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Summoning limit

By - MEMBER - April 12, 2020, 04:06:23
Since the last update was there any mention of sinistro and hydrand summons being limited to 1? Before it was possible to have, 2 of either or 1 of each, on the field but now it can only be one of either. Has anyone else noticed this?

(Sorry if this post is in the wrong place, first post and not sure where to put it)
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hi, the amount of sinistro/hydrant that you can summon is determined by the amount of control you have, its been awhile since i use them but your dial require 1 control as well, so you need to consider those things.
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There was no such change.

As mentioned above, you need the control required to have the summons placed. However, mimimiiini is wrong about the dial because the Xelor's dial does not require any control to summon it (changed in a more recent patch). So you don't need to consider it in your calculations. 
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Just as the others said, there hasn't been any changes to the Xelor's summons as of yet. But we are expecting a rework for the class in the future, although we do not have anything confirmed of what they will be changing on them besides their AP mechanic.
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