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Crashing Wave's Range and Splash

By Explain - MEMBER - February 13, 2012, 21:16:42

For starters: You need to use the spell ingame to figure out what it does. The description is horrible.

But once you get the hang of the spell, you notice the splash is all screwed up. its blatantly obvious you arn't supposed to be able to cast it on yourself as a Dofus "Striking" like spell. This is a glitch, however the splash of this spell is much more frustrating. Casting it on yourself always attacks downright (Which is understandably screwed up since your not supposed to target yourself) but when targeting left-upleft and the splash works downleft, or when you attack up-upright and the spell attacks downleft some spaces are impossible to hit while others you can get a whole mob.

Sorry for the poor description, without screenshots its hard to visualize. Has this been reported yet?

TL;DR Crashing wave is screwed up bigtime.

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When cast on yourself, Crashing Wave will fire in the direction you are facing. The colored tiles are lying to you (which is a problem in and of itself).

The issue comes in the fact that Crashing Wave is a 2x3 spell, so there will have to be scenarios where, say, the spell is lined up vertically, and the spell has to choose to fire up-right or up-left. I believe the spell points in one direction as you position it around in a circle, so the possible targets would look vaguely pinwheel-shaped. It is quite awkward, I'll give you that.

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You've been able to cast Crashing Wave on yourself since the Fecas were released in... late October I believe. If you couldn't, you could never put crashing wave armor on yourself.

So I think it's pretty intentional... though back then CW didn't have the highest base damage out of Feca's spells, Avalanche did. Oh well, history is only history *-*

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I dont thnk it was meant to be able to attack the enemies around you though Syreal, obviously so you can use the armor on yourself, but I dont think its meant to attack like that.

@Fizzii Thanks I didnt know that, gonna check it out now. Appreciate it

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