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Tempus Fugit & Cog synergy

By Bluhen#6777 - MEMBER - April 03, 2021, 00:22:06

Hi everyone!

Today, I'd like to show you an interesting synergy between Tempus Fugit and Cog, a synergy that makes it easier to activate the mechanism allowing you to increase the overall damage done by this summon and reducing the AP spent that you'd usually use to move the mechanism (with Paradox for example.


1.- Cast Tempus Fugit on an enemy from 1 - 2 cells away max. This is to make sure that the enemy is inside Cog's AoE (circle of 2 cells).

*Note: It isn't really necessary to place the rift under the enemy, as long as the Cog is on the rift and the enemy is in the range of the Mechanisms the combo will work. I preffer placing a rift on the enemy so I have more control over them.

2.- Move out of the Time Rift and summon a Cog on it. Take into consideration that summoning a Cog on a rift will trigger it instantly so be careful.

3.- Spam Slow Down on both the enemy and the Cog to obtain multiple teleportations. The reason why I used Slow Down is because with high WillPower you can cancel the AP reduction on yourself, in which case it will only cost 1 AP

You can place a second Cog on the other end of the Time Rift to double the AoE damage dealt, this can be done on the second turn though due to the "1 use per turn" restriction of the spell.

It also works with any elemental spell as long as you target the Cog or the enemy with a direct hit. AoE spells work too but only if you git the central target of the spell, it doesn't work on the adjacent cells.

The spell doesn't necessary need to deal damage in order to trigger the rift, as you can see on the gif below you can even cast Mass Charm on the mechanism to attract everything around it before dealing damage.

Improving the Combo

1.- Try using spells that don't have a cast limit such as Eniripsa's Unnatural Remedies or Hippolyre's Topple, the only limit is the AP or MP of the user standing on the rift

                          *Shinning Requiem!

2.- If you are worried that the enemy might move out of the Time Rift or get away, cast Against the Clock on them, this way they will get rewound back to the previous cell at the end of their turn.

                       *T̴͙̟̪͚̥̘͚̰̀̈́̆h̸̦̯̙̗͓͖̳̼̩̫̤͔̳͎̙̒̀̍̈́͐͗̽͑͂͛̿̈͘͘͠e̵̘͂̃̈́̈r̷̨̹̘̻͖̬͔̬͖̼̩̞̞͊̓͒́̌̊̅̈́͒̚͝ĕ̷̛̪̓͗̅̄̇̇͆͘ ̶͍̘̩̳͔̫͉̟̗͂̈́̉̒͗̆̿̿̍͐̉̕͝͠ͅi̴̛̖̟͒͂̍̐͊̉͘͝͝ş̶̨͎̖͍̄̆̋̌̋ ̶͖̟̫̩̙̼̗̾͘͠ͅņ̷̤̙̞̼̰̦̣̬̭̙̺̃̊͐̐̈́̾̔̇͑͜ͅó̷͙͍͓̦̜̳͎͙̱̺̼̽̅̑͗̃͑̓̈́̓͘͝ ̴̢̧̢̛̪͓̪͂̓̓̓͜͜ͅȩ̴̧̻͎̲̝̤͍͍̼̦̙̝̋̿̃̾̅̎̿̒̂̚͜͠ś̸̡̛͕̝̫̳͉̠̤̥͌c̵̛͕̮̻̉̉̓á̵̢̛̱̮͉̳̖͎̼̭̬̖͕͜ͅp̸̞͎̥͓̯͕̝̱̔̚ͅḙ̵̡̡͉̟̞̞̘̝͓͔̖̄̊̎͌̃̌̀̅͠

3.- Right before the Cog is about to die, remember to use Hand on it. This will allow you to refund the cost of the spell, get 2 WP back if you have Assimilation on your deck and to trigger Specialized Mechanisms' explosion. You can summon a new Cog right away on the rift to unleash an additional teleportation.

  • As soon as the Cog is placed on the Time Rift, it will trigger the rift and exchange positions with the target.
  • Knowledge of the Past's range conversion will also increase the damage done by the Cogs making the combo an interesting option for Xelor oriented to Mid-range and Close-Combat.
  • Work with your allies!

Thanks for reading!
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first cool animation .
second why if you want to make them beter .
make sinistro debaf suport (less demage sinistro ,debuff enemy -mp,-ap...i buff ally more)

cog damege one but not like this too much job for too litle (4 ap for cog ,2 ap 2wp for Tempus Fugit,..)for amount of damge les that hand (5ap).

make cog do damege on end of xelor turn .so we use teleport to move the enemy around him and not the other way around.
we nee more of them to be usful or make them medium for spell (sinistro for water ,cog for fire)they are useless they die too fast 
in 1v1 beter off casting hand 
1vN monsters will not come near them.and when they come is for attack ,them cog and sinistro died.

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Remember that a Single-Target spell will always deal more damage than an AoE one so yeah, you will see bigger numbers with Hand but for an AoE Xelor it could be an interesting combo. It doesn't necessary needs to be set up right away on the first turn, the gifs just display how both spells synergy with the Mechanism. If you can, you can summon the Dial so the Hour Cell lands right next to a group of enemies and set up the combo, or you can use T1 to just summon the Cog and cast Dark Bolt on it and then Tempus Fugit on T2. It all depends on the situation.

Remember that the Time Rift lasts 2 turns so on the second one you don't need to invest heavy hitting spells to make the Cog work and the Time Rift can be activated by anyone.

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Cool! Have you tried it out in a dungeon? 

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I have tried this on dungeons but keep in mind that a strategy based on summons won't work everywhere. For example I have noticed that Cogs don't perform very well against DelNyl monster family and will result in big self-heals for the Shaman and the Ripper can easily destroy the mechanism. Kali is another place where you wouldn't want to use Cogs either because of how nimble the enemies are resulting in a harder time to set up the mechanisms, they can push it out of the rift and the Boss can use them to TP around which can put your own allies at risk .

In general, Cogs aren't that great on places where monsters have access to pushes and switches, in those cases you are better off just comboing the Cog with Paradox/Dark Bolt and the set up the Time Rift on the second turn for cheap damage, but outside those scenarios they seem to work on anything else like the Dweller Dungeon, for example, where the enemies will charge at the Cogs resulting in "passive" activations of the rift and they end up damaging themselves

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Does ruin effect cog damage?

Awesome, that means this can actually be relevant as a build with the +30% from ruin

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Yes, tested in Beta, Ruin affects Cog's damage, and Sinistro's damage. It also affects Specialised Mechanism's Cog death explosion damage, but not Sadida's Explodoll passive's damage anymore which was explicitly changed in the same patch to become direct damage (why??)

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