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Xelor Revamp Proposal Take 2

By Granthese - MEMBER - November 20, 2020, 00:20:33
I hope I'm not overstaying my welcome with another thread, but I would like to take the comments at heart and try another take on Xelor, still following the idea of Support/Damage, but giving a little more choice and less complications, although I would like to keep at least ONE status to inflict and consume, its not like people complain about it on Pandawa or Sram anyway.

With Xelor's revamp coming up, I'm not sure of it's state of progress if this thread will come too late, but I have a fun idea I want to try anyway, its all about the wibly-wobly, timey-wimey stuff.
  • Introduction
Xelor is a rather curious class, many games avoid this idea, but Ankama embraced the concept of a TIME mage, a Chronomancer in other words, and this is mostly seem as OP since time is a complex element, no wonder the infamous Dio in Jojo can stop time for 10 seconds and that makes him the ultimate evil, while Noximillian or harebourg would scoff at his attempts at temporal control (granted Nox and Hareborug ARE overpowered in context) but I digress. With the idea of putting time theft as reducing Action Points, Xelor became a hybrid of Damage and Support, dealing significant damage but also providing allies with positioning and extra APs, but while this gimmick can be overlooked in the grand scheme of battles, some bosses will actualy lose at least ONE move with they lose more than 2AP, the Crystal-hearted Agony being an example, you can essentialy cut 1/3 of her damage by stealing 3-4AP, so I believe this is one element to be kept. And with Feca no longer giving AP, Xelor could be the one to take this crown when it's most needed.
  • The Changes
Xelor currently does too well Damage and Support without having to change between roles, although it's support is limited and the damage can be seen as sub-par to Sram, Iop and such, but I don't think we should lose one to gain on the other permanently, it can be interchangeable outside battle. Also, Some of Xelor's spells can be clunky and unfitting nowadays, so, without further ado, Spell by Spell we shall see the changes. Also, I'm not good with numbers, so don't expect me to give damage values on any spell whatsoever...

General change:
  1. Tick/Tock mechanics are kept.
  2. Xelor regenerates 1WP every even turn.
  3. Dial and Sinistro are moved to a third bar of spells and unlocked through one Active Spell. Dial now naturaly have 10% damage on all hour cells and 15% on Blue Hour cell.
  4. Aging and Temporal Freezing are gone. The Spells all deal their own useful damage and special effects with Tick and Tock offering EXTRA effects.
  • Active Spells:
Grand Summoner - 1WP - 1-7 range, 1-turn cooldown if cast on empty cell.
Having this spell on your deck unlocks Dial and Sinistro.
   Dial - 2MP, 3 range. Requires no line of sight.
   Dial's blue hour cell starts on XII and moves 1 hour every turn.
   Dial's tower takes 100% of Xelor's hp and resistance.

   Cast on an empty cell repositions the Dial.
   Cast on a Sinistro destroyes it, WP is refunded.
   Sinistro: 1WP, 2-5 range.
   It comes with 30% of Xelor's health, will automaticaly grants 1AP to self and every ally whitin 4 cells of range at the start of their turn.

Thirteenth hour - 2AP, 0-7 range, 2 use per turn.
   Creates a XIII hour cell. Can exists without the presence of the Dial. Casting again will replace the cell.  

Devotion - 2MP - 0-6 range, 2-turns cooldown.
   Cast on self: 2AP
   Cast on Dial's center : +25% damage on hour cells for 1 turn.
   Cast on Ally: Costs 1WP, gives 2AP for 1 turn on ally and all allies within 3 cells radius.
   The idea is to streamline Devotion to be a reliable self buff or an ally buff that doesn't require specific positioning all the time aside from a simple call to stick to one ally before the Xelor's turn.

Timekeeper - 2AP 0-7 range, 1-turns cooldown
   Cast on self: +4AP and adds 1 stack of "Temporal Strain", reducing 10% damage the next 2 turns. Stacks to 3.
   Cast on ally or enemy: Teleports to closest Hour cell.
   One complaint about Xelor is the RNG with rollback, relying on each spell giving 1AP on rollback, when in turn we can have one spell to fill the Xelor with AP, with the cost of losing some damage if abused.

Mummification - 1WP, 2AP, 1-turn cooldown
   Unchanged, it works fine in my opinion. If I HAD to change, I though it brings your ally with 70% HP and 100% incurable for 1 turn. (the one he's brought back)

Synchronization - 1WP, 2AP, 1-7 range, 3-turns cooldown.
   Mimics target's buffs for 2 turns. (limited to regular buffs like damage, range, resistance, etc)

Against the Clock - 2AP, 2-7 range, 2 uses per turn. No line of Sight.
   Swaps the Xelor with the intended target. Xelor and Ally gains +10% damage.
The Fire Branch
Keeping with its damage-oriented build, I simplified it while keeping unique effects for Tick and Tock. The Hydrant was scrapped and replaced by basicaly it's own damage, but instead the Xelor just deals the damage itself and get the charges, cutting the middle man.This branch is guaranteed to KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Hand - 5AP 1-5 range, 2 uses per turn. Single Target.
   Tick: Deals damage with 1% damage to each 1% Fire Resistance on the enemy.
   Tock: Damage rebounds to close enemies.

Anomaly - 4AP, 1-5 range, AoE vertical line (3 cells).
   Tick: Deals damage while having a 50% chance of removing MP.
   Tock: Deals damage and steals 50 elemental resistance.

Temporal Burn - 3AP, 2-6 range, AoE Cross (1 cell). 3 uses per turn.
   Deals damage while consuming SIngularity. High chance to steal 1 AP per stack of Singularity. (maximum 3AP)

Conflagration - 5AP, 2-6 range, AoE (2 cells)
   Deals damage while consuming Singularity. +10% damage per charge of Singularity.
   Tock: 50% chance of removing 1AP of targets caught in the blast.

Singularity - 4AP, 1-5 range, AoE cross (3 cells), 2 uses per turn.
   Deals damage while giving 2 charges of Singularity per enemy hit. Stacks up to 8.
   Tock:grants 1 additional charge while consuming both.
Air branch
The mobility and Positioning tree, I simply fine-tuned some elements while keeping it's identity and giving some fancy new names overall. The Underhand push really needed this overhaul to be more efficient while Distortion became Temporal Twist, a poison that changes between Tick and Tock usage.

Underhand - 3AP, 1-5 range, Single Target. 1 use per target.
   Push enemy to 5th cell away from Xelor. (rescue this poor abandoned spell from Masqueraider's first revamp)

Sands of Time - 2AP, 1-5 range, AoE cross (1 cell). 3 uses per turn.
   Tick: Cast on Enemy: Deals damage that increases 10% each use for the turn.
   Tock: Cast on empty cell: Deals damage to enemy while pushing both enemy and ally 1 cell from the center.

Temporal Twist - 2AP, 1-7 range, Single Target. Does not require line of sight. 1 uses per target.
   Enemy is given Time Distortion or Time Dilation. Both stacks last 1 turn.
   Tick: Time Distortion deals non-reducible damage per AP spent.
   Tock: Time Dilation steals 1AP per attack dealt. (maximum 2)
   An Indirect damage spell taken from god-knows how many enemies give us AP/Spell-based poison when we could do the same!

Tempus Fugit - 3AP, 1-3 range, Single Target. Does not require line of sight.
   Deals damage around Xelor to enemies, but not allies, Teleport Xelor away.
   Xelor can be teleported to any Hour Cell, including the XIII, that are a maximum 5 cells away.

Xelor Punishment - 1 WP, 5AP, 2-4 range, AoE cross (1 cell). 1 use per target.
   Deals damage while stacking Time Distortion with a damage multiplier of 50% on it.
   Can be used on an Hour cell for additional Damage but no stacks of Temporal Distortion.

Water branch
This one suffered the least changes, just fancier names overall, following the Tick and Tock which can help your sustain or your damage output depending on which side the pendulum swings. The stasus introduced is Chronostasis, which lasts 2 turnsand increases your critical chance by 5% each use (Stacks to 6), but there are plenty of options that consume it for sweet rewards, whichever is better is up to you.

Stolen Time - 3AP, 1-5 range, Single Target.
   Deals damage while removing 1 AP from the target. Xelor is given 1 stack of Chronostasis per use.

Pendulum - 1WP, 1AP, 1-5 range. 2 uses per turn.
   Tick: Consumes stacks of Chronostasis, grants Self or Ally 10% damage per stack of Chronostasis.
    Tock: Adds a 10% HP heal each turn per level of Chronostasis consumed.
   If 6 stacks of Chronostasis are consumed, Xelor recovers 1WP.

Hourglass - 2AP, 1-5 range, straight line. Requires no line of sight.
   Deals damage while stealing 2AP. Stacks 1 level of Chronostasis.

Grand Clock - 5AP, 2-6 range, AoE cross (1 cell). 2 uses per turn.
   Deals damage while giving the Xelor 2 levels of Chronostasis.
   Tock: Deals 5% additional damage per remaining AP prior casting.
   Cast on Ally: gives 2AP.

Time Bubble - 1WP, 4AP, 1-5 range, Aoe (2 cells).
   Creates a 2-cells radius glyph. Any enemy starting on top of it takes damage and have a chance of losing 1AP. Lasts 2 turns.
I admit I had a lot of fun writting these passives. I'm keeping the style of passives with too much benefit having some trade off, but I'm being overall generous with those. Also, this is where I introduce the passives that will change Xelor from damage to support.

Tempus Master: Unlocks Desynchronization (1WP), Xelor no longer alternates between Tick and Tock.

Pacemaker: Xelor alternates between Tick and Tock every 5th AP spent.

Servant of Time: Dial's tower no longer blocks line of sight. -50% hp to Dial.

Everlasting Loyalty: Pendulum gains the following buffs:
   Grants the Ally +2AP at the start of its turn.
   Steals 100 elemental resistance from enemy. (does not stack)
   Time bubble limited to 1 at a time, reduce range damage taken by 20%.

Timeless Traveler: if Dial is not on the map, the Xelor gains Timeless, granting -1 Range and +20% damage.

Rollback: Each spell cast stores 1AP of rollback. When TimeKeeper is used on Self or Ally, consumes 3 stacks of Rollback to give 30% damage for 1 turn.

Chronological sense: -100% Dodge. Xelor can not be locked while on Hour Cell. Thirteenth Hour's range changed from 2-6.

For Whom the Owl Hoots: Sinistro gives the Xelor 1 additional AP. Loses 10% health each turn.

Singularge: +100/180 Distance Mastery. The Xelor is granted 3 charges of Singularity as the turn starts. Singularity can no longer be increased or decreased.

Yarn Theory: Upon stealing 3AP, the Xelor is granted Theoretical for 2 turns. When under the effect of Theoretical, the Xelor's spells cost 1 extra AP, but every ally in a 4-cells radius is granted 25% Critical Chance.

The Universe in a kokoshell: Singularity deals -20% no damage but pulls targets towards its center.

Around the Clock: Blue Hour skips 2 cells (goes only on III, VI, IX and XII hour cells.)

Prisoner of Time: Enemies that step on hour cells take Fire damage. Blue hour cell is deactivated.

Metronome: -1AP. Xelor gains +2AP every even turn.

Timelord Triumph: When dead, the Xelor returns with 30% hp the next turn. (when not the last player standing).

Temporal Prism: Fire Spells deals -10% damage but element is changed from Fire to Light.

The Thirteenth Hour: Allies on top or adjacent (2 cells) to the XIII hour cell gain +15% damage. Xelor can no longer teleport to the XIII cell.

Last Midnight: -12% HP. For every 12th AP spent, the Xelor deals +20% damage on the next spell. (alternative: For every 12AP spent, the next spell have the effect of both Tick and Tock)

And thats it. My ideas for a Xelor revamp, fixing some of his issues such as the Dial and its dependency on it, the archaic system of Aging and Temporal Freeze, gave it a little sustenance and with some passives, you can either boost it's pure damage foundation or overhaul yourself into an efficient support. The class was also simplified, without relying on Tick and Tock for the combos, just some choice effects, but the overall "damage trigger combo" is kept with the replacement for Hydrant that still deals solid damage on it's own and have a passive to make it even better for repositioning! No more relying on RNG, fickle mechanisms or arbitrary rules, but a true lord of time with the clock of the universe ticking at his command. Waiting for the right time to strike or move the pieces on the board.
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Hi, I love this!. I hope they take some ideas from it!

I'm asking you here because ankabox seems to be broken and because you seem to be a Xelor expert. I have a Xelor and Masqueraider around level 165, and can't decide the 3rd member of the team. I've tried Ecaflip, Huppermage and Sac while leveling them up to 140/150 but nothing, can't pick one.

Since you also have a Masqueraider, what do you think would be the best 3rd member. Even if it isn't one of those 3, I'm open to new ideas.
Tanks in advance and kind regards! biggrin

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I say you can go for an anchor tank, someone who can hold the enemy in place and positioning it to better take in your AoEs and support, such as Pandawa. Or to simply hold but deal damage on it's own, Foggernaut.

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It looks super unbalanced, but definitely some great ideas in there, I hope Ankama makes the new xelor at least half as interesting as this proposal.

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Well, while I might have been too gentle on the design, at least 2 things I'm most proud of is the redesign of the Dust+Hydrant and the passive that switches between Tick and Tock when you spend half your AP (since Tick and Tock no longer have spells tied to it that are TOO important to justify the separation but still carry over nice effects)

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I noticed Desynchronize is still missing?

The lack of control to perform specific actions that are locked behind Tick & Tock would mean you're at the mercy of Mobs RNG, specially during high stasis run, and more prominent in late game content as it can be a decisive factor between a failed or successful run, speaking from experience.

Rather, I'd much prefer having Tempus Master Passive:

  • Unlocks Desynchronize Active Spell on 3rd Spell Bar, 2 uses Per Turn, allows switching between Tick & Tock on demand. (Refer Krobax Sidekick)
  • Xelor is no longer subjected the automatic switching effect of Tick/Tock during Odd & Even Turns

Also, Time Bubble... O wO
AP, MP, WP on Spells while in Glyph cost Twice as Much
Damage Receive while in the Glyph is Twice as Much
Damage Dealt while in the Glyph is Twice as Much
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To compensate the absence of Desynch I gave each spell their different effects that, regardless of being in tick or tock, your actions will be impactful. Also made the passive that swaps you between tick and tock when you spent half your AP.

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legendaryxelor|2020-11-25 01:40:43
as Reg pointed out, a Time Mage that can't control Time on-demand, design flaw? hmmmm......

I mean, they are a time mage, not a time lord. They manipulate time, they don't have control over it.
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cody5|2020-11-25 21:51:36
I mean, they are a time mage, not a time lord. They manipulate time, they don't have control over it.

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It's more like influencing time, not even Xelor himself can control time

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