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Build/Gear for Single Target Xelor

By Remieriel - MEMBER - January 30, 2020, 15:03:02

Hi Xelors and Xelorettes. 

I'm a hermit xelor who forgot to set his alarm clock (blasphemous, I know) and has just poked his head out of his man cave to find the World of 12 massively different than how he used to remember it. As such, he is in dire need of strangers' kindness to make sense of some stuff. 

Such as, can anyone suggest or advice him on how to build a working ST Xelor?
Especially regarding the gears for a level 169.
Also, would it set him back too much if he decides to become purely dual-ele?

Any points in the right direction is much appreciated. 

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Im no expert myself, but as for PvE goes i would say it definetly would be a worse DPS dealer as a regular Tribid/Distance/Elem or AoE Xelor. Also it would be a lot less flexible.
That being said i dont think it would be terrible and could be a lot of fun.

Now on PvP i could see it totally working.

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As iDebo said, single target looks mostly a pvp option, I see it working pretty well for ap rape builds, I use a single target build for lvl 110 pvp and it works pretty well, just you need as many base ap as you can have. Ofc single target is very good for sinistros too, so you may want to have high control too, for battlfield I suggest a combination of 3 pieces of the Supporter set and 3 of the Defender set (if you want to go debuff as I do).

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