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Hybrid or Single Skill Tree distribution and a couple of other questions..

By Ruzzythor February 29, 2012, 07:47:01

I've been trying to decide if I should go Water or Earth
And I'm wondering if I should try Water/Earth Hybrid
Does hybriding include distributing stat points into STRENGTH and CHANCE equally?

Let's say my build was going to be mainly Water.. Should I still tap into the Earth Skill Tree just for it's glyphs/armors? Is that viable?

I'm having a hard time choosing between Water and Earth

Also about the Support Skills
If I was going Water, would I need Peace armor?
Should I max out Glyph or Armor/Feca Master? Is it okay for me to leave it mid-level? :O

I really like supporting my team by tanking damage and applying buffs to friends if that helps at all..

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For stats. Earth gear is easy to get and usually comes with more hp, could be wrong. So you could try putting stats in earth, then wear water heavy gear, with a tittle earth or the other way around, but that is usually in mid end game.

Their are so many things to take in consideration that you will just have to sit down and look at gear and spell dmg/support to come to a conclusion as to what you personally want to accomplish.

For the other question, a Feca player is best suited to answer that.

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Then you probably should go lock and health.

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Also curious on stating as an Earth Feca. Been poking around but any feedback i come up with was given pre-patch. Does the meta still involve that AllHP or 1/2HP 1/2something mumbo jumbo?

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