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Fire Feca Help Please?

By Talrune April 04, 2012, 04:47:35

Hi there I have been searching on here and alot of posts pertaining to alot of the feca are prepatch march 27th 2012. So I am wanting to go mainly fire for my feca. Any tips where to place stat points for some lvls to help me solo as well as be worth while to a group and same goes for abilities for those fire fecas out there, which ones should i lean towrds(im sure some are obvious) to start. And more geared towards the fire element.,

Also in stats should I work for more ap? hp? or crit? as fire? or int? or a mixture of both?

As i said I love to solo and group so I'd like to be able to do both when needed. suggesstions would be appreciated.

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Stats will never increase your Glyph's damage, only Mechanic damage increases that... so at like lvl 50+ your Fecastopheles and Meteor Glyphs will still be doing like 20 or 7 damage each hit...

I asked a question about this just a bit ago, I'm wondering if this will be changed, cause as it is Fire Glyphs are very ineffective overall when compared to what the other glyphs can do. So don't bother with int, unless you're gonna be using the spells raw (don't see why you would) I would go for a point in Movement or AP, not sure what to do after myself.

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I am a fire Feca I think I can help you.
Pump all into intel - your glyphs do 50% of your fire dmg plus the amount of plate charges it has. The best dmg glyph you have are neutral and the last fire spell, the other are situational, such as decrease range so on and so forth.

Lvl the first support spell to 6 and then max peace armor. Why? less down time. Surround yourself with fire glyph using the last fire spell it hits the most, or you can atk with the first fire spell/second or use weapon.

Just watch this.

Click here

P.S. Peace armor as fire feca is very good, less down time

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