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Why do the Aging and Time control debuffs disappear at the end of your turn?

By cody5 - MEMBER - July 16, 2019, 19:33:06

All other debuffs, poisons and such always last until your next turn, why are these 2 the exception?

PS: Actually I think trecherose's poison does as well
PPS: Why does aging not deal indirect damage? It's a poison type effect

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I think it's to prevent metas where there would be a full team of Xelors abusing these things, maybe

But I do agree that Aging should count as indirect damage, not poison.. 

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Poisons are literally the poster boy of indirect damage

Also if you use a debuff on an enemy it's usually so the whole team can benefit from it, besides this would allow ap removal from other classes to be a bit more useful in pve

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