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Water ap steal

By MrAsura - MEMBER - September 12, 2013, 04:23:15

90% (+ ap removal) + 69% (from sand glass145lvl sand glass) 30%(master of time) + Temporal wave (40% at tock)

190% ap steal at tick

230% ap steal at tock

I also put some lvl to aging and underhand for extra damage + utility

you can remove 5ap no matter what with this build

Can anyone verify me if Xelor can remove more than 5 ap with 200%+ ap steal?

I wonder if 100% ap steal will be useful against world bosses

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You would have to use frostbite to take AP on tick.

You can take more than 5ap with that build, but it won't be at 100% of course. it will end up being 130% for the 6th ap, then 100% for the 7th, 80% for the 8th and so on reducing the chance by 20% each time an AP is removed.

You could also use crits to raise the chance though i think that high percentage would be enough to give anything trouble.

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First of all as BbeforeA said you cannot just remove AP every turn unless you use Frostbite.

Second most bosses have incredible willpower, so do high level normal enemies. It is tough to remove more than 2-3 AP from normal enemies, 1-2 from UBs etc.

Third I'd suggest to make a water Xelor a good mix of its two abilities. Spamming AP on your allies is often more useful than stealing them from an enemy.

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Kk thnx for the help and I might make one water xelor for pvp

I am not a big fan of crit unless I can get 55% or higher (if you get total 40% crit hit or bleow, it is not worth investing unless you get really good special effect with crit hit)

7 ap steal is way too good vs many classes who only have 10 ap and on tock phase

You can get up to 20 ap on tick phase and spam whatever damage necessary

If you want to hit like a truck, you can use percimol's hammer's 82 water damage and hits all surrounding targets

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