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[Xelor] Past, present and future. An open letter to the development team

By 9Nectum9#1864 - MEMBER - March 31, 2021, 15:58:40
Think about the future, remember the past, but live in the present.
Past Xelor
What is the difference between xelor past and present? The answer lives in the general idea, in the core of the class. Xelor idea of ​​the past is perfectly described by the words “I am control”. Indeed, Xelor of the past more accurately controlled his reserve of action points (he could take them in reserve (rollback) every turn more than 3 AP at least ), more accurately control the position of allies  
and many of the effects that he would like to activate on his turn. At the same time, at the request of Xelor, he could not trigger these effects and wait for the next turn. Xelor could switch tick and tock. The feeling that you can control the delayed effects gives you a sense of freedom. That each element was important for Xelor at the level of macronutrients, connections and triggers were invented, which we later called as synergies between the elements.
It was the feeling of freedom that was very important for the  Xelor players. We did not expect deleting of so many things and most importantly, freedom.
Present Xelor
The idea of ​​a new Xelor is described by the words "I rely on chance, but at the same time I have new opportunities." Relying on chance means that many of the delayed effects that the class previously had have become uncontrollable. The Sandglass activates at the end of an enemy's turn, allowing the enemy to approach our allies or us to deal damage that was not meant for us. The Underhand does not allow push on the current turn. The Clock is beautiful in theory, but in practice a weak and unnecessary delayed-effect instrument. We can no longer control tick and tock (switch phases). It is generally removed as an important element of class identity and is only added to the class through passives. So new Xelor can absolutely play without tick and tock. It was important for many years, but not in the present, unfortunately. To get additional AP, you must also come to terms with the delayed principle. With each turn, you can exchange WP for AP in a linear order, but for this exchange Xelor will be obliged to keep his action points or move less around the dial or use less abilities that are also demanding on WP. Do you feel the difference? Xelor past is about freedom. Xelor of the present is imprisoned. He must be much more careful otherwise you will be completely left without a WP.
I am like a person who has been playing for Xelor for a very long time. Even before the Spell desk systems and saw a lot of what was done with this class, I can note that the Xelor of the present has cool and positive moments, for which I am very grateful to the development team:
  • You have made the current hour alive. He moves and Xelor can catch it to get additional bonuses.
  • We can increase the bonus of the current hour or change it through passive.
  • We can make the dial very large, which is useful for some pve content. Can be done through passives so that the dial does not block visibility.
  • You also made a passive that will automatically teleport Xelor to the current hour. It is very cool.
  • You came up with a replacement for removing action points, but you didn’t deprive us of this option if we just want to remove action points.
  • You have come up with UNIQUE spells (hammer repeat effect, dark bolt, tempus fugit). This is very cool and thanks a lot.
The real class has problems that prevent many old players from enjoying the game. Revamp failed to keep what was good in the past. So nobody guarantees us that all the good things that you came up with will not be destroyed in the future. The class has much less freedom in deferred effects. Xelor can quickly deplete its supply of WP if it plays with the dial and the very survivability of the dial at high-level content is questionable.
 Future Xelor
I address publicly to the development team with a request to pay attention to the following requests that are encountered from different players on the forum in order to make Xelor a worthy class for many years to come.
Elemental Spell:
  1. Dispuption - is a mild effect, just damage and nothing more. Is it possible to add something else for this spell?
  2. Underhand - we need to have an alternative to make push in the current turn.
  3. Sandglass - is it possible to change the effect so that it works at the beginning of the enemy's turn?
  4. Clock - many people write that they do not use them. The spell is unique, but can you do something to make it more attractive?
  5. Paradox - is it possible to make less stringent conditions, for example, for the modification of visibility or for use per turn?
  6. Symmetry - the same as above. Is it possible to at least increase the visibility to 5? 1-3 looks very limited.
Active spells:
  1. Sinistro - is still an expensive summon that buff the enemy and deals a bit of damage.
  2. Cog - is it possible to increase the damage or lower the cost?
  3. Revive - Xelor revive was very dangerous. Without a real healer, the mummified died in a real battle. There are classes that do not have the role of a healer, but can revive, for example, Elio. Why was it necessary to remove the mummification from Xelor, then? If there is no compromise, can you think of something to do with mummification? In Dofus, the Xelor can mummify themselves to gain a bonus and telegraph fortune. I believe that mummification is an important element of class identity.
  1. Dial master passive - is it possible to consider the effect of transferring resists to dial? Enemies or allies that stand on the dial cell lose their resists for one turn (-10 res or -25 res) and the dial gains resists. Either through this passive to reduce cooldown of the dial or let it heal rather than destroy it through Gears.
  2. Portent, Assimilation, Deja vu is a very serious penalty.
  3. Course of time - intentionally does not work with temporal rift. It also severely restricts for Xelor.
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I've addressed individual spells and passives on the 1.70.2 patch thread but I would like to take the opportunity to ride on this post that addresses Xelor on the whole to bring out the importance of two mechanisms applied across all classes, lock escape and lifesteal.

On Lock escape:

In a scenario that has a high lock penalty applied onto a player on their own turn and either them or their enemies are stabilised, they are requires to escape lock by means of either pushing, pulling, teleports or swaps during their turn.

Most classes have many of these abilities by means of elemental or active spells to escape during their turn every turn, with notable exception in Enutrofs (who can convert lock to dodge) and Rogues (Ruse has high cooldown, but you may choose to put a 2ap air bomb 3 cells away followed by magnetism for 2ap and 2wp and may be used every turn once). Due to the nature of enemy AI, there is a tendency for mobs to try to lock you as much as possible.

As a proported positioner class, we expect to be able to escape lock easily using our tools. However this is unusually restricted in the revamped xelor without an on-demand push. Lets take a look at the available tools:

​​Dial: 2AP cost, 4 turn cooldown, and has a high likelihood of having already been summoned previously and so can't be summoned again until 3 turns later.

Clockmaking: depending on the battlefield's state, may teleport you away from lock of one enemy right into another. Is also mandatory every turn in battle, so you are not given the choice to not teleport even if you don't want to.

Tempus fugit: costs 2AP 2WP, and has a 2 turn cooldown, but is currently the most versatile tool to escape lock.

Gear: 2AP and at best moves the enemy's back to you, reducing the amount of lock penalty, unless you summon a sinistro (additional 2ap and 2wp) or cog (additional 4ap)

Symmetry: Same issue as gear, at an extra 1AP cost

Paradox: Due to linear restriction, same issue as Gear at an added 2AP.

As you can see, none of these tools are very reliable if simply either Xelor (5 options gone) or the Enemy is stabilised (2 options gone), mainly due to AP cost or cooldowns.

As a counter proposal, if underhand has no intention to be changed, I would like to suggest one of the below possibilities

  •  Removal of line of sight on Gear or Symmetry or increase range so they have a higher likelihood of reaching a target
  • Add diagonal casting directions for Paradox in additional to linear casting, similar to Enutrof's second fire spell, so you can swap an enemy using a sinistro summoned or other diagonal entities on your turn rather than invest in another Cog 2 cells behind the enemy then Paradox for a total of 8AP just to escape lock. Alternatively remove the linear cast restriction altogether so that you can use targets 3 cells away from xelor but linear to the enemy.
  • Reduce tempus fugit cooldown to 1 turn but keep the glyph around for two turns unless you summon another the next turn OR reduce it's 2AP, 2WP cost.

If all these options are simply not viable balance-wise, then it is imperative for Xelors to have an on-demand push instead (or a targetless non linear 3 range pull).

On life steal:
Healing is an important mechanic in higher level dungeons as the enemy damage and resistance scales beyond the ability of solo players to handle VERY quickly. All classes are inherently timed from being steamrolled by heal resist and boss archetype granting % DI the longer the fight goes on.

Even without this power check of healing in place, a cursory glance reveals that most if not all classes have inherent healing skills:

Lifesteal or healing self via elemental mastery:

Sram for high amount
Rogue, can also armour themselves
Enutrof for high amount, can self revive
Cras (stated to be removed eventually)
Sacriers, can also armour themselves
Masqueraiders, can also armour themselves
Ouginaks, can also armour themselves
Foggers, can also armour themselves
Huppermages, can also armour themselves
Eliotropes, can self revive
Ecaflips, can also armour themselves
Sadidas, can also armour themselves
Pandawas, can also armour themselves
Osamodas (through summons), can self revive

This leaves us with 3 classes:

Fecas with high resistance, immunization and armouring capabilities
Iops who can stack block without losing on critical % output via passives, stack armour, and give themselves resistance.

And....Xelors with plink armour. There IS something to be argued about how easily the class works with sublimations for more defense (Wakfu pact, Tenacity, Ancestral Energy), but the developers judge a revamp without regards to sublimations much anyway.

As of now, there is no good argument against Xelor not having either better armouring capabilities without sacrificing damage, a lifesteal ability, or a self revival passive or spell.
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Honestly rogue, iop, ecaflip and hupper armour isn't anything to write home about.
Rogues only get it if they focus on connections which is usually reserved for air builds, iop relies more on being tanky then having sustain, ecaflip imo relies more on heals then armour (considering they have 1 spell that gives armour) and honestly i have never seen a tanky hupper, their only real sustain is their lifesteal

I think the real problem with xelor armour is that if you use premonition on yourself, it doesn't trigger untill the beginning of your next turn, making it really annyoing to use on yourself

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this is what i would do(I'm not a professional , only ideas)

1. fire 
damege ,kill ap gain ,combinations with others

  • distortion
nothing one good thing.
  • hand
good but do too little, make to give something like  Timely Lv2 one turn.

for each level gain 1ap who ever kills him.

  • dust
it does nothing but annoy me with it range swap .

Timely Lv3 one turn.and interact with cog area of eff. 
  • dark bolt

Rebound more with less damage  .single target rebound 2 cel from target to target multible time in chain (give some max of rebound ) .and activate water and wind eff on everyone hit (down added).
  • disruption
I have no idea.activates effects (water,wint) .or creates a disturbing field(create something)

delayed damage,ap reduction,give app to ally
  • clock
 good Idea but too slow for max damage .
close range is usles .

make it do more damege per removed ap while it is activ on target.
more range (higher cost of wp)

time nuke.
  • sandglass
simple damege combo with fire for more damage.(disruption,dark bolt)
  • slow down
I have no as sandglass with ap remove(At end of the state bearer's turn do damage)
  • desynhronization
giwe some ap when removed from enemy .interact with sinistro .better AoE.
sinistro become support and better with this.
  • hammhour
i like this one.and with better desynchronization give more ap to ally.

teleport,move enemy,
  • underhand
some way to activate .(slow down for close range,disrupt...)
  • suspension
do nothing and even less than that.
give some interaction with other effent (up ).or  with summon (cog...)
  • tems fugit
why 2ap and 2wp it is useless for that cost.
2wp and telepor to cell or swap position (once per turn).
  • paradox
cool name .but useless .
  • symetry
i dont have eny idea.

------------------------------------------------------------------- spell
  • time thief,   devotion
with old xelor i could have 4 to 9 more ap every two turn.

but now only at begining of battle and maybe once more .
devotion drain wakfu .
time thief need longer and drain walkfu.

dial need wakfu to move (it is ok ,but need more wp to maximise damege,to get  current  cel to where need  ).
devotion need wakfu 
time thief need wakfu 
12 wakfu become 5 at the end and regeneration is slow.
need loot of work.

old xelor was good because of  easy and constant ap gain every 2-3 turn for boost to damage and utility.
this one  easier but not constant .neet loot of time to regain wakfu(if use dial he won't even get that) so damage in not the same.

make time thief do as old rollback.(or something similar)
and devotion i dont know.
  • against the clock
good utillity.
  • gears
have synergy with deja vu and specialized mechanisms but deja vu is not worth it,and specialized for escape but before it was more efficient(with teleport and damage he does).
  • sinistro and cog
make more of them or make them medium for spell.
cog remove teleport damage and deal damag at end of xelor turn.
give them synergy with element.
  • premonition 
bad.(next).return old one.

  • dial masterr
  • timeliness
xelor need wakfu and loot of it.
  • tick,tock  and tock,tick

you delete this to add this.
  • dark dimension
stronger version of old passiv with condition and nerf.
worts version od old one.
  • clockmaking
one range and teleport .(not bad with only this  but you want to be at the current cell while fighting.and debuff is too much)
  • portent
it looks like you took the old passively and split it into three above parts.and make them worst.
  • memory
you did something to fix the flaws and then tried to balance it.
  • coure of time
gave boost for ap removal but for the wrong element.
  • counterclockwise
I miss the old passives ,you use different elements you get boost.
  • deja vu
it makes no sense for xelot to attack from behind.
if you do two of the same combination of ellemental atack in two turn to do  third same combo .(for some of damage)
  • knowledge of the past
this contradiction all why would take range.
anything that give range does not provide much defense and attack.(armor)

make a passive one that will give you more damage the farther you are from the enemy.
and call it knowledge of the future(not in the same ration ).
I made good passiv by reversing what you did.
  • violent omens
not bad one .
  • slowdown of time
let not start on this one.
  • remanence
need  this if you're going to use cog or sinistro.
  • specialized mechanism
is it commendable that  they die fast enough that can it be a strategy.
  • momentary permutation
we used to have this but useful.
  • combat mage
you don't want to be in close combat with xelor.
  • shriveling
or he could hit them with fire.
  • asimilation
no.too slow for that price.

xelor passive became a joke . sorry for bad font never use this too much.
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I disagree that the new Xelor relies on chance more than the old one. To teleport enemies, the old one relied on the dial, if its gone or too far away from the enemy, sorry, better luck next time. And Rollback was, by definition, CHANCE, while new Xelor guarantees you can teleport allies and enemies without the dial, give yourself 3+ AP reliably (although why in tarnation Devotion isn't "require target"? Are you guys COUNTING on us missclicking and wasting 3AP on thin air just for fun?)

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