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Air/Fire xelor Gear? + Extra questions!

By Lawful - MEMBER - November 25, 2013, 19:17:26
So i've decided to make a air/fire xelor and i'm really clueless about gear to be honest, i have no idea what to wear from early levels, up to late levels.

I'm a pretty old Dofus veteran player, but what i've found back in the day is that, there is very limited versatility in sets, as in if you want to have a dual elemental set, you would have to sacrifice a lot of something, for example no AP or anything in Dofus.

And what is it here like?
Would you be able to have a good geared xelor with 400% elemental damage for two elements and still be able to rack up about 10 AP and 4 MP?

But thats so far away at the moment, currently i'm more interested in how to gear up your xelor for levels 10-50+

As it is, i'm wearing an adventurer set since it gives somewhat wisdom bonus and i'm pretty low level.

What should i aim for when i'll be reaging lv 20~40 item wise?
And beyond that?

Also, even tho i'm trying to follow Mango's guide, i found that Air is relatively useless in the early stages of the game, you mostly rely on fire and sometimes on water for single target nuking.

Water, you only use the basic first spell, that has 50% rate to reduce AP, for a main reason just because it costs 3 AP and it hits pretty well, and you can use it inclose ranged, which is how i'm fighting mostly when its a 1v1 fight in PvE.

Wind spells are very situational, at the moment, i rarely use anything out of the wind branch, the first spell : Underhand has really short range, mediocre damage, just like the water basic spell, and it has a pushback on the xelors next turn, which kind of defeats its purpose cause i have to chase them later to kill them with it, on the other hand Frostbite is just easy to use, has good range and has the bonus AP reduction.
Aging is also not very useful, i mean it has its uses but its yet another mobility spell to activate Underhands pushback earlier, ect.
Temporal disortion seems to not do much damage, yes it costs 2 AP, but the damage you get is pretty low, a single fire spell deals few times more damage.
And xelors punishment is kind of uncomfortable to use , plus you have to have a dial.

So like i said, mostly i'm just using Frostbite and Temporal Burn + Dust for PvE at this point.
Temporal burn is amazing since it gives good damage for the AP it burns and you can use it 2-3 times to deal some pretty good aoe damage on Tock.
Dust i use whenever i either have a really big flock of monsters, or when its on Tick turn, cause temporal burn doesnt have the aoe effect.

So overall thats the only spells i'm using at the moment.
With that in mind, i dont think i really need a air/fire set of items for early levels, so i should just focus on getting some fire and maybe a bit of water for now?

Also, people kept saying that Temporal Disortion is good for setting up bursts, but am i missing how that spell works? Because it doesn't seem like its worth the AP invested into it , let alone talk about bursts..
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Air/fire gear, imo, isnt the easier dual element to gear. Between 100- 120 , you have to get WCwith the Pinokiolada ammy and royal kir-ring fillin in with any general dmg gear you can find or wear apprentice( at 100) and initiate (at 120).

WC is a very good dmg set bit it give no resist. My xelor gets one turned if two mobs (at wabbits) focus it. Best bet is to wear apprentice/initiate because those will give you some dmg and resist.

when you get to 130-140. You will want to get zwombbit fill-in with sage set.

The perfect air/fire set is Wa wabbit... It gives resist dmg crit and all the good stuff. A few problems with this set. first, only one person in the entire game completed the dung. He's a 6 boxer and had all of his atls 140 , 12 ap 7mp, and fully relic'd up; like getting the set right now is close to impossible. Another thing is with the current lvl cap, you will have to sacrifice a neck ( for amuleto) and a finger ( whispered ring) if you want to wear it.

Not that important:
the last thing i noticed is that the Empelol set is on par with the wa wabibit set. Wa wabbit gives dodge and control and around 21 % more dmg if you look at the sets alone. If you put the wa wabbits helm on empelol set empelol surpasses Wa's set.

Also look at Mango's Air/fire Xelor Guide:
Click here 
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Thanks for the advice and yes i've been using that guide as reference ever since i've started playing my Xelor, but like i said in the first post, air spells just don't seem to work out very well in the early stages of the game.

Mostly just using 3 spells , 2 fire, 1 water and thats about it.

I heard you can re-arrange your spell EXP at later levels, as in redistribute it all around again?
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You can redistribute them but thats only at max lvlm which is 140 now. if you want to lvl fire air and you are not being power lvl'd. only use hand and temporal dust when you lvl. Like go fire. Then when you get to lvl 80 and get a nun set with 9 - 10 ap. Start using the air spells. If you only used hand and temporal dust. The air spell lvls will quickly catch up. Then you'll be able to balance them out at 100 -110.
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Sounds like pretty solid advice, tho the reason i don't like using hand at the moment is because of its poor aoe and its single target damage at the moment, it loses to almost anything else there is to use.

For example, hand hits for like 12, i can use it once per turn, while on the other hand i could use Temporal Burn 3 times, for a total of 22~24 aoe damage.
Or Temporal Dust for a total of 14~16.

So yeah, the difference at the moment is pretty steep, i guess it gets better later once you have enough for 2 hands per turn, but as it is now, its kind of useless.
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yeah at early lvls hand doesnt sound like plan, but its a very good spell. Higher lvl content is about two things imo, how hard you can hit in AoE and how hard you can hit a single target. If you lvl hand and temporal dust you will fulfill both. If you really dont like hand, Line of Fire is another very good spell. With the right amount of AP LoF can do monstrous dmg. Its only issue is that has to be cast in a line, but then again it doesnt required LoS if i recall.
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Hand has a bit better damage than Line of Fire , but line of fire has same damage as Temporal Burn.

Lets see, at lv135 Hand has 92 fire damage for 5 AP.
Lv135 Line of Fire has 68 fire damage for 4 AP.
Lv135 Burn has 17x3= 51 fire damamge for 3 AP.

So, as it seems 92/5= 18.4 damage per AP for hand.
Line of Fire 68/4 = 17
Burn 51/3 = 17.

As you see, Line of Fire and Burn have same damage, difference is, Burn has better single target and AoE potential and it can literally use any amount of AP for damage, be it 1, 2 or 3.

Looking at it from a different perspective tho:

If you have a 10 AP build xelor, with 2 AP from devotion, that would make it 12, thus letting you use 2 Hands. = 184 Fire damage.
3 Lines = 204 Fire damage.
4 Burns = 204 Fire damage.

Which in raw power, would make Burn pretty much the most versatile and strongest fire spell, both single target and partially aoe.

But, here comes the tricky part, i am not sure how Temporal armor works, to maintain it, do you have to always cast different elements, or do can you reach max stacks just by spamming fire and can you maintain it with one element only?

If so, then yeah, burn is pretty much best fire spell a xelor has to offer.

Also, lets take Dust too.
Lv135 Dust has 79 fire damage for 6 AP , which meahs 79/6= 13 Fire damage per AP.
But lets say that we max it because of its sheer aoe potential on Tock turn.

I guess thats about it.
Results would differ depending on how you would use your AP and how much of it you can squeeze out, but even if you reach 15 AP and use hand 3 times, you can still squeeze out pretty close to those numbers with burn aswell, but problem is - you can't use hand 3 times, only twice if i remembe rcorrectly, so it loses out if you have more AP to burn still.

Also because burn eats less AP, it has a higher chance of returning you AP with the passive, since you cast it more times.
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That last line is incorrect.

Whether you spend 10AP using 2 hands, or 10 AP using 4 burns (3 3 3 1) you have the same chance for AP return.

And, more specifically, no matter which of the two you use, your expected AP return is 2.
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Hmm, isn't it like, 20% chance to get 1 AP back each time you use an ability, or i'm not getting how that passive works? Sorry im just assuming by the discription, i have no idea myself how it actually works.
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Lawful|2013-11-26 09:30:26
Hmm, isn't it like, 20% chance to get 1 AP back each time you use an ability, or i'm not getting how that passive works? Sorry im just assuming by the discription, i have no idea myself how it actually works.

At the max rank, it's 20% chance per AP used to trigger Rollback. For example, if you use Hand that has five chances to trigger Rollback since it uses 5 AP to cast, each individual AP spent then having a 20% chance to carry over to your next turn.

You can only trigger this thrice per turn. The more AP you have the more likely you are to trigger all three procs. Number of spells cost does not affect Rollback. Number of AP used does.

• Mango
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Oh i see, so technically its like a 5AP spell would has a chance to trigger it for more AP, while a lower AP spell has a higher chance to trigger for less AP returned, seems interesting.

At that rate its like, the 5 Ap spell has 100% rate to give back atlast 1 AP, while the 3 AP spells have less chance but more tries?
Not sure.

So technically you would get 2 AP back by using hand all the time, while if you use burn 3 times, you would have somewhat of a 90% rate to get 2 AP back, or if lucky, 60% rate to get all 3.

Well i guess it depends, at this rate, having 10 AP, plus 2 from devotion and getting 2 more from hand, would make xelor have 14 AP next turn every time, and sometimes 15 if you have 11 AP+ and you use burn as-well.

Am i getting it right?
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Your chances of triggering Rollback are not affected by the cost of spells used. It's a stagnant chance per AP used. If you use 10 AP in two casts of Hand or 10 AP in four casts of Temporal Burn they have an equal chance of triggering Rollback per AP used.

Typically if I can trigger Rollback thrice (you can see it trigger every time it does in your buffs list) I like to use Timekeeper three times (which can also each trigger Rollback if you haven't gotten three already by then). That way on the next turn I can use Devotion twice and have an 18 AP turn (standard 10/6 set-up).

Once you reach that point it's not atypical to have three Rollback procs every single turn since you have 18 chances to trigger it three times. Part of the meta-game for Xelor is upkeeping 15+ AP every single turn after you start getting things going.

• Mango
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Hmm, thats a rather interesting concept to be honest, seems really strong combied with all the other mechanics a xelor has, cant wait to get my xelor higher level ^^
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While White Crow is a nice set, I think that at least some pieces of the Mecha set are worth considering. Also, Mecha-Cane is pretty much a must, in my opinion. Some of the drops from Merkator would also be beneficial - the belt gives equal fire and air bonus (it's not as good as WC belt, but can serve as a cheap alternative), while the boots and helmet both give general damage and good resist which makes them a nice addition to WC (but also Mecha), not to mention the huge amount of hp they provide. Oh, did I mention that the helmet gives a range bonus? Also, Brrbley Spears pendant is a good alternative to Pinokiolada and gives much needed resist, which makes it another nice addition to WC.
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Step one, level.... unless you have a billion high levels boosting you, (which based on your series of threads stating you are a new player, I assume is not the case) you're going to need low level gear.

I agree that you should start pure fire, however, once you hit the sixty range and can equip Ebony Scara that's your signal to duo element IMHO. You should have all your core skills finished by then and there are no particular skills that help Air/Fire duo except Temporal Waves which many people do not even take due to it's weak effects.

Since I assume this is your first character and you're going to come up the poor man way (Like I did) I'd suggest first aiming for red piwi/goo goo (til 15), Gobball Set (til 26), Scarafly Set (til 42), Gold Scarafly (til 60whatever), Ebony Scarafly (til 72), Lunar Set (til you can get a real set.

Lunar is absurdly easy to get because it's a common plvling area and many of the mats are necessary to make Moowolf set. If you can't drop one, devoting a few days to leveling up mining to 60 and mining out a few hundred kk (thousand kama) should allow you to purchase the set. It has been noticeably buffed since the amulet is now an AP amulet, meaning it's a set you are capable of obtaining 10AP from.

Everything after lunar will depend on what you can afford. Vampyro is a good mid-end game option that is relatively cheap compared to most other damage dealer options. Considering I'm too poor to afford a mecha cape and I'm still wearing full vamp I still have over 450% air/fire damage, so it's not a set to scoff at.

I'd recommend aiming for 10AP final build
1AP, Range, Int (Transition to Int/Agi)

AP from set (or cape), AP Amulet, AP Weapon and AP Stat will give you 10AP. You will probably want to buy a Maka at low level and level it with yourself. I highly recommend aiming for range which means you take Wand and get daggers (Difficult for duo element) or get Maka Shovel/Maka Bow (Makas are frequently for sale on trade bridges for somewhere between 3000-15000 kama which is pretty much pennies).

You could alternatively cheat and get an early AP with weapons like Guiltard, but this will yeild you no positive bonus and a negative HP bonus which will make you pretty flimsy.

Honestly, I don't like when people come up to a new player and go "OKAY DUD, FIRST U NEED 2 LEGENDS A 1MILKAMA+ITEM AN LIEK ALL TEH LVLZ".

First you need to play the class and know wtf you're doing. You've got a good 100 levels to do that before you have to worry about the difficult content, so work it out. You'll find good players in passable gear tend to walk over bad players in amazing gear.

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Thats some rally nice advice Mad, thanks.

I only have one question.

Should i really concern myself with spell levels from an early stage of the game? As in, i should follow the guide strictly as in leaving some spells lv10, and maxing only the ones ill be using, or can i level out every spell and then later redistribute the exp however i want with some kind of spell restat?

Why am i asking that is because, well as you know, for every 5 points in fire, you get 1% fire damage and resistance, so leveling out everything in fire to 50/50/50/50 ,ect would yeld most fire damage for an early game.
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Because of how mastery is distributed, balanced spell levels across the board is not the highest amount of mastery you can get. You get the most mastery from your two highest spells in a branch with the lowest three sort of pulling up from behind.

You don't have to follow my guide strictly. The guides I write typically don't include much for the lower levels and are more or less a broad guideline with more specifics at the endgame.

• Mango
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Wanted to ask, is the starter pack necessary for easier leveling?
It has some +10 wis ring and +20 prospec neckie, or can you get better alternatives in game?
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Spell Levels: Focus on two primary spells, and let the others round out evenly. When you get towards the end game of duo element off spells will generally be between level 40-60 and primary spells will be around your level.

Beginner Pack: Is terrrrrrrible IMHO. The pp amulet and wis ring are not tradeable and only usable up to level 30, so you're basically buying items for one character that you will never be able to use after lvl 30 or ever again.... I'd pass on it.
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Madd1|2013-11-28 22:08:18
Spell Levels: Focus on two primary spells, and let the others round out evenly. When you get towards the end game of duo element off spells will generally be between level 40-60 and primary spells will be around your level.

Beginner Pack: Is terrrrrrrible IMHO. The pp amulet and wis ring are not tradeable and only usable up to level 30, so you're basically buying items for one character that you will never be able to use after lvl 30 or ever again.... I'd pass on it.

yeah i passed on it, i saw somewhere aswell mentioning that you can wear them only up until level 30, but in pack itself, there is none, literally no mentioning on items or anywhere that you can't wear them past 30.

But yeah, i said "pass" to a 10 wis ring for 4 euro.

Forgot to ask, what weapons should you aim to have over the range of your levels?
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