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New xelor spells and passives

By cody5#2705 - MEMBER - January 27, 2021, 22:29:17

Innate passive:
You have 12 WP
You regenerate 1 WP per turn
All unused AP is converted to WP

Hand 6 AP
2 per target

Perturbation (line of fire) 3 AP
Deals damage in a 5 line but sideways (like iop sword spell)
2 per turn

Distortion 1 AP 2 WP
Makes all spells you cast this turn deal bonus fire damage
2 turn cooldown

Dark ray 4 AP
Deals damage to target, bounces once (2 range)
Bounce deals double damage
2 per target

Temporal dust 4 AP
Deals damage t 3-5 range
Increases the min and max range of TD by 2 for this turn

Sandglass 3 AP
Curse: deals damage in a cross at the end of turn (like firedamp)
1 per target

Slowdown 1 AP
Literally just sandlass, but not linear (removes 2 AP from you and the target)
2 per target
Can be selfcast

Clock 1 WP
Effect depends on your current AP (up to 12), the AP is NOT consumed
Curse: After X turns deal damage X times
1 per turn

Hammhour 5 AP
Lots of damage and -2 AP
2 per target

Desynchronisation 4 AP
Cross aoe damage
-2 AP
Curse: After 1 turn, +1 AP
2 per turn

Underhand 2 AP
Same as now, but pushes 4
Can be selfcast to push yourself forward

Tempus fugit 2 AP 2 WP
Swap with target

Paradox 4 AP
Swaps everything in a 2 size cross aoe around a target

Symmetry 3 AP
Teleports over target (like evanescence)
If landing is occupied, swap

Suspension 5 AP
Heavy damage
Stabilises the caster untill the end of turn

Devotion 4 WP
+3 AP to target
1 per turn

Sinistro 2 AP
1 range 50 resistance aura

Hydrant 4 AP
Aoe damage (range 2) after it is teleported

Premonition 2 AP
5% armour, -1 WP
Lasts 3 turns

Against the clock 2 AP
Same as now

Gear 2 AP
Murders a summon and teleports to its location

Innate spells:
Dial 2 AP 1-3RA Linear
Places a dial with 20% HP, teleports you to the edge
Movement on dial costs 1 WP
+30% damage on current hour (current hour moves when you move?)

Time eater?
Converts WP to AP (idk specifics)

Dial master
you deal 20% more damage to enemies on the dial cells
otherwise -10%
dial gains 100 resistance

+2 MP
no free 1 WP per turn

+2 range
+15% melee damage taken

Tick tock
+20 will on odd turns
-20 will on even turns

Tack tick
+20% damage on odd turns
-20% damage on even turns

Enemies moved by xelor take 15% more damage
otherwise -10%

+6 WP
Halved MP (rounded up)

Arrow of time
+3 WP
-15% damage inflicted

You swap with any enemy you hit with a spell at 1 range (same as Mirrors on masquaraider)

Deja vu
+20% backstab

Past perfect
+15% damage at range 1-3
-10% damage at range 4+

Temporal waves
+20% damage at range 3-5
-1 MP

Shadow realm
20% damage on targets with more will then you
-10% otherwise

On time
Size of the dial is doubled
You can only cast elemental spells while on the clock cells

+1 sinistro
+1 hydrant
Summons no longer block LoS

Special mechanisms
Your summons push all adjacent enemies around them 1 cell every turn

Momentary permutation
You swap with your dial at the end of every turn
Dial gets 100 resistance

War caster
+20 will if you start your turn adjacent to an enemy

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First Ankama intervention

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First impression, the passives are not very appealing.
Other than not being interesting (just modifiers), they're too restrictive. specially when you compared to other classes that received the new passives update, most of their passive simply adds value to a specialized build, without taking much away or adding restrictions.

Edit 1:
Basically, Xelor has no self heal now, even the measly 5% Max Health Heal per 3AP removed from enemy is now gone. The Armour regen is laughably low, 5% of Max Health costing 1WP, capped at once per turn. Even at 20K Health, that's only 1K Armour per turn, hardly anything in late game.
If Revive & Self Heal is removed, at least make other options more viable.

Edit 2: AP Manipulation Synergy with Damage & WP Regen

and this

is missing. Mechanics that are supposedly there to synergize with AP manipulation path.
(Link to Original Post:
Where did Time Theft Passive go?

Edit 3: To move something by 7 cell
Old Xelor, 1WP 5AP, Reposition Dial + Underhand + Timekeeper (Target)
New Xelor, 2WP 6AP, Sinistro + Timekeeper + Tempus Fugit (Target)
Saving Multiple ally from Damage Cell such as Lava from Stalagmotel & Tanuki, or Crabstacean, without taking damage yourself? No chance. Push you say? Refer Edit 9
Use Symmetry you say? Well, do the Math
Old Xelor: 2 Underhand + 2 Timekeeper. Not Restricted to Linear, Modifiable Range, very high chance you can teleport & save 2 ally while staying on the same spot.10AP Total.
New Xelor: 2 Symmetry + Sinistro + Hydrant. Linear Only, Modifiable Range, likely requires you to move additionally due to being Linear, 12AP+ Total.

Edit 4: Devotion
Old Xelor: 2WP 2MP, Reposition Dial + Devotion (Potentially buffing the whole Team +2AP for 2 Turns)
New Xelor: 4WP, Devotion (A single Target +3AP for 1 Turns)
Edit 5: Siu mentioned Past Perfect + Temporal Wave passive for that maximum damage inflicted gain on 3rd Cell.
Meanwhile, Desynchronisation spell is at Fixed Range 4 ~ 7, Temporal Dust spell gains Range per cast, quickly out grown the 3rd Cell limit. Does not synergize with Damage Dealer path.

Edit 6: Dial is getting Squishier
Old Xelor: 32% of Xelor's Max HP
New Xelor: 30% of Xelor's Max HP, while it's possible to gain more Resistance on Dial via Passive. BUT, not only it requires you to waste several passive slots, it'll also add additional unwanted restrictions.

Edit 7: WP Regen does not go well with Save Sublimation.

Edit 8: Short Arm, Long Legs
Nearly Half of Xelor's Spells are Fixed Range, where Majority of them are Xelor's primary Damage Spells.
1. Dial Cooldown has increased from 2 to 4. Making Repositioning Hard.
2. While On Time passive increases Dial size, you're required to stay on Hour Cells in order to cast Elemental Spells. Doesn't really go well with all the Short Fixed Range spells.

Edit 9: Underhand
At least give Xelor the option to trigger Push on demand. Ally would be long death before the Push is even trigger the way it is now. Teleport you say? Refer Edit 3.

tl;dr, The positioning changes for AIR path are very welcoming, finally worthy a positioner role as Advertise in the Wakfu Class Encyclopedia Homepage, the efficiency is still debatable, given the cost needed for a desired accuracy when compared to class like Panda. That said, Water Path AP manipulation has suffered, and Fire/Damage Path Fixed Range has made it not very viable.
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I think the general idea behind the range limitation is that since now dial is mandatory, you don't need as much range as the cra, since you can jump in and out of midrange with the dial (or against the clock)

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it feels like the devs have a personal vendetta against distance damage dealers
look at Fogger and now at Xelor, the tradeoffs of the passives are too big or too weird for considering, while you get stuff like Masqueraider which is fair with the tradeoffs or perhaps even too good at times


cody5|2021-01-28 00:30:09
Idk, I think temporal waves and foresight would work great for ranged DD
You don't stay in melee so more melee damage is fine and you use WP to move on the dial so less MP is fine

for me, the problem with the ranged damager role on xelor is how many of it's skills aren't range modifiable, so there's a bit of an identity crisis going on between being a mid distance damage dealer and melee damage dealer
I do agree that Temporal waves sounds nice on paper, but on account of the above, foresight sounds like a bad passive unless more spells become range modifiable
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Idk, I think temporal waves and foresight would work great for ranged DD
You don't stay in melee so more melee damage is fine and you use WP to move on the dial so less MP is fine

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Personally I think dial master + Horologium + shadow realm seems really broken
If you stand on a hour cell and swap with an enemy with tempus fugit, you deal +55% damage
If you also have deja vu + temporal waves and swap with someone at 3+ range who is facing you, you can go up to +95% damage

Also if you take arrow of time + memory you can have 21 WP which is funny

But my real question is why the heck do we have 2 spells that just remove 2 AP and deal damage?? They are identical apart from the AP cost!

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Perhaps so these spells can have their limitations but YOU can bypass it using both spells. Although I feel like they could give one spell more casts and the other spell something unique.

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Looking at the water deck and passives, it feels to me that the programming team was working with a heavy time constraint when developing the revamp (a lot of them are easy to code modifiers or number changes, rather than applying unique effects) which is understandable in the current COVID-19 situation, but horrible for Xelors in the long run, since it will impact them permanently, or cause the need for a another revamp years later.

There's no surefire way to futureproof a class, given that stats and mechanisms are changed to reflect the new content or for balancing (e.g. turn order revamp, collision revamp and FoW revamp heavily affected Xelor and quick patchwork fixes for the spells had to be given) , but combo potential removal for Xelor seems like such a huge change that it permanently modifies the Xelor's identity. 

The Xelor now has different times in a turn order to inflict damage, damage in AP stored over a number of turns before being released later, damage that can be triggered by Allies (via hydrands), damage that triggers at the end of the state bearer's turn, allowing more of the Xelor's AP conversion to damage to circumvent the boss's invulnerability regardless of his position in the turn order, which is a good thing, and also has really fun positioning tools, but the third side of Xelor's identity, AP removal or bestowment, is taking a heavy hit.

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Really nice skill setup. Xelor will be stronger then ever. I will for sure make one now.

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Two things:
1 - No more time rift cells to teleport allies and enemies? PLEASE NOOOO! Thats one of the best aspects of Xelor! Put it back! Even in underhand or any spell, but PLEASE don't take away from us the ability to help allies through teleporting shenanigans!
2 - No more mummification? Just tell me it's animation was reused, it was hands-down the BEST effect the Xelor had, both the visual and the sound.

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Good news, it is now the animation of Against the clock (tho loosing the revive kinda sucks, i never took it out of my spelldeck)

As for positioning, the whole air tree is now based around it (you can do some really sweet moves with paradox)

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You guys complain about newly made characters, but they are stronger in some cases. After playing with any remade character, you almost never pick old one (before rework, exception maybe Feca not my playstyle).

Lack of information, debates... You try to multiply from zero. 

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cody5|2021-01-28 10:05:40
I think the general idea behind the range limitation is that since now dial is mandatory, you don't need as much range as the cra, since you can jump in and out of midrange with the dial (or against the clock)

There's so many thing wrong on this statement,

The thing is, Dial is already mandatory on old Xelor.

Siu even mentioned on Livestream that, statistically, 99.999999999% Xelor are already taking Dial Active in their spell deck on old Xelor,
that's the whole reason why Dial was baked into 3rd Spell Bar in 1.71 Xelor Revamp, Permanently.

That said, the whole reason why Old Xelor include +RA in their build is to compensate Xelor's low base spell range, in order to stay competitive as a Distance DD, given that majority of the spell have low to mid base range, Xelor has always been suffering the Short Arm Identity crisis. Which makes your justification statement nonsensical, since the Fixed Range is taking away something Xelor once had for no reason.

Use Against the Clock so you? well aside from the long 3 Turn Cooldown, Xelor is already suffering from mediocre Damage/AP ratio, now you want to add more restriction and hoops on top of it, just to even allow Xelor to have the chance to reach an enemy?

Read my Initial Post, then you'll understand why the whole Fixed Range & Passives is a big pile of mess that work against each other. People weren't joking when they say Xelor might as well be a Melee Class now.
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That depends if you consider melee 1-2 range or 1-4 range

This version has some range, but not super long range, like cra

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Based on just what I am seeing here, they somehow managed to make water Xelors even less appealing, which is quite the accomplishment I didn't consider even possible.

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I personally dislike that on top of loosing our revive we don't have any mummy-themed abilities anymore.
Also the AP removal spells kinda suck? I mean sure they remove ap but they are so bland and boring and besides willpower no passive synerises with them, which is dumb considering that's one of the core themes of this class!

And the new sinistro is dumb, if you want to have a summon with a resistance aura, make it the mirror from waven, sinistro is meant to be the summon that hits enemies or buffs allies not just a fancy looking fogger blocade!
The hydrant is ok tho.

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yes, mirror will be more good that sinistro 

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Hey, I'd appreciate it if you guys could focus on this thread from now on :

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Thanks in advance happy

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I posted this in the wrong thread ignore this comment

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