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is earth feca glitched?

By Sheiros#3591 - MEMBER - February 22, 2012, 02:26:27

i have a feeling earth fecas are a little glitched. its probably been adressed buuuut when i cast defensive glyph, and then try to cast feca blades on myself, defensive glyph breaks INSTANTLY. and im not even standing on the defensive orb. is that a glitch or something? its kind of annoying because i also lose the neuatral glyph that was cast on myself. or if i already have an armor on me, it disappears completely and i have to recast. also, sometimes i cant move. sometimes ill cast an earth spell but maybe i click something else too fast but then i wont be able to move

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It appears to share the same glitch with Xelor's dial. Skills that utilize the Mechanic stat seem to have a % chance of randomly breaking. It's certainly not intended, but the bug is there.

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I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but yea Life is right. It's a bug and its not just earth Fecas. glyphs will still randomly die, just like Xelor's dial and Enutrof's mines (after using mine mover). If you're a Xelor there's still a chance your dial will work (just be broken which is weird)but Fecas and Enus are out of luck. Been like that for a while now, and while its better than it used to be, its still annoying.

The movement thing is a bug as well. Sometimes if you ready an attack (like select defensive orb so it switches to "select the target mode") then cancel out, you can move again. Other times if you attack, then it will unlock movement again. Same goes if your attacks are suddenly locked, movement will usually fix it. It seems like you need to get the system out of 'ready' state first.

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What's mind boggling about the bug is that it has existed since the beginning of beta, up until the very last day of beta. Even with all of the patches throughout beta, this one bug still persisted throughout the entire time.

It's almost as if the developers intended for Mechanic skills to randomly break like this, but they're secretly not going to unveil that fact until launch or something. I don't want to believe developers can be cruel in such a way, but they unfortunately give that impression to players.

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