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1.1.5 Damage reduction change

By Jezebelle - MEMBER - April 05, 2012, 00:31:02

"Elemental damage can no longer be reduced beyond 75%."
-Source: patchnotes 1.1.5

Does anyone know how this affects Feca's Ironclad or Peace armor skills? I do hope they haven't just been made useless...Thanks

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I was wondering that myself... Its like putting a hard cap on Defensive gameplay..

where is the "Elemental Damage can not be boosted over 200%" patch? XD

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Peace Armour is a different type of damage mitigation than elemental damage mitigation.

It would theretically make Iron Clad useless against anyone who doesn't have a significant damage % bonus, but... that's pretty rare to come across in most cases these days.

The real people this nerfs are elemental specialty builds (such as someone who pumps AGI and masters many air spells) in elemental dungeons. Air Iops were easily soloing certain dungeons equal to their level because air monsters did nearly no damage to them, etc

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