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Questions about Feca's Pacifist Pact passive?

By Kimanic#8405 - MEMBER - October 30, 2020, 10:32:55

So feca's passive Pacifist Pact converts %block into %armor given. Is says the block is lost and the block must be 100 or less.

If a feca has more than 100% block, does the passive just take the first 100 or not activate at all? For example, if a feca has 112% block, does the passive convert the first 100% in armor given and leave the feca with 12% block?

Second, can armor given stack to numbers above 100%? So if this passive converts 100% block into 100% armor given, and the feca wears gear with another 5% armor given, can they have 105% armor given?


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1. not activate at all. (no convert)
2. yes.

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