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A quick summary of problems about Xelors

By ProdigalShame - MEMBER - July 16, 2019, 07:52:05
This is an alt account I use for the forum but Xelor is my main character so don't go finding weird that I am talking about Xelors when this account doens't even have one

Upon playing with Xelors for a good amount of time I came to the conclusion that tho' they are a good class to play and master they have problems and I am here to point them out, note that I ain't here to give clear solutions to these problems nor go in-length on them but I might give my opinion every so often.

1. Confusing Skill Descriptions
I think that's the number 1 problem with the class, the skill descriptions are too long and confusing, it was one of the things that made me shy away from this class for so long, also stating that the skills Hand and Temporal Burn remove Initiative is very awkward as the mechanic was changed many many years ago and it only serves to do an extra damage on Tick turns with Aging but new players won't get that, they will see it removes Initiative and when they use it will notice that nothing is happening, it can be easily solved by just making the descriptions simpler and by changing the spells to instead of removing Initiative doing something else that would point better at Aging and don't make players assume it has another utility.

2. Very Low Survivability
Xelor is one of the weak, if not the weakest, classes when it come to survival methods, in the beginning it's fine since he can kite enemies from a distance but upon a certain level almost every enemy has a way to either close the gap or reach the Xelor and they have no skills that can heal, give armor or resistance other than Time Theft and only when the passive reaches Lv2 which is at Lv160, a long way to go, and even so the heal is very underwhelming, 5% whenever 3AP is removed, my personal opinion is that this skill should heal 5% at Lv1 from the get go and increase to maybe 10% at Lv2.

3. Extremely Luck Based
This is the biggest problem, most DD classes rely on either criticals or rear damage, Xelors can't rely on neither, they have no skill to increase crit% and going for the rear isn't ideal since it takes 2 turns to spawn another Dial and requires the Xelor to be at some range where the Dial can be easily destroyed and the Xelor itself easily reachable, on top of all that their skills usually have a low AP/Damage ratio but I understand why, since they can get a lot of AP from Devotion + Rollbacks if they had a normal ratio they would be OP but that also furthers how RNG this class can be, at the worst situation you won't do any critical and won't get any rollbacks, being the weakest DD class in the game, and they say Ecaflips are gamblers.. It would be nice if Xelors had a way to increase their critical chance somehow and maybe make the Rollback chance a little better? 35% isn't a good chance to be gambling about..

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In my opinion, it these mean serious problem, then some classes are more broken and need to be fixed prior. Reduce Initiative was one of Xelor's specialty, but agree that it was been neglected for so long and not even function properly. Currently initiative stat was calculate only in preparation of fight and not in every single turn which the order is not take reflect actually when initiate been toggle. 

Every class must have their strength and weakness too, if all class can have access to heal, give armor or resistance etc then what is the differences to have variety class? 

Xelor can regain AP from turn per turn, it was ideally not need other support needed to obtain AP during fight. The probability of remove AP is the strong point of Xelor compare to other class, it can be insanely remove more than 5 or 6 AP per turn if have enough Force of Will with proper summon armies too. This case is never been able achieve by any other class compare Xelor, the ultimate AP master. 

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Well every class has it's problems and if I could make a post with a "summary" of each one then that would be a MEGA THREAD in proportions no one would EVER read xD

About Xelor's healing with Time Theft, I don't think this would "fix" his weakness, it would just make it more accessible, unlocking it by Lv160 is a pain.. Not to mention that the condition (remove 3AP) it's not something you can easily do unless you use Clock in an AoE or spam Xelor Hourglass which would trade damage for healing in that turn.

About the Xelor removal of AP, this was quite nerfed in the Force of Will update, not only did Clock Master changed having an extra 40% chance of removal to just 20 Will Power and Clock got nerfed from -2AP removal to -1AP but the system itself was a big Xelor nerf, monsters that didn't use to have resistance to AP removal now have and for PvP Xelor's suffered the most since most people invest in Force of Will these days making removing AP quite difficult in contrast to previously where there was no way to resist AP/MP removal, they are still the best to do it, obviously, just not as potent as they used to be, also for PvP, removing AP from the opponent is nice and all but if you don't do any damage, you won't kill them and eventually their Force of Will will get so high you won't be able to remove it no more.

I just feel that the luck base gameplay doesn't fit Xelors as a class, when I see Xelors I see strategists, characters that think of their turn in advance and execute their plans in order to foil the enemie's, not people sitting down in a roulette table betting in 20 red..

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You have to take in consideration this game is also reliant on TEAMWORK, yes, Xelor is a glass cannon, but thats why you have to rely on more than just you and your clockwork tinkering, you gotta have a good healer, tank or just enough DPSs to damage all the way through the fight before someone gets knocked out.

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If you mean just about their survivability, yes that's a valid point and healing is intentionally something xelors don't have (even tho they used to have a passive called temporal armour but that's besides the point).

The point about overcomplicated spell descriptions (aging, AtC, timekeeper), inconsistent mechanics (aging, time control, tempus fugit), unpolished spell system (timekeeper, hand, desynch) and RNG mechanics (AP removal, rollback) still stands though.

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