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I hate that my 2nd Skill Bar auto defaults to #3. I hate that Dial + Time Theft auto default to slots 1 and 2 of Skill Bar #3. Any way to change this?

By Aqualad#2072 - MEMBER - April 04, 2021, 21:02:12

Before the revamp, all my spells + actives fit neatly on two skill bars. Now, because we unlock Dial and Time Theft for free in battle...

My secondary skill bar defaults to skill bar 3. Dial + Time theft auto slot in spots 1 and 2 of skill bar 3.

As if the wonky revamp wasn't enough, this really makes me hate playing Xelor. How do you guys cope? Is there any way to show three skill bars? 

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You can click on the number right next to each bar to deploy it and move it around

Additionally, you can go to Options -> Commands to change the key for the shortcut. I like to set the Dial to Q and Time Theft to E to make it easier to cast the spells.
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You're a lifesaver, thanks!

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