makes the Dial work like a Pendulum allowing you to keep the CHC on one half of the Dial which can be benefical in many scenarios and avoid making the Current Hour to do a full circle around the Dial. The key here is the number of the turns, remember: Damage debuffs, FoW buffs, inversion of the dial... all the weird stuff happens on Even Turns, so if you are on the turn 2,4,6,8 and so on, pay attention.



Another simple spell. At the start of your turn you are automatically teleported to the Current Hour. As a personal note: It is a nice spell to have, but it shines more on a Slowdown of Time build imo to avoid getting kicked out of your Dial. If you just use it to always be on your Hour Cell (as I used to do at the start) you'll find that you can avoid using this passive once you learn how to move the Current Hour around (the passives has other uses too).

Momentary Permutation

A great spell for positioning the Dial around the map without the need of destroying the mechanism or stepping out of it to attack an enemy. At the end of the turn, the Xelor will trade places with this mechanism.

This spell can save you a valuable amount of WPs. If you want to stop the switch at the end of the turn remember to cast Suspension, just keep in mind that this spell will stabilize you just during your turn, meaning that you won't be able to teleport yourself with spells, it doesn't affect your teleportation around the Dial though.

Oh no, the Current Hour went out of the Map, what do I do?

Don't worry. If you pay attention to the upper part of the screen you will notice this icon:

The level of the state indicates in which cell the Current Hour is. This is an incredibly useful indicator, specially when you are using Slowdown of Time on medium-small maps and the Current Hour is being blocked by an map-generated obstacle or just went out of the map.

Always pay attention to it!

*Current Hour's state was level 12, so by moving 1 Cell (1 WP) and casting Devotion (4 WP) you can catch the Current Hour on the cell number V.

And that's it!

I'd say that learning how the Current Hour works is one of the most difficult aspects to master about the new Xelor since it requires you to pay close attention to many factors and things can go south very easily if you don't. The sooner you get used to it the sooner you will start seeing bigger numbers and everything will start working as smooth as a clock.

Thanks for reading! huh

05-04-2021: Added Momentary Permutation and the section "Oh no, the Current Hour went out of the Map, what do I do?"
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For obsessive Current Hour users, I can also recommend a combo of Memory+Momentary Permutation+Clockmaking+Suspension.

Memory grants you more WP for moving on the hour cells.

Momentary Permutation lets you reposition the Dial closer to enemies should the battlefield near the Xelor be cleared and you need to move the Dial to another part of the map

Clockmaking returns you to the hour cells when/if you get pushed off the hour cells and/or are locked, or when you need to move off your hour cells so that Momentary Permutation teleport the Dial further away at the end of your turn, allowing you to return to the Current Hour by the start of your turn.

Suspension allows you to halt Momentary Permutation's teleport by a turn should your Dial already be in a favourable position.

Your spells may also include distortion, sinistro, tempus fugit and devotion so that you can position your current hour to your needs within the turn.

For such a playstyle, it is also highly recommended that time theft be mainly used for current hour positioning and stacking time theft conversion stacks for a burst turns, and not for turn to turn full consumption of AP, therefore you should always leave your turn with AP leftover so that you have more WP to move next turn.
To the best of your ability, you should also use AP breastplates and Relics/Epics/Weapons and Wield Type: 2 Handed so as to not let excess MP be wasted per turn. If you are left with 2MP, it will mostly be used to walk to the Current Hour if you don't want it to hop from teleporting via hour cells

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Nice tips! 

I added Momentary Permutation to the guide and a small section at the end.


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Buena info bluhen (i know he speaks spanish as well)

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I really liked your idea of the "Dial + Distortion + Devotion" combo, it helped me dish A TON of damage biggrin

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