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earth feca stats

By CrazedCham April 05, 2012, 17:08:19

So I play an earth feca, obviously. After trying an osa and iop, the feca is definitely my favorite to play and who I am going to stick with until 100. After reading some threads about earth fecas I am still confused on what stats to get. I understand the common ones are HP, 1 MP, 1 Range, and INIT. My plan on my feca was +1 Range, then use the remaining 420 points to do an even 140 str and 140 hp. This would leave me with no INIT, so another option could be 1 Range, 120 str, 140hp, 20 Init. Just wondering how you guys think that would turn out in PVE/PVP.

No thoughts?

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