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Pax's Guide to Xelor (updated December the 1st)

By Mr--Alexius - MEMBER - April 14, 2017, 18:06:22
Dedicated to all Xelors I had the opportunity to play with and observe since my noob days..

Note: I changed my name again, I'm objectively horrible.
Note2: I should stop commenting on these name changes.

Hello, and welcome to Pax's guide to Xelor!

Some things changed with the 1.56. The differences are small, but have impact on the whole Xelor mechanic. The ones who saw this guide before may notice my opinion on the spells had changed in light of this update as well, and the spells I previously refused, are now considered viable options.

For the ones who didn't see this guide before, don't worry.. I'll explain everything without looking into the past too much.

This guide is meant for the beginners as an introduction to the class - if you have any question, don‘t hesitate to ask :3

Before we get to the guide itself, here we have....

Changes in 1.56:
(mostly for people who are familiar with Xelor already)

New stat combining AP and MP resistance and removal was introduced.
What does it mean for me?
AP steal is harder and in some cases undesired. Enemy will build resistance to MP steal too, if you steal it's AP. Enemy will also become more efficient in stealing your AP/MP when you steal it's AP. 
The spell Sandglass water was changed to do less damage but stealing more AP (on both turns now) and buffing the Willpower for you.
The spell Clock water was nerfed from stealing 2AP to stealing 1AP.
What does it mean for me? The full length Tock combo will do less damage. If you still want to use it, you'll need a lot of Willpower to compensate the lack of AP stealing, also restructure the combo so Sandglass goes before Clock.


Changes to the guide:
The builds part: Water support Sinistro Xelor was removed since I wasn't able to make it work well.
The Guest Star part with Mr. Bad was removed, as we both agreed on that it's no longer necessary.
Added gifs for some of the mechanics.

 Table of content
1. Spells:
      1a. Elemental spells
      1b. Actives
      1c. Passives
2. Mechanics
      2a. Damage mechanic: added effects, combos
            Ticks and tocks, Initiative burn and Temporal freeze
            Distortion combos
            Hydrands and Hydrust
      2b. Other mechanics: positioning and support, mosty...
            Ap buffing/debuffing
            Pushing things
            Teleporting things
3. Stat points and where to put them
4.So what to do with all of this?
      4a. „Standard“ tri build
      4b. Air-fire nuker
      4c. "Apocalypse is upon us" build
5. Final words

1. Spells

1a. Elemental spells
I will mostly just describe the spells here and don‘t go too deeply into effects and synergies, as these often use spells from different trees, and that would lead to a terrible mess..You can see a deeper look into the mechanics in the next chapter. Feel free to jump from one place to another to understand things better.

fire Fire tree
This tree has spells that remove intiative, which is quite useless, except for added effects (we will talk about those later) It might be considered the tree with most damage as well, even though the spell with most base damage is in air branch.
Hand - 5AP, Range 3-4, modifiable, st
Pretty powerful (and accordingly expensive) single target spell. It is the only spell that consumes all acumulated temporal freeze on the target (see mechanics) and it removes initiative on tick tuns. It also has very good range. Unfortunately, it‘s limited to 2 casts per turn.
Line of fire – 4AP, Range 1-2, modifiable, no LoS, AoE
This is one of our 3 non LoS spells, it has this weird three cell line AoE, and it triggers distortion and clocking off from Underhand (see air tree). It's the only range modifiable non LoS spell that is spammable, which makes it good even as a stand alone spell you can use when you cannot get your line of sight without putting yourself in danger. (also the animation is pretty cool, who wouldn't want to get burned and smoking while casting a spell?) *hides*
Temporal Burn – 1 to 3 AP, Range 2-3, modifiable, AoE
When it comes to effects, this spell works similarly as Hand, but burns only up to 60% of acumulated temporal freeze. On the other Hand, it's an AoE spell, so it's actually more effective if you used Clock against multiple targets.. (see water tree) What‘s cool, it has flexible AP cost and it has no restrictions per turn or per target, which means you can spam it until you don‘t have any AP left (if there isn‘t anything better to do tongue
Temporal Dust – 6AP, Range 1-4, modifiable, AoE
The most expensive spell, also the one with the biggest AoE . (Also it‘s the one spell you can effectively kill yourself with, if you really want) It doesn‘t have a mechanic to add damage from initiative loss like Hand and Burn, but it has it‘s own mechanic involving…
Hydrand - 4AP, Range 1-3, modifiable
One of our two summons-mechanisms, Hydrand goes right after the Xelor‘s turn, hitting linearly in 2-cell radius. Its damage isn‘t very good, but its synergy with Temporal Dust has a great nuking potential (see „mechanics“).It takes your AoE mastery, and, stupidly enough, melee mastery, since it counts how far is the summon from the enemy. Careful, it hurts allies!
Ecas were harmed during this test. No point in denial.

 water Water tree
Water tree contains spells that can manipulate AP of the target(s)
Frostbite – 3AP, Range1-3, modifiable, st
This spell allows you to grant AP‘s to allies on tick turns and take them from the enemies on tock turn. Damage isn‘t anything extra, and this spell doesn‘t stack temporal freeze. It‘s restricted to 3 casts per target. Not recommended, unless you want to buff full time.
Time Control – 1AP, Range 1-3, modifiable, can be cast on self, st, limited to one per target
A cheap, but very useful spell. Aside from damaging, it lowers target‘s water resist (just until the end of your turn, though, so no debuffs to help your allies) and it puts a state on the target which allows you to buff or redirect ap steal (more in mechanic)
Xelor‘s Sandglass – 1AP, takes one more from you as AP steal on yourself, Range 2-4, modifiable, linear, no LoS, st
This spell is the only spell that can buff yout Willpower and thus improve your AP steal in-fight.
It costs you 2 AP total, one of them is stolen from you. It removes 2 AP from the target and on tick you can use it to buff allies, like Frostbite. It also stacks temporal freeze. It paid for all these effects with low damage ratio, which is the same as for a 1 AP spell. It is restricted to 2 casts per target, though, and while having no LoS, it‘s linear, which isn‘t very practical.
Clock - 5AP, Range 2-4, modifiable, AoE
The only spell that steals AP regardless of tick or tock turns, it also stacks temporal freeze on the target. It is restricted to 2 casts per turn. It removes 1 AP in AoE. It‘s base damage isn‘t the best, but it gets better with the added effects (see mechanics). Mandatory for a tri build.
Sinistro – 4AP, 1-3, modifiable
Our second summon, Sinistro, is quite strong on lower levels, but gets worse (almost worthless) later. It attacks enemies who start and/or end their turn in its range, doing mild damage and stealing AP. This summon has several issues: it doesn‘t benefit from your AP removal (now Willpower) bonus, it has no synergy with any of your spells, it makes no sense to take AP at the end of the target‘s turn, and it benefits from your single target mastery – while most of our (most damaging) spells are AoE. Very situational.
They are very good against tank huppers though  : P

Air tree
Finally, the last one! Air tree has the positioning/escaping tools, alongside with our most damaging (but synergy lacking) spell. Plus some other interesting stuff.
Underhand – 3AP, Range 1-2, modifiable, linear, st
Your push. It doesn‘t work right away, though. It also allows you to teleport things around your dial, so it‘s overally very useful. More about how exactly it works in the mechanic section : )
Aging – 2AP, Range 1-3, modifiable, AoE
Important and really needed! This spell is like a switch to enable more damage on both tick and tock turns by putting a state on the enemy, but more about that later. Restricted to two casts per turn, so careful with it.
Distortion – 2AP, Range 2-5, not modifiable, st
Very interesting and not typical spell that stacks a state on the enemy instead of direct damage, up to 3 times. This state sets off at the start of our next turn as damage. You can trigger the damage yourself with Time Control or Line of Fire for 10% more damage (and the base damage of the spell is quite good too) The downside is fixed range, you‘ll most probably outrange it later and it becomes awkward. The spell performs the best with your other spells when you have around range 3, as I noticed. It's not as good in Moon, but more practical again in Zinit, where you can afford to come closer to the mobs once again.

Great on lower levels for a lot of damage, also in fights where you expect to be blinded a lot and  fights with enemies with some kind of counterattack, like castupods from Ohwymi when they get prickly.

It's also good against bosses with immunity that kicks in in phases: Tormentor, Ashdragon and Magma boss are the ones that come into my mind.
Tempus Fugit – 3AP, Range 2-3, not modifiable, AoE
A short ranged teleport that can be also cast on enemies as an AoE spell (need to target the enemy with the cursor, though, otherwise it will just teleport you next to it). It can also consume 60% of temporal freeze stacked on enemy. When you use it to teleport, it hurts everyone around your starting position. It has no restrictions or cooldowns. With enough AP, you can use it to run across a pretty big area.
Also, when you teleport, it leaves two glyphs on the ground that last until the end of the current turn(temporal twists). Your allies can use them to teleport as well, by stepping on one of them - you can use them in your turn as well.
When you teleport multiple times in your turn, glyphs are rewritten by every next teleport.
Temporal twist.
Xelor Punishment - 5 AP, range 3-4, not modifiable, AoE
An odd one.. It is pretty strong, but it‘s range is kinda awkward and not modifiable, and it has no additional effects. Interesting feature is that it can be cast on any of the hour cells, even if it isn‘t in range of the spell, and it does more damage when cast there. 
This enables you to "blow up" any of your hour cells when is anything on or next to it. Gotta punish them from approaching your precious dial!
It can be cast on dial even when you are very far from it, or with line of sight blocked.
While it does less damage than a combo, it's still a viable option for the cases when the enemies allign just right  : D

So.. now, the actives!

neutral 1b. Actives
Xelor‘s Dial – 2AP, 1WP, just one WP with the passive
Very important! Dial enables you to move around much faster, gives you damage boost 5% when you stand on the hour cell and 15% bonus when you stand on the current hour cell (the glowing one).
Dial with current hour cell marked green
Timekeeper – 2AP, Range 1-3, modifiable
Can be used for various things. It is used to recover AP stored by rollback (see passives) Heal your dial (never needed that, always just recast it, but ok) And teleport allies around (see mechanics)
Mummification, 2AP, Range 1-3, modifiable, no LoS
Our revive. Quite cheap, it revives with full hp, but takes back 33% of hp granted for 3 rurns. Revived won‘t die if they are healed. Great for emergencies, and to save bread by killing people before the fight ends *,..,*
I have it always in my deck. It‘s that kind of spell you‘ll need the exact moment you swap it for something else.
Devotion – 2MP, 1 WP
Gives you 2 AP for 2 mp and 1 wp, for 2 rurns. And so it does to everyone who‘s standing on your dial. It‘s on you if you want o use it or not, but more attack power is always welcome, especially when there is not much we Xelors can do with wp except ocassional dial summoning or desynchronization.
Desynchronization - 1WP
Switches between tick and tock for 1 wp, can be used once per turn. If you use it before everything else on first turn, it is free. If you go tri element, you can live without it just fine. 
Against the Clock – 2AP, Range 1-4
If you cast this spell on an enemy or ally, they will return on their starting position at the end of their turn. If you cast it on yourself, you will return to the position where you was when you cast it. This spell is very situational, partially because of the 3 turns cooldown, I don‘t use it in any build, but I can imagine it can be useful for a Sinistro build or in PvP (people use it to locate invisible enemies too) As with teleportations and push, it can be averted when is the target stabilized. (Also doesn‘t work to prevent Nyl Hunter from teleporting you, just sayin‘)
The place where the enemy will return is marked with a glyph
neutral 1c. Passives
There are 3 passives that a Xelor just must have, especially after the passives level up – listed in according to importance, as the passive slots open, they are: Rollback, Dial master, Clock master. I‘ll now describe all of our class-specific passives here.
One of the passives you really, really need, it enables you to get aditional AP‘s from casting spells, up to 3, or, after it levels up, 6 AP stored. It is randomized, though, every spell casted has 35% chance to give you AP.. or not.That means, if you use this passive (and you shoud), you will want to have turns with maximum of cheap spells so your chances of gaining AP are as high as possible, and you will want to have flexible spell rotations that can adapt to any count of AP you may have.
Dial master
This passive helps your dial to survive by giving it twice as more HP, also increases damage bonus on hour cells, and what is the most important thing, after it levels up, it enables you to summon dial just for one WP, more AP for you to do stuff! Practically mandatory.
Useful for Xelors that have set up and nuke turns, or simply „big turns“ on which they‘ll want to have as much AP as possible. Enables you to carry 2 (after level up 3) AP to your next turn, It doesn‘t have any added value in damage or other things, but it's quite nice anyway, especially if you have leftover AP you'd be able to use in a combo, then it's better to save them instead iof just burning them away for less damage this turn..
Clock Master
This passive doesn‘t look like much until it levels up, giving you 1 range and 160 distance mastery. It also gives you better chance of stealing an ap. Not much more to say about it, just take it.
Temporal Prism
Tri elemental Xelors benefit the most from this passive. It increases your final damage every time you cast different elemental spell in your turn by 2%, 3% after it levels up. It carries over to the next turn, and acumulates to up to 20% final damage. This buff disappears if you don‘t cast any elemental spells in your turn, but who would do that! Xelors with only two elements will build it up slower, of course. It‘s very good, even though it takes a bit over 2 turns to „fully load“ in case of level 2 passive.
Time Theft
Not too good before level 2, this passive gives you an AP for every 3 AP‘s you steal. It becomes more relevant after it levels up, when it becones our only form of self heal, healing 5% of max HP every time you gain an AP from the steal. It levels up only at lvl 160, though, I would advise to use other passives before you get there.
Since it's harder to steal AP now, though, I would replace it with something else instead, unless you are a Xelor fully dedicated to AP steal.
Temporal Waves
This spell increases the ammount of Temporal freeze and damage from Initiative burn, as well as damage caused by taking AP on tock (see mechanics) by 10% (20% after the update) Not so great, since these states aren‘t your only source of damage, and at the end it‘s actually worse than a simple generic Carnage.
Mechanic Specialist
A must have for summoner Xelor, especially the one who uses Hydrands. It gives you 1 control and increases summon damage by 25%, these values double when it levels up. It also makes hydrands immune to Temporal Dust, so you don‘t nuke them after first turn (some Xelors take their hydrands for an one time thing, but that‘s a waste of AP and potential in my opinion)

A little note for the end 

From generic passives, this is the one you could use if you want to steal a lot of AP (tho AP stealing is generally harder now and you would have to dedicate yourself to it) The Willpower bonus is the interesting part – since your targets are building up their own Willpower with every AP stolen making it harder to steal more, the added bonus can really help.
-20% damage inflicted makes it not very good on full damage builds, obviously, but when you focus on AP steal and utility, not so bad of a choice.

And finally..

2. Mechanics.
There are several things that make people think Xelor is a difficult class, but once you get used to it, it really isn‘t that hard..

If you go all damage and don‘t count buffing or positioning, it‘s actually very simple. You can easily slip into stereotype with a Xelor, tick tock tick tock tick tock…

But don‘t forget there is a lot of things you can do to play better than that.

2a. Damage mechanic: added effects, combos

Ticks and tocks, Initiative burn and Temporal freeze
This might be our staple mechanic, we not only control time, but time controls us as well.. giving us two states that change effects of our spells, alternating between Tick (red), and Tock (blue)

Tick turns are the turns where your Hand and Temporal Burn takes initiative from the enemy. While this feature is useless on its own, it enables you to do more damage if you use Aging before casting hand and burn,

So, on Tick, your turn might look like this

Aging – 2x fire Hand – fire Burn (until you don‘t have AP)

Since you want to have maximum Rollback, and Burn is also AoE, you might want to go rather

Aging – fire Burn it into oblivion.

I tested it, and there is no real difference of damage per AP between Hand and Burn on ticks.

So much spamming, terrible, isn‘t it.
But, depending on the situation, you will use part of your turn to push an enemy into a nice AoE for their doom.. or buff instead! (see AP buffing)

Regarding the passive Temporal Prism, I advise you to use Time Control at the start of your turn on Ticks.
While it doesn‘t have any special purpose, you will get 6% (9% after level up) damage with the first burn you cast.

On Tock,
Hand and Burn don‘t take initiative, but do somehing different – consume („burn“) temporal freeze.
Aging behaves differently too. Instead of adding damage from initiative loss, it adds damage from AP loss. This became less relevant as of now, and a Xelor who isn't specialized in AP steal will want to skip Aging on tocks entirely

Clock and Xelor‘s Sandglass are the two spells that put Temporal Freeze on your targets. This state remains latent until you set it off, and it disappears at the end of your turn.

A classic tock combo for 8 AP would be 
water Clock - fire Burn 

Make that burn fire Hand at 10 AP, since Hand burns 100% of the temporal freeze.
water Sandglass is also an option in these "classic" combos, but it's lower damage makes it suboptimal now.
Longest combo you can do, THE Tock combo, great king of the combos... (now crippled a bit with Sandglass' low damage, but on the other hand, you get more damage from Aging since Sandglass takes 2 AP now) is

Aging - water Time Control  - 2x water Sandglass :2x water Clock - fire Hand


Note: Temporal freeze as a state counts as single-target when triggered by Hand, but AoE if triggered with Burn.

Ticks are a little more complicated than tocks, though and there is a lot of ways to use your AP here by combining the water and fire to fit together better-

I would like to encourage experimentation in the combos, so I won't list every possible combo with every possible ammount of AP you can do in there. You can choose many ways, except the classic Tick and Tock mechanics, and a 12 AP Xelor can get up to outrageous 22 AP on its own! (I hope you understand, hahah)

A little weird thing to conclude this chapter: There is a way to trigger temporal freeze without using fire, and that is ✯Tempus Fugit (the teleport). It consumes 60% of temporal freeze and it‘s quite impractical due to the limited range, but it can be used by air-water xelor to not waste the state. Unlike Hand and Burn, it works on both Tick and Tock turns, so you can consume temporal freeze generated with Clock even on Ticks if you really want to. 
Triggering Temporal freeze while teleporting/using Tempus fugit to target enemy
This Xelor has a lot of distance mastery

Note: When you cast aging on the target, it gets tagged with your current state. Aging Tick does different things than Aging Tock, and this won‘t change even when you use desynchronization.
Footnote: I had to replace air symbol with an unicode star ✯, since the air emoticon is broken

Distortion combos
Outside of the mechanics you can use on Ticks and Tock turns only, ✯Distortion and water Time Control / fire Line of fire are also an option for a combo that goes from as little as 3 AP to as much as 10 AP and anything in between!
Tiniest Distortion combo will go like this: 

Distortion - water Time Control (3AP)

While the longest would be..

Distortion x3 - fire Line of fire (10AP)

Combining this combo with the water combos is also a way to spend all your AP on Tocks.

Hydrands and Hydrust
Another mechanic you can build around is Hydrust (Combining Hydrands and Temporal Dust)
It doesn‘t rely on Ticks and Tocks – instead it uses synergy between the summon and the spell for almost double damage for Dust.

Every Hydrand on the field gives you a charge that lasts until the Hydrand is „alive“.
Every time it hits an enemy, it gives you two additional charges per enemy, these last one turn.
It doesn‘t work when it hits an ally, they will just hate you for that.

You can get up to 10 charges – that is the double damage. Well, that‘s about it..
Targeting the Dust spell. Notice how it doesn‘t hit hydrands thanks to the passive 

2b. Other mechanics: positioning and support
There is more to a Xelor than the damage…

Ap buffing/debuffing
As a Xelor, one of the main things besides damage that you can do is manipulating AP of enemies and allies alike.

You can buff your allies on Tick turns.
First, you use Time Control on an ally, and then you use Sandglass or Frostbite on enemies.
Time control is limited to one per target, so if you want to lower the water resists of the enemy, you need to do it before casting Time Control on the ally.
You can buff one person at the time, up to 3 AP each.
You can buff as much people as your AP and time allows you though, one after another.

You can give ap by hitting practically anything, enemies, allies, summons, your own dial – full support Xelor can use this to buff allies even when there isn‘t enough targets (since our „buffing“ spells are restricted to 2 and 3 per target) 
Ally is given the „Temporal Focus“ state, they gain AP as you hit the target

Debuffing is fairly easy, it‘s a natural part of your tock rotation if you are a standard tri, but aside that, you can choose which enemy will lose AP by using Time Control on them. (You can do this only on Tock)
(for example, you want to take AP from a boss, but it is immune and it would be a waste of damage.. You cast Time Control on the boss and attack a mob instead)

Pushing things
Our pushing spell, Underhand, is a bit special - it doesn‘t push right away but it puts on an effect called „Clocking off“, which triggers at the start of our next turn.

You can stack up to 3 of these states on one target. It will always push away from you even when you changed position in the meantime.
Good to prevent being locked and still have all your AP to attack next turn.

Aside from this, you can trigger the push immediately with Time Control, Aging and Line of Fire. This also allows you to push more than 3 fields, if you always trigger the push after stacking the 3 states and repeat. You can push allies with Underhand as well. The spell itself doesn‘t hurt allies, Aging does, so it‘s better to use Time Control in this case.

Also, one Xelor can trigger the push of other Xelor with Aging (Time control doesn‘t work for this). In this case, it will push away from the one who triggered it, not the one who cast it.
(strangely enough, one Xelor can trigger other Xelor‘s Distortion with Aging as well.. But it doesn‘t always work, probably wasn't even intended to, so this is more like a fun fact)

Teleporting things
Aside from the push, you can use underhand to teleport as well (very useful spell). It depends on the placement of your dial, because you can teleport things only to cells neighbooring your hour cells.
You need to cast underhand on the empty cell first – it places a glyph on the ground even when you kill an enemy with the underhand – and then cast timekeeper on the target. Easy.
This teleport is limited to 6 cells at once, though.
Cast glyph on the ground, cast timekeeper on the target, profit! 


3. Stat points and where to put them

As with probably every class, resist is important and should be maxed. Barrier is my personal choice, you might just go with hp, but I find it useful even when we, as Xelors, are supposed to stay in distance and in ideal scenarios not get hit at all. Rest just goes to HP.

If you decide to use armor or not, that‘s a matter of choice when you go tri, but if you play Hydrust Xelor or Sinistro summoner, you shouldn‘t stat armor as your summon‘s health (and the dial‘s too, by the way) is derived directly from your own health.

StrengthYou will do the best do go distance mastery first, then it starts to differ according the build you choose. You might go full AoE if you play Hydrust build, as tribuild you will do better if you just go general because Hand, and temporal freeze it triggers, are single target. (thanks Madd for pointing this out) Distortion is also ST, even when triggered with an AoE spell.
This page can vary depending on if you want to go early and if you want to steal AP or not. I would advise statting initiative since it's always an advantage to go sooner. I used to think that willpower is useless, but I'm statting it on some on my Xelors now, because we have escaping mechanisms to use, and even if you don't actively steal AP, the less Willpower you have, the more likely you are to be screwed over by the mobs or players that take your AP or MP.
You can go full Crits and Critical Mastery or you can max Block too – depends on your preferences (I chose something in between)

Other stats won‘t help you much as we cannot turn enemies for backstab and berserk Xelor doesn‘t really work.. trust me, I tried.
Major points I would recommend are AP, MP, Range and Final damage, I would advise you to take Ap and Range as the first two as you‘ll need it more than MP. Even my summoner build uses this setup and rather gets control from gear and pet.
If you have enough range, you could also consider going Resistance instead, because we may be a distance class, but (especially on Zinit) it's hard to stay far from everyone and not get hit  : o

4.So what to do with all of this?
Finally here, now we can utilize everything we were talking about!
I'll show you some decks...

What you see here are just an example builds of what you can do with a Xelor.
Be creative, experiment and figure out something new!

4a. „Standard“ tri build
This is the build that utilises the Tick and Tock mechanic the most. 
It's the build that used to be a bread and butter of Xelor, currently got hit by the AP steal nerf.
If you want to still play this build, it might be a little weaker since Sandglass damage is halved, but should still be operational. One of my Xelors is using this build and it's still going strong!

Uses THE Tock combo:

Stat points are allocated like on the pictures above (except strenght which is distance/general).
Also you'd want to stat Willpower to have bigger chance to steal AP which is weaponized with your Aging.
You can swap Carnage or Save for Time Theft too, depends on how sucessful are you in stealing AP.
I got used to Save in my builds because it's reallly comfortable to have.

4b. Air-fire nuker
The Hydrust build. it's main source of damage is the Hydrand & Dust mechanic, you just let the Hydrands hit as much targets as you can and nuke everything with Temporal Dust.
It's slow to set up, uses first turn for preparation and needs positioner / support to perform the best but then it's dang strong!
Of course you can position for yourself, but then you rob yourself of that sweet damage with 10 hydrand stacks!
Desync can be replaced with clock if you have tri gear, so you save yourself the wp at times when you cannot use Hydrust for prolonged time. (bosses)
You can see that the core is the same, first three passives are considered mandatory for a Xelor, as well as the set of actives plus mobility spells are very useful to have

4c. "Apocalypse is upon us" is the name I gave to this one

This is the experimental build I'm using now. The last slot, where Punishment is, I swap for fire Dust or fire Hand or anything else, honestly, depending on the occasion.
It uses a varied range of combos and might look like an unstructured mess, but it's fun to use and turns can vary greatly according to the mob resists, Tick or Tock, proximity of the mobs to the Hour cells or you to the mobs and your current mood  : P

It's definitely more flexible than the orthodox tri

I included it mainly so you see that everything is allowed as long as you understand the mechanic and know what you are doing.

Shortened the water combo by removing the Sandglass, Time control and Hand, but added option for more variety that's independent on Tick and Tock, namely Distortion Combo and Punishment. Core of the deck is still the same.

5. Final words
I cannot stress this enough: Experiment, try your own ways, be silly, discover your own builds! I used to be a very stiff person, thinking that my build is the only true one, rejecting some spells without even trying them out, and I robbed myself of a lot of interesting experiences.
Don't let that happen to you!
One of my Remi friends is a full Sinistro Xelor-
I have 5 Xelors now and every and each of them is different  : D
Including an experimental tank and a CC /st backstab Xelor that uses a weapon for burst, which I made earth / water /air,  just for fun.
(Not showing these builds, it's a beginner's gide after all)
I discover Xelors that play in a different than me all the time, and that's great! We cannot be all the same, that would be so boring :v

So that's it for now, I believe.
See you around, my Xelor friends...


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Very detailed guide. Good to see Xelors helping out those who find interest in the class. Great job guys.

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Good guide +1

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Oh weird, I swear I wrote a reply I guess it didn't post sad

Good beginner guide, I disagree with a few points but overall very good for starting out.

One important side note: Aging uses AoE damage and Temporal Freeze uses Single Target damage. Not a huge deal, but it should be something you take into consideration if you're trying to specialize.

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Hello Madd,
thank you for your comment  : )

I will look closer into the effects of temporal freeze with AoE or st statted on Beta, (because I could swear it was better with AoE last time I tested it) and change that part if I'm wrong.

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For very FD-buffed xelors, you might want to take into consideration that agings triggered damage is not increased by final damage (though the base-hit is).
So with "aging - burn+", your damage will be lower than expected, still good in some cases, while burn and other spells have their damage increased correctly.
It only really matters if you buff your xelor with damage, and want to get the best out of it, but it's something to take into account.

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Just putting it here for anybody who'll read the comments, Aging will be taking final damage into account very soon.

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I'm sorry for this completely unrelated comment: Can someone get me an invite to the unofficial discord? The one that sabi posted forever ago has timed out/expired and I can't find a link to it /anywhere/, after about 20 minutes of googling I'm just resorting to this.

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not sure if you got one already but here you go bud

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And than you have people like me who run a water-air AP debuffing xellor with sinistros and 10 controll.
Surprisingly strong against summoners and bliboys.

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Oooh, I had one of those several months ago, when I played on Remi..

9 control and she was very tanky, it was pretty cool.. Summons inherited her resists and block and were quite hard to kill. (She had 64% resist and 42% block at lvl 150). I made her to be single target for Sinistros to have the most damage, so she used distortion with timekeeper when there was nothing to summon.
But it time, it became impractical to use, at least for me (tried to recreate her on Nox, but since I have Hydrust Xelor in my team, and it's hard to use both types of summons on one battlefield since Sinistros just get nuked)
I used to have a big Sinistro obsession   : D

Here is a very amateur-ish video I made several months ago when I still played her  :]

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Corrected some minor mistakes, added bits of new info and a little overview of how things look for the different builds on Zinit 2 and 3

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Another edit:
Mr. Bad was so nice to add his updated Zinit build into the guest part of the guide!

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Talking endgame Zinit builds here:

I really disagree with taking 6 points on barrier. IMO you should take as many points in barrier as hits you expect to take in an average turn. My standards thoughts were.. 1-2 barrier for melee DDs, 0-1 for range DDs, maybe 3-6 for tanks. At zinit you can maybe increment that 1 (or even 2) in each case, but still  For full-team-sacrifice sacrier 10 barrier is probably worth it.

I also think armour is still worthwhile on xelor at zinit. Yeah enemies have more armour piercing attacks, but unless they're outright killing you solely with armour piercing attacks then armour is still worthwhile. i.e. If the enemy is hitting you with a combination of normal attacks and armour piercing attacks, then they will need to fully erode your armour for those normal attacks to start affecting your real HP (in which case your armour has served its purpose). Armour is only useless if you're being killed outright without your armour being touched, and I don't think that happens very often. Dreggon warriors have a significant output of armour piercing damage but they combine an armour piercing attack and normal attack into the same spell so armour will still decrease your HP damage taken (though admittedly the armour piercing component can be a lot more significant, if they've gotten buffed up anyway)

Armour will get worn down in long protracted fights so %HP and barrier can be more useful in those (in long fights I go full %HP instead of armour), but on the other hand the first couple of turns are often the most important/most dangerous and armour will help the most there. And after you've whittled down the mobs a bit Xelor can hang back and avoid a lot of damage (but not all, so full glass cannon isn't viable).

I also suspect some of the most dangerous armour piercing attacks are unblockable too (dreggon warriors are the main one that spring to mind) and just generally I wouldn't bother statting block unless you can get up to 35% or so. Below that and block just seems unreliable.

I also think a lot of zinit enemies are limited by casts per target (which is a bit different from them liking to spread things around, though they like doing that too), so even if they can attack 5 or 6 times that doesn't mean they can hit the same target that many times. For example badger boss armour piercing claw attack has a 4 casts per turn limit, but a 2 per target limit (and he almost never spends all his AP). So I'm wondering if you're perhaps overestimating how many attacks you could get hit by.

Obviously different people will come up with different builds, and there's some areas where I've done things differently from Mr Bad but I understand and appreciate the advantages that his build has. Just in the cases of block/barrier/armour for Xelor I end up disagreeing a lot.

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Hello, love your guide!

I'm a beginner in the game and it'll be very, very helpful to me. If I'm not asking too much, may I know what kind of gears/weapon should I use in the early levels? 

Thank you!

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From my experience which can still be viable in this time...
Earliest levels, get a Gobbal set that increases your AP
Then I stuck with it until I got my Dragolyre (any necklace with +AP will do) and changed all my stuffs to things with either tribrid stats or distance damage

Things like the Infernal set from the Celestial Prairie does look good, thus I moved to the Kraken Set (now known as Worn Krakens) until 100++ where I just changed things if they look better than what I have

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Mr-----Bad|2017-07-24 12:52:36
Barrier also works for dial 

Please clarify, I'd did some testing, it doesnt seems to work as you suggested.
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i guess

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Tarant-Cogs|2017-04-15 10:19:40
Hello Madd,
thank you for your comment  : )

I will look closer into the effects of temporal freeze with AoE or st statted on Beta, (because I could swear it was better with AoE last time I tested it) and change that part if I'm wrong.

One more thing to note, Aging damage doesnt scale with FD, Crit, Backstab & Sidestab.
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The indirect-damage. But I've talked on discord, and Dy7 is aware of it. Said would be fixed in an upcoming update, so keep your eyes peeled!

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SplingSplingSpling|2017-08-17 20:52:51
The indirect-damage. But I've talked on discord, and Dy7 is aware of it. Said would be fixed in an upcoming update, so keep your eyes peeled!

Ohhhh, how long ago was it when Dy7 said that? I may actually pick up aging again when its fix. biggrin
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So 1 1/2 months ago.
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Thank you for this. It helps me with my Xelor, which is what I'm trying to main right now.

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Glad it helped!

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I am new to Wakfu and building a 3 man team. i keep looking at Xelor because i was looking for a member who can Revive a fallen fighter. so is Nuke/Support a thing?

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Xelor using Hydrands and Dust to nuke is quite fine in a team, Support not so much especially with upcoming changes on Beta, I might remove the support build completely..

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---cogs--m|2017-09-29 09:50:53
Xelor using Hydrands and Dust to nuke is quite fine in a team, Support not so much especially with upcoming changes on Beta, I might remove the support build completely..

thank you for the reply. so im better off just going full nuke with just the 1 revive skill? as stated im Noob and moving teams around right now i play Sac,Osa,Cra, and trying to add a Xelor. if Xelor pays off i may remove Cra for Xelor. thank you again for the reply 
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Sorry for the late answer
The disadvantage of the nuke Xelor are that it's a master of friendly fire amongst Xelors, I'm not sure if you use your Sac as damager or tank but I can imagine those FANTASTIC AoEs you could put together for the Xelor
The Fire Air with added Clock when you are high level enough to acqquire tri gear easily could be a good choice-

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Hello, I'm a sorta new Xelor and still figuring out the mechanics. I'm going with a tri-build and I've recently hit level 40 (honestly got boosted by my guild) and I'm beginning to notice that Burn is getting underwhelming. It deals very little damage even after Aging/Sandglass and there's not much I can do about it seeing as I'm stuck with 8AP rn and can't use Hand much. Is there a way out of this or do I just have to find ways to get more AP to use Hand instead? Or make a different combo?
This makes things harder than I feel they should be and it's like I'm making some sort of mistake out of confusion.

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Hmm, odd
Burn after Aging on tick turn shoud be almost as powerful as Hand, even though after clock or sandglass on tock it is worse
How big difference in damage are we talking about when you say very little damage?

Also I've been recently experimenting with different combos, gonna update the guide after next big update of the game

8ap hmmm-
Try out distortion and time control even tho it's 7AP combo, just to see what happens
it could be strong at lower levels, and it's fixed (lower) range won't affect you much at your level
It can be used on both tick and tock but it's almost pure air, I don't know how much air mastery you have.

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