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About Feca Damage..

By Leyrio - MEMBER - April 03, 2012, 04:18:33
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Hey Life.. I'm new to Fecas and Wakfu in general, and for someone that loves the puzzle that is glyph, then you shouldn't have a problem with me dissecting your video XD

Key: Fact are in Bold
Speculations are Underlined

Ok, SO Fecas start with 6ap/3mp (Fact)

Life's Feca Starts with at least 5mp (Fact - based on movement range)

He hit Fechammer 8 times (Fact)

So he would need 8ap, and 16 Mp (Fact)

You can see from his buff bar that is Action Glyph, is level 74 (Fact)
Which means getting 2 Ap Per glyph (Fact)

That sets him up at the required 8 Ap (assuming base)

Now the fun part, the MP. He starts with 5, and needs 16, meaning 11 is needed.

He has 4 glyphs down, one of those being a action glyph. (Fact, based on the buff bar)

So, watching the video you can see that some of the glyph are Movement glyphs (Fact - At least two of them are Movement Glyphs, as he mouses over them from a brief moment, the tool tip pops up)

(Speculation) I am assuming the last glyph is a MP glyph.

and assuming Life is not a liar (Speculation), He states his skill are leveled equally (Speculation)

Which would place his Fechammer around the 70's mark (Fact-ish (it is between 50-99) - Proven later on)

Which would make his MP Glyphs grant 2 Mp Per (Fact)

3 Mp glyph x 2mp = 6mp (Fact, last time I check, assuming Math still works.)

That bring us up to 11 from his base (Fact)

Ok so 5 Mp to go:

Boots - +1mp (assuming he isn't terribly under geared, I wouldn't think a forum troll like him would be, giving the fact he is joining/hosting PVP tournaments biggrin) (Speculation, this could be one of the reasons he starts at 5MP)

the other 2 points could come from Stats (Speculation - Assuming he has on decent boots, for someone with skills leveled to 50+, this could also be where one of the 2 extra starts come from.)
1 point could come from Set bonuses (Speculation)

We also know, that he HAD to move at lest twice during his setup (once to place a glyph in his original spot and once to move back on to it) (Fact, watch the movement Squares (which represents movement range of a given character)

That could be playing on the fore-mentioned bug with the Earth Glyphs (Stated by Tdaniel)

So the 2 pieces of evidence we have left to look at is the Setup and the first two Fechammers.

Youtube is a evil thing... having to stop the video-per frame is such a pain, but! I managed...

His first glyph is a movement glyph, based on the movement range changes after the sound of the first glyph, as he starts with 5 MP base (Fact)

His movement range then increases to 7 (Fact, the Starfish in front of him are on squares 4 and 6 away from him with his range giving.) Which fathers proves he moved twice, due to his range coming back down to 5

He does a great job so Skill Que'ing, which has made my job harder, as the sounds you hear are not linked with what you see.. (Fact)

So the set up, Assuming he starts with 6ap/5mp

Glyph Or Armor cost 2Wp (Minus 1 for each activation)
Each Hammer glyph cost 1a/2m (3a/6m total)
The Action Glyph Cost 2a/1m total
Peace Armor can cost anything from 5ap, to 1ap (plus a Wp)
and lastly two Hammers 1a/2m (2a/4m)
Minus two Mp for setting up the glyph 2m
His total cost of setup was: 8Ap, 13Mp, 9WP

Breaking it down, the AP cost is right on the money (Fact, supporting the rest of my facts)

The Movement Cost is where I get hitched, the only places I can think of to get the extra Mp is Stats, Sets, Gear, Glithes or bugs (PLEASE NOTE: I am not saying Life is a dirty player, just listing the only places I can think of, for being as new to this game as I am.)

The Wp Cost breaks down like this:
Cast a Glyph, Aug it (Wp cost 1 total)
So each glyph only cost 1 (4Wp/6)
Armoring himself, cost 2 (6w/6)
But casting a buff on himself with refund one point (5w/6)
giving him the needed 1W to cast Peace armor.

This also works wonders as he Black Boxed his video and adds more noise to it to confuse someone trying to figure it out.

The first set of glyphs would be Movement ones as he would need to bolster that right away for his abilities to fall in line..

All and All: Life as a Feca, is a damn scary one.

So... Life.

How'd I do?

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Interesting analysis. The numbers were wrong but still a good analysis. It just shows how much thought must be put into learning the glyph combos. Thank you for that. : )

People need to understand that fitting all the glyphs together with your equipment and stats is like a puzzle. Each glyph combination is a puzzle. Even the "simple" act of placing the glyphs down on the ground is a puzzle. You must treasure these combinations. It's like your secret weapon or blueprint.

Also, what makes people think stepping on a glyph multiple times to get stats is a bug? Point to me where it says "Glyphs can only give stats once per turn". Try it. You won't find it. Because it's not a bug. It's intentional. Glyphs give stats whenever the conditions are filled, and that is to simply be standing on the glyph. Each time you step off, you lose the stats, and when you step back on, you gain stats and a glyph charge is consumed.

People need to stop thinking every good thing in existence is a bug; it's simply a game mechanic that many people under-utilize. : ) Expand your mind, people, and be creative with your usage of glyphs.

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What number/s were wrong? Hell you can PM for the sake of security if you feel you have too..

I'm just hoping to get some more information on this class and how it works, as these forums are clearly not filled with the wisdom of the ages...

Oh you could be playing a mind game with me.. mis-direction and all...

*brain explodes*

The only mutable numbers in this are the ones relating to your Feca...

Such as Starting AP/MP/WP..

Skill levels...

Support ranks...

The rest of it is hard math... unless there are things that reduce the cost of skills and I just haven't herd of it yet....

secondary brain explosion.......


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