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Improvements on Xelor 2.0

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - April 04, 2021, 07:53:54

Ok, coming up as someone who IS enjoying Xelor quite a bit, I still think the class could use some tinkering to improve it, I'm not going to be vague and just cut straight to the point of what I think would be ideal for parts of Xelor:


  • Requires target to cast (this spell is too important to be subjected to missclick shenanigans)
  • New Effect: When cast on self, Xelor is granted 3APs, when cast on allies, AP is granted on a 3-cells aura, with the following rules:
  • 1 ally in the aura (only target ally): 3APs
  • 2 allies in the aura: 2APs each
  • 3+ allies in the aura: 1AP each
  • Xelor is excluded from the aura AP buff

  • No longer requires Line of Sight (this can be given to either Gear or Symmetry)
  • 2 uses per turn

  • Range is now 1-4
  • optional idea: can be cast on Dial hours, requires no Line of Sight to be cast on the hours.

  • 2 casts per target (one cast per target really cuts its synergy with Cogs)

  • AP is rewarded to allies at the start of their turn.

Dark Bolt
  • Bounces to one more target.
  • Can be cast on self (to better synergize with a melee Xelor, if anybody is crazy enough to still try)

Passive: Portent
  • Currently: +1 range, +10% damage taken in close combat
  • New effect added: Desynchronization grants AP upon use, can only give 1AP per target.

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I agree with devotion needing target and selfcasting dark bolt

I think gear would be too strong for 2 AP with 2 uses per turn and no LoS

Portent actually gives 2 range

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I would give Gear 2 uses OR no LoS, only one of those would improve the spell by a lot, but both could be too much.

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Just some personal feedback concerning to the spells to complement your suggestions.

Paradox: it really needs 1 more cast per turn, even if you want to use it for AoE air dmg the spell feels so extremely limited. As a positioning tool, it is rigid and becomes harder to use when you are using Slowdown of Time (due to having 1 missing hour cell in between them and the linear cast)

Symmetry: what do you mean with "it can be cast on Dial hours"? 

Dark Bolt: I've been trying this spell quite a lot and it does need an improvement. My biggest concern is that it feels like a Single-Target AoE spell which defeats the purpouse of an AoE spell, specially when you need to summom a mechanism first in order to trigger the rebound. If it could hit 1 or 2 more targets (scaling the rebound damage accordingly) it would feel a lot better and be an actual welcomed addition to an AoE deck. 

Desynchronization: In general, I think that having delayed buffs isn't a good concept, specially if said buffs trigger at the start of the turn of the caster's turn rather than on the buffed ally. Both Desyn and Sinistros suffer the same issue which prevent them feom being reliable buffing tools (sames happens with Sadida's Sylvan Awakening armor if I recall correctly).

Gear: Personally I think that the positioning effect should be separated from the mechanism destruction effect and add it to a new active spell. I have mixed feelings with this spell since it can be a strong positioning spell but at the same time it is soo limited. Both buffs that you are mentioning would be a welcomed addition, the positioning side of the Xelor should be reinforced and Gear is a very good tool for that.

Devotion: Neutral. I think it is a strong spell as it is BUT if it were to be buffed, it would be great if the Sinistro could be used to extend the effects of Devotion. This way you would have more control over the allies that you want to buff and create a link between them in case they were too far away from each other, plus it would give this specific summon a new interesting role.

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" Symmetry: what do you mean with "it can be cast on Dial hours"? "
In Xelor 1.0 the spell Xelor Punishment had extra damage when cast on hour cells, and regardless your position and the spell's range, you could always cast on an hour cell, I think Symmetry would benefit greatly from this if hour cells could be targeted without requiring LoS to help you escape.

Also, I like your idea for the Sinistro, perhaps when Devotion is cast on a sinistro, the Xelor is given 2 or 3WP back (because no way I'm spending 5PW on that) and all allies within the Sinistro's area gain 2APs (or it uses my rule of 3APs to one, 2APS to two and 1AP to three or more)

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