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What skills to use

By Phemetoz February 21, 2012, 17:19:38

Hey guys, ive been messing around with most of the classes, trying to figure out which ones i like best, and im having troubles starting a Feca. Im probably going to go earth build, but im wondering what the main skills i should be using...i cant really understand how they play yet..

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Feca can get away with leveling all skills at once because it's the best class in the game.

AS for specialties, just level GoA and feca master all day. Proceed to rape face, you don't have to level wisdom staff though.

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For a more in-depth description:

Water is for tanking and damage boosts, so those are good for just about everyone and can help allies immensely.

Fire is your main damage output (Fecastopholes caps at 130 damage at level 100) and debuffing glyphs/armors. Focus here if you want to end the world with 20 meteorites per turn.

Earth can be pretty situational, but are therefore good for a variety of situations where nothing else could help. Leveling these will net you some amazing glyphs, too.

As for specialties, go for "Glyph or Armor" and "Feca Master" first, since these decrease the AP cost to place a glyph/armor and increase the number of "charges/plates" that they have. Feca Master also increases your Mechanics skill, which will let you place multiple glyphs at once for extra death all day long.

Peace armor is meh. Use at your own risk unless you plan on going all the way to level 9 where it levels out to average utility. Teleport is meh. Deglyphment is good if you absolutely have to remove a glyph, but the damage is plain bad compared to what many glyphs already do per turn, so don't level it.

The Passive Specialty Intimidation Aura allows you to decrease by 40% the resistance of any enemy adjacent to you. Ironclad increases your base elemental resistance up to 40% as well.

After the recent patch, Feca seems to indeed be the best class.

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Awesome! thanks both of you, it greatly helped. i was so lost >

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