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Proposition of a Xelor Revamp

By Granthese - MEMBER - January 17, 2020, 04:13:40

Well, since Ankama is bent on revamping Xelor and one of their arguments is how Xelor relies too much on the dial (thats like being against Masqueraider relying on masks!), figured I could come with some ideas to make Xelor more dynamic and also fix some overall issues it always got:

Status: Great Clockmaker

  • +10 levels per AP removed.
  • +5 levels per AP given.
  • +10 levels per turn without a Dial.
  • +5 per activation of Temporal Freeze.

Dial: You guys want less Dial? Then lets do this!
  • No longer have a physical spire and HP, Dial is no longer a targetable object.
  • Dial lasts for 4 turns.
  • Cooldown 2 turns after it's gone.
  • Costs 2AP 1WP to summon.
  • Dial's hour change every turn clock-wise.
  • Xelor gains 5% dmg if standing over any hour, 15% if starting the turn over active hour.
  • Dial vanishes at the end of the Xelor's turn.
  • Passive: Dial Master: Increases Dial duration for 1 turn and reduces cost by 2AP.

New Passive: Timeless: A fair way to reward Xelors that fight without their Dials.
  • When the Dial is not on field, Xelor gains 2 range on all spells. Including Tempus Fugit.
  • +50% Dodge
  • +5 Force of Will (Level 2)
  • Starts the fight with 10 levels of Great Clockmaker (Level 2)

Tempus Fugit: A few alterations in this spell might be of order.
  • Only 2 uses per turn.
  • Target Active Dial Hours regardless of distance.
  • Also affected by Timeless Range bonus.
  • No longer damage allies.

Aging: There is absolutely no point in removing Initiative anymore, this concept was dead.
  • No longer removes Initiative.
  • Stacks levels of Aging that deal extra damage when triggered by Hand and Temporal Burn.
  • Damage of aging equals 50% the damage inflicted by Hand and Temporal Burn.
  • Increase by 15% damage of Temporal Freeze.

Sinistro: Why not make it a fully operational summonable like Osa's pets and Foggernaut's bot?
  • No longer on Water branch, now an Active spell.
  • 2 Turns cooldown after Sinistro is destroyed.
  • Fully summonable ally with it's own turn to be controlled by the user.
  • Only one Sinistro at a time.
  • Sinistro have 50% of Xelor's HP, 6 AP, 3WP and 5 MP
  • Spells:
  1. Frostbite - 3AP, removes 1AP, second use have 50% chance of removing 1AP.
  2. Relocation - 3AP and 1MP, teleports Sinistro to target cell, doesn't require Line of Sight, 3 cells of range.
  3. Rewind - 5AP and 1WP, restores Sinistro's HP to how much it was in the previous turn.
  4. Sacrifice - 4AP, kills the sinistro and gives the Xelor 1WP and 2AP
  5. Thirteenth Hour - 2AP and 6MP, the Sinistros casts on am empty cell an extra hour cell to the Xelor.
  • XIII hour cell lasts 2 turns, fully connected to the Dial, max 7 cells distant from closest hour.
  • Can only be cast when Dial is in place.
  • Clock rotation does not include XIII Cell.
  • If the Dial desappears next turn, the XIII Cell goes with it.

Hydrant: This summonable is more cumbersome than useful, better let the Xelor cast the spell itself.
  • No longer a summonable object
  • Becomes a spell cast by the Xelor
  • 4AP, 5 Range, Cross-shaped AoE, 3 cells-long
  • +2 levels of Hydrant charge per target hit.

Against the Clock: Just a replacement for the Sinistro,no further modificiations aside giving it some little damage.
  • Replaces Sinistro in the Water branch.
  • Deals a fair amount of damage to Enemies.
  • Enemies are given the status Against the clock, sending it back to the cell it previously occupied at the end of it's turn.
  • 3 turns cooldown.
  • Can be cast on Self and Allies.
  • No damage on Self and Allies.
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