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Mah Mid-Level Xelor Build ~,~ (Edit 2)

By Montiblanc July 16, 2015, 07:17:59

We can now max 8 spells & have enough for a bunch of leftover junk, which i use almost evenly to level up my damage in the elements during respec.

Anyway here is mah build ~,~

Spells (Edit2):

( Fire ) Hand, Temp burn.

( Water ) Time Control, Sandglass, Clock.

( Air ) Distortion, Tempus Fugit, Punish.

( Actives ) Dial, Devotion, Desync (or Timekeeper for PvM), Against the Clock ( or Mummification for PvM ).

( Passives ) Dial Master, Rollback, Clock Master, Inhalation.


Intelligence: max resist & hp to armor, rest in HP ( i guess divide between the 3 while leveling ).
Strength: max Range damage & put rest in Damage ( All ).
Agility: max Initiative & put rest in Ap / mp removal.
Chance: 9 Critical Hits & put rest in Critical Damage ( why that much? i have 33 Crit chance with it, i guess that's why ).
Major: AP, Range & Damage, Final Damage.

Strategies with 11 AP (Edit3):

B.AP = bonus ap from either Rollback &/or Devotion
Tick Option 1:: Self cast TC, Sandglass x5, Desync, Hand.
Tick Option 2: Distortion x3, TC on self, Sandglass x3, TC on enemy.

Punish is the AoE option for Tick.

Tock Option 1: Sandglass x4 ( x5 if 2B.AP), 3 AP Temp Burn (or Hand if 2 more B.AP).

AoE option for Tock is Clock x2 & trigger with 3 ap Temp Burn ( No 2B.AP? Then use Punish x2, 1 AP Temp Burn).

Escape Movesets:

If predict lock from front / back, dont end turn in-line with dial tower. If predict lock from sides, end turn in-line with dial tower. Why? Positioning for next turn side/back attacks using hours. Off-course do w/e you want if certain no lock.

Escape during Tick:
Sandglass x1 (if 2B.AP then x2 or x1 & AtC), Tempus Fugit, reposition on hours, Distortion x3.

Escape during Tock: Tempus Fugit, Sandglass x3 ( x4 if 2-3 B.AP), Temp Burn.

Tock turn multi remove AP: cast TC on 1 enemy & spam sandglass on another, both lose AP ~,~

Tick turn AP give/gain: TC on ally or self, then spam Sandglass at enemy; empty space spam no-longer works =/

Notes: Casting Devotion on Dial procs its effect on xelor for 2 turns.

Hopefully i'm done editing now; wonder if this still gets beat by osa...prolly ~_~
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Are you a tri elements xelor, Montiblanc? I think Tempus fugit is a great spell for escape now, Againts the clock need 3 turn cooldown so i don't use it in my Deck! happy

-Maat Kami.
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In regards to your Option 1 turn 1 strategy, it doesn't work.

[code]#  Spell  Cost Total AP

3x Dist  5 AP  6 AP
1x TC  1 AP  5 AP
3x Sand  6 AP  2 AP (-1+3 AP)
1x Dial  2 AP  0 AP
1x Devo -2 AP  2 AP
1x TBurn 3 AP -1 AP[/code]

You're only going to get a 2 AP Burn off at the end (and it won't activate Freeze). The only way for it to work is if you slap in a Timekeeper. If you do that, you might as well use the extra AP (assuming you get at least 1 AP) to use Fugit. Then you can save the other 2 AP for Xelor Save passive. Additionally, the Dial can be cast anywhere in that combo (before Devo). You could opt for a Desynch if you wanted, but is it really necessary if you're using Dist instead of Hand?

Also, it might be worthwhile to note that you will get more damage if you cast Temporal Curtain on the enemy inside of that combo. Not only does it boost the Distortion damage by 10% (which is nothing to scoff at), but it also reduces the Water Resist of the opponent, increasing the damage of Sandglass.

Aka, the combo I would do is Dial-Devo-3Dist-2TC-2Sand-Time-Sand-Wildcard.

For Wildcard, depending on how much AP you get from Timekeeper, use Fugit or save the AP via Save. Always use Timekeeper even if you have 1 AP on Rollback because it can activate Rollback and give you 2 AP. The only time you wouldn't use Timekeeper is if you didn't run Save.

I don't have the AP (or skill slots) to include Distortion into my combo, since I'm only level 51. However, I'm almost at 11 AP (about to get a Goultard which is going to push me to 10, then I can slap on an AP cape to reach 11, although that requires level 60, iirc).

Since I'm low level, I don't optimize for damage combo, but instead opt for quantity. On a Tick turn, I'll spam TC Sand for Rollback. If I reach 3 Rollback, I may opt to use Timekeeper and attempt to get more Rollback for the next turn. Theoretically it's a terrible gamble, but if I'm about to kill a mob, I can kill it and save the rest with Save. On a Tock turn, I'll Sand until I can Hand (unless it's a weaker mob, in which case I'll do quick math to see if I Hand or Sandspam is more AP efficient). Fugit is nice if I get locked or need to traverse the map (jumping around the map when you have 20 AP is really, really stupid yet enjoyable).

And yes, I'm able to reach 20 AP at level 51 with a base of 9 (usually only on Tock turns and entirely luck-reliant for the last 4 AP).
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Well Esplen, you are right, i messed up in thought

Distortion x3 (6AP),

TC self cast (1AP),

4 AP is left to cast Sandglass x2, which then gives 2 more AP to cast Sandglass again,

This gives you another 1 AP.

Cast Devotion on Dial, another 2 AP

Now u have 3 AP to cast a full Temp Burn, but it's still Tick turn, my bad, guess Desync is mandatory now, I'll edit it.

Then again this whole mess might not even be worth it. option 1 may be moot compared to option 2 now. If you have any more ideas, feel free to share them & thank you for correcting my mistake.

Dial Master evolution removes the cost of Dial. What is this Temporal Curtain that boosts Distortion by 10%? Do you mean Time Control? Was there a new update since i posted this? Oh shit i see another global restat!
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Dial Master evolution removes the cost of Dial. What is this Temporal Curtain that boosts Distortion by 10%? Do you mean Time Control? Was there a new update since i posted this? Oh shit i see another global restat!

Sorry, I play GW2 too much, TC = Temporal Curtain in my head.

Time Control reduces Water Resist, triggers Clocking Off, Distortion (with 10% bonus damage) and marks the target with Temporal Focus.

I can't get ingame to prove it, but if you try it yourself, you can see that it does what it says it does (which is new, compared to, say, Devotion).

Note: Click the image to get redirected to the source page.
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I agree with Esplen that you should use Time keeper instead of Againts the clock! That will help you have more ap for your combo! When Roll back have ap bonus, cast Time keeper on yourself, that will help you gain ap bonus from Rollback and the Rollback still active for the next spells you use in that turn biggrin

The Time control spell now can using to active the Destortion (with bonus 10% damage), Clocking off (from Under hand), and have decrease water resit so this is a great spell to replace Aging (if you don't need use fire combo in tick turn). wink

How about the Save passive spell for automate save your left ap (max 3ap) for the next turn?

And what is "Inhalation"?

-Maat Kami
Score : 62
Well rollback procs on next turn like it used to anyway, so i thought maybe saving a slot. Inhalation is 120 initiative once evolved. I dont have Aging Kami, i removed it since this update xD

Now that there is yet another global restat, i may change my spells altogether...maybe replace underhand with Fugit; dunno what else.

Edit: made some changes, switched Tick option 1 & 2, changed option 2, changed Tock, changed escapes. Thanks for the help guys.
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If you're playing PvP, I would keep Underhand. Clocking Off is really useful if things are on you and you need to re-position (it's either you use Clocking Off, or you Fugit) when the enemy has high Lock. Otherwise you can just Dial juke (especially with a Sinistro or two).
Score : 62
well i guess im done editing for now, unless you have a gamechanger ~,~

Edit: Overhauling strategy section...dam ocd, this better be the last time! ~_~
Notes: changed Tick option2, more moves, more damage; added escape movesets.
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