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Tentative Xelor changelog

By cody5#2705 - MEMBER - March 13, 2021, 23:16:08

I aptempted to compile all the changes to Xelor form all the beta changes into one easier to read chagelog, I can't guarantee this is completely accurate to the tuesday update and lots of damage ratios are missing, but I think the rest is accurate

Innate passive
12 base WP
At the end of the turn:
The Xelor regains 1 WP.
The Xelor regains 1 additional WP per AP still possessed.
Fire Spells

3 AP, 2 to 3 Range, modifiable, cast in line
Horizontal line fire damage size 5
3 uses per turn

3 AP 3 WP, 0 Range (not modifiable)
Adds 16 Fire damage per AP after each spell for 1 turn
The spell costs 1 less AP per turn not cast
1 use per turn.

Dark bolt
4 AP, 3 to 4 Range, modifiable 
Fire Damage
1 rebound to the closest enemy (up to 2 cells away): Double damage on the rebound hit
Priority: clockwise from "behind the target", and from the closest to farthest from the target
2 uses per target

5 AP, 2 to 4 Range, modifiable
125 Fire Damage
If the spell kills any target, Xelor gains 5 AP
2 uses per turn

4 AP, 3 to 5 Range (not modifiable),  doesn’t require a line of sight
Fire Damage
Each cast increases the minimum and maximum range of the spell by 2.
2 uses per target
Water spells

3 AP, 1 to 2 Range
At the end of the target's turn: high water damage in a size 1 cross around the target
4 uses per turn, 1 use per target

Slow down
1 AP, 1 to 3 Range
Xelor then target: -2 AP
Water Damage
3 uses per turn, 2 uses per target

1 WP, 1 Range (not changeable)
Based on current AP: Water damage * X after X turns
1 use per target

3 AP, 1 to 4 Range, cast in line
75 Water Damage
-1 AP
Each cast of the spell triggers again its effects on previous targets (current turn)
4 uses per turn, 1 use per target

4 AP, 4 to 7 Range (not modifiable)
Water Damage to enemies in cross Size 1
Removes 2 AP in cross Size 1
Next turn: Allies hit get 1 AP max for 1 turn.
2 uses per turn
Air spells

2 AP, 0 to 4 Range, non modifiable
Air Damage on Enemy
The target will be pushed by 4 cells on the next Xelor's turn.
2 uses per turn, 1 use per target

Tempus Fugit
2 AP 2 WP, 1 to 5 range, non modifiable
81 Air damage (lvl 200, ST)
Places 2 time rifts (2 turn) on the caster and target cells
A time rift is activated when any spell from any fighter targets it (even selfcast spells)
The fighter on the activated time rift teleports to the other one (Exchange position if the target cell is occupied)
2 turns cooldown

4 AP, 0 to 3 Range linear, no LOS, requires a target
Cross Air Damage Size 2
Symmetrically teleports the targets in the area in relation to the center (exchange position if the arrival cell is occupied)
2 uses per turn, 1 use per target

3 AP, 1 to 3 Range (not modifiable)
Air Damage on Enemy
Teleports the Xelor symmetrically in relation to the target (exchange position if the arrival cell is occupied)
3 uses per turn, 1 use per target

5 AP, 1 to 3 Range
lots of Air Damage
The Xelor is stabilized until the end of its turn.
2 uses per target
Non-elementary spells

Dial (automatically unlocked at the beginning of the fight)
2 AP, 1 to 3 Range (online)
Places a dial, teleport the Xelor to hour VI.
Dial has 40% of xelor's max HP, has 25 + Xelor’s résistances
The current hour appears at 12 when the dial is summoned.
The current hour advances by 1 per WP spent by the Xelor : this includes dial movements as well as WP-costing spells
Standing on this cell gives the Xelor 30% Damage Inflicted.
Moving from one hour cell to another does not cost a PM, but it does cost a WP.
3 turns cooldown.

Time theft (unlocked automatically at the beginning of the battle)
1 WP, 0 Range (not modifiable).
Gives 1 AP for 1 WP.
Each consecutive use of the spell increases the amount of converted WP, resets to 1 if not used consecutively
1 use per turn.

4 WP, 0 to 3 Range.
Gives 3 APs to the target (1 turn).
2 turns cooldown.

 Against the clock
2 AP, 0 to 3 Range.
At the end of the target's turn: the target is teleported to the cell it occupied at the beginning of the turn.
Cast on a Cog : the cog will be teleported to it's current position at the end of the Xelor's turn
1 use per turn, 4 turn cooldown per target

2 AP, 2 WP , 2 to 4 Range.
Summons a Sinistro (maximum 1 per Xelor).
Has 20% Xelor's max HP
At the start of the cast Xelor’s turn, Sinistro gives 1 AP to everyone in a circle size 3
Aura of +50 resistance in circle size 3
Cooldown 2 turns

4 AP, 1 to 5 Range (cast in line & without line of sight).
Summons a Hydrand (maximum 1 per Xelor).
Has 30% of xelors max HP
When the Hydrand is teleported or transposed: 63 damage Light in a circle of size 2 around the arrival cell.
The cog loses 10% of its max HP for each trigger
A cog can't damage other cogs that belong to the caster
1 use per turn.

2 AP, 0 to 3 Range.
Cast on ally or mechanism: Generates 6% of their max HP (xelor's on mechanisms) in Armor on the target and removes 1 WP from the Xelor (every turn for 3 turns).
Cast on enemy: If they perform an AP/MP removal, it is decreased by 3, then Xelor regains 2 WP (once, lasts 1 turn)
4 turns cooldown.

2 AP, 1 to 3 Range, not modifiable
Exchange of position with the Hydrand, Dial or Sinistro, then destroy it
On other targets: Teleports the target symmetrically in relation to the caster (Exchange position if the target cell is occupied)
1 use per turn

 Master of the Dial
Enemies standing on an hour cell get a -15% damage inflicted malus
Xelor inflicts -10% damage on enemies that stand on an hour cell

2 MP
At the end of the turn, the Xelor doesn't regain 1 WP anymore

2 Range
+15 % melee damage suffered

 Tick, Tock
Odd turns : -20 Force of Will
Even turns : 20 Force of Will

 Tock, Tick
Odd turns : 25% Damage inflicted 
Even turns : -25% Damage inflicted

At the start of turn : Xelor is teleported on the current hour (exchange position if the target cell is occupied)
-10% Damage inflicted if the Xelor isn’t on the current hour

+6 max WP
Remove half of the MP (rounded up)

 Flow of time
When Xelor teleports a fighter they loose -1 AP (even xelor)

Inverts the current hour’s direction of rotation on even turns
The current hour gives additional 15% Damage inflicted

 Deja vu
+20 % Rear damage
-4 WP

 Knowledge of the past
Converts Range to Damage inflicted

 Violent foresight
20 % Damage inflicted in 3 to 5 range
-1 MP

 Dark dimension
The current hour now gives 30 Force of Will instead of 30% Damage inflicted

 Time reduction
Increases the size of the Dial
Canot cast elemental spells if not on the dial when the dial is in play

Xelor summons no longer block the line of sight.
+1 Sinistro and +1 Hydrand maximum

 Specialized mechanisms
On summon death: 63 Light damage around the summon, Push 1 cell around the summon

 Momentary permutation
At the end of the turn, the Xelor exchanges position with its dial.
The Dial gains 100 Elemental Resistance

 Combat Mage
AP removals cast in melee are replaced by an armor gain on Xelor
100% of the level in armor per AP that should have been removed
Force of Will influences the armor gain value

AP removals cast at a distance are replaced by an indirect damage application
10% of the level in Light damage at the start of turn per AP that should have been removed
Wildshape: The light damage uses ST or AoE, whatever your highest mastery is
Force of Will influences the damage value

-6 max WP
Xelor regains 2 WP when he kills a fighter (allies and summons included)

PS: The Odd and even turns swap at the end of the xelor's turn

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This is nuts.

They aren't just totally changing how Xelor is as a Mage Archetype.

They are literally making Xelor a ticking timebomb Clock on the battlefield.

I will say a prayer for all Xelors that need to change their gear.

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