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Xelor who fight Dragon Pig, be cautious.

By Brokonaut February 06, 2014, 17:37:52
Be mindful that in this battle, damage you deal to any target will generate additional Belligerence. By now, most of you are aware that the goal is to keep everyone under the Belligerence of the tank locker. However, as a Xelor, it is extremely easy to mess this up and not even notice why.

Your dial cells are considered 0% resist targets. The unbreakable statuettes that Dragon Pig may sometimes create are also considered 0% resist targets.

If you attack a dial cell, whether it be with Xelor's Punishment or attacking Dragon Pig while he's standing on a dial cell, you will generate Belligerence based off of how much you hit Dragon Pig as well as how hard you would hit against a target with 0% resistances. This means you can easily climb 100-200 Belligerence in a single turn, which is beyond the point of saving you from Dragon Pig teleporting out.

Likewise, if Dragon Pig is diagonal from a statuette, hitting him with Hand on a Tock turn will generate Belligerence based off of how hard you hit Dragon Pig plus how hard you hit a 0% resist target since the attack will bounce to the statuette.

Healing will also generate a large sum of Belligerence. Mummifying a downed ally will have a similar effect, since not only are you resurrecting them, but you are also healing them for a percentage of your own HP.

Be wary. It's an easy way to ruin an otherwise simple strategy.

• Mango
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Good to know that I'm basically a bad choice for this instance based on Ankamalogic sad 
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Don't be discouraged, Madd1. Mango is just telling us what to look out for. tongue
We use a xelor in our DP team, and he deals far more damage than anyone else. Just don't use aoe/multitarget spells and you wont have any problems.

  • Xelors can can give your tank ap, which is huge for DP runs.
  • Xelors have huge burst damage, which is very nice for each phase shift.
  • Xelors can teleport the Dragon Pig a long distance, which saves your tank from a lot of trouble when the DP dodges.
  • Has ap drains, push etc.

I would not call Xelors a bad choice. Plant dial so you don't hit the cells, use Temporal Distortion for damage and push/move/drain/buff if needed.
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can xel remove mp from DP, and how much?
afaik magmog is impossible to drain
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Has ap drains, push etc.
draining his ap makes him drain 4ap from the tank, draining mp makes him drain 2mp from the tank, same for range drain and so on.
most of the pushes unlock his own spell to push, which has a 400 plain pushback damage per cell.

can xel remove mp from DP, and how much?
xelors dont mp-drain enemies, you should use enu for that.
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