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Kraud's Miniguide for Solo Feca

By djrk16 - MEMBER - July 20, 2020, 05:21:08

Updated for 1.68.4

Hallo Everyone! I'm Kraud, and I've been playing Feca for years. I believe the Feca's newest kit has some great tools for any way you want to play them! Many Feca players have built up Single-Target gear to maximize armors for the old kit. Armors no longer scale with mastery though, so many Fecas are left wondering how to utilize that mastery. This guide will show you how even a support focused Feca can take on a damage role to solo enemies when their damage dealer friends aren't around.

No need to rely on your Ouginak friends, Powerful in 1v1 fights.
No need to change out your old single-target/melee gear.
You don't need Moon Scales to get powerful self-generated armors, and you'll stay at high health between fights.

You are no Ouginak, it takes a long time to grind the enemy down and groups can be rough.
High resistance is needed to retain your armor.
Poisons and Non-Reducible damage make for a sad Feca. You won't have any healing options aside from Marrow Bone.

Gearing and Stats
You'll want to make sure to get high resistance. The less armor damage you take, the more armor you can apply toward Spiny Carapace.
Prioritize Single-Target mastery, then Fire/Earth mastery. Many old Feca builds had high Melee/ST mastery builds, so you shouldn't need to change your gear out.
%Max HP to Armor is great for getting a head start on Spiny Carapace. A few levels of barrier wouldn't hurt either.
Remember that you have 4 pages for builds. If you are not running ALS content, use the other pages to tweak your stats for a more damaging role.

Core Spells
Volcano – 4AP – 25 DpAP – 337 ApAP
Volcano is an excellent choice for giving yourself armor every turn. With Shephard, this shield only costs 1 AP. It's also decent at dealing fire damage.

Fecastopheles – 5AP – 29 DpAP
While difficult to use, its high damage output is great for bursting out damage when needed.

Bastion – 2AP – 31 DpAP
The most damage per AP the Feca has access to. If the enemy doesn't have strong earth resistance, toss one of these in during your turn.
Rampart – 3AP – 25 DpAP – 168 to 674 ApAP
Used mostly for damage. The shield is free with Shephard and can be very powerful with good prediction. Additionally, since it is granted at the beginning of the turn, it cannot be lost to enemy damage before being turned into damage.

 Staff – 5AP – 25 DpAP
If you take a turn to set up, Staff can provide a powerful damage bonus. You will only want to cast this as a shield once per fight, as you will spend your other turns casting Volcano. Much less useful against ranged enemies.

Wave – 2AP – 315 ApAP
If the enemy is cracking your armor, use this to give yourself a little extra. You shouldn't have trouble with WP, so elemental glyphs may be more beneficial than Wave glyph with Magnetism.
Magnetism – 2AP
A good tool for positioning. Since you'll be casting Volcano on yourself every turn, try to utilize the armor push effect more than the glyph pull.

Immunity – 2AP
When cast at the end of your turn, it has no downside. Good prediction is essential for getting the most out of this spell.

Marrow Bone – 3AP
The healing effect is ok. It works great as a distraction for the enemy and breaking up line of sight. Fecas lack obstructive summons, and this helps make up for that.

Peace Armor – 2AP 1WP – Available in any fight
Bonus resistance is great for keeping your armor up. Use it on turns when you use Staff, since it will cancel the Volcano shield.

Notes on Other Spells
Meteorite – Average damage but the shield isn't what you want to be using your Shepherd shield for.
Natural Attack – If you are close to the threshold of dodge needed to walk away, it can help. It has a low DpAP ratio though.
Magma – A good option for cheap fire damage. Shield is rarely useful.
Drip – Nice to have if enemies have removals. Something to note is that when cast on yourself, you gain 2 AP in addition to the negation on removal.
Avalanche – Useful if you need help positioning but has the lowest damage per AP out of all your spells.
Storm – The attract can be good for enemies that run away. Best paired with Staff when trying to take out ranged enemies.
Provocation – Great for enemies that are hard to keep up with, but expensive when we want to be using as much AP toward damage as we can.
Mastery of Weapons – An interesting way to build burst damage. You could focus off turns with generating as much armor as possible. Then use your 40% bonus damage from armor with your 100% bonus damage weapon.
Telluric Whack – Damage is average, but the shield isn't useful.
Defensive Orb – Low damage and a shield that will never trigger when soloing.
Truce/Pacification/Aegis – Not very useful, but feel free to take as needed.

Core Passives
If You Want Peace, Prepare for War
Excellent passive. When you have no allies to give armor to, it's just 25% Damage Inflicted.

The best passive for a Solo Feca. You will need to use your shields to give yourself armor, so doing so for almost free opens up a lot more AP for damage.

Field Experience
Since armor is not mastery dependent, you will want as much Armor Received as you can get. The bonus is lost at the end of your turn, but fire shields will be applied before the bonus is lost.

Spiny Carapace
This passive is what the build is focused around. With cheap shields, armor on hit, and Wave, it should be easy to have at least 15% damage each turn. You can gain up to 40% damage inflicted, as the bonus lasts 2 turns.

Notes on Other Passives
The Best Defense Is an Attack
The bonus is nice in 1v1 situations, as all attacks will grant armor after the first turn. If you are fighting groups however, this passive becomes less useful.

Rocky Skin
You won't need much WP for yourself, so getting WP regen on hit works out well. The 30% Block bonus is the main attraction for this passive.

Map Mastery
[Image Unavailable]
WP Free glyphs means you don't cancel Volcano when casting them. Very useful for positioning with Magnetism or Avalanche.

Wakfu Comprehension
[Image Unavailable]
Doubling Volcano every turn can grant you a ton of armor, but you cannot effectively use any other armor source. If you take this, avoid Wave and The Best Defense Is an Attack.

Yum yum carnage rolls.

You get a pretty decent damage bonus to your first attack each turn, so long as you keep your opponent locked. Aegis and Natural Attack can help to give dodge bonuses too.

I haven't found any of the other passives useful for Single Target builds.

Tips on How to Play
Turn 1: Peace Armor > Staff > Wave > Wave is a great start to any fight. Your playstyle will depend on what you are fighting and which passives you decided to take.
If the enemy is cracking your armor, use Wave to build up armor for a few turns. Since you want to keep your armor high, use opportunities to avoid damage, such as Immunity.
Armor granted by Prevention will not apply to your damage inflicted and does not protect your gained armor.
Cast Volcano to start every turn, unless you need to cast a WP ability. Always remember that using WP will negate the effects of Volcano Shield!

Final Notes
This guide is intended for 110+ PvE characters. While much of the same theory applies to lower levels, the armor scaling is working against you for this strategy. I have little experience with PvP, so I can't give much advice there. For reference, I have about 74% resistance and 2.5k mastery between elemental, single-target, and melee. Higher resistances and masteries will provide greater results, but even the ALS automatic build can perform well. I have done testing with all level 200 and 215 families of mobs, and you should be able to 1v1 almost all of them using this guide.
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Do Feca still need +Control? This Feca's Shield is a joke? 

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Score : 83

Currently, Control has no function for Fecas. You may place any number of glyphs as long as you have the WP to cast them.

It was mentioned in the class rework that Control may be used for glyph damage in the future, but that has yet to be implemented.

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What content do you solo with this build ? I would have thought glyphs would be better for soloing. I get the armoring tips but i don't see how you kill things. You just use a spell sequence that fits your AP ?

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You can solo any content that doesn't break your armor by the time you hit your next turn. I'm level 200, so I can take on single or small groups of level 200-215 monsters and some very low stasis level 200 rooms. I haven't tried lower level dungeons with ALS, so I couldn't give you content suggestions for that at this time.

Glyphs are decent for damage too. Since I don't have AOE gear, I haven't been able to test out any glyph builds. This guide is designed to help Fecas who have high ST/Melee mastery from the previous version.

Another advantage to using Single Target spells is lack of WP cost. Volcano shield can only generate armor if you don't spend any WP during your turn. If you want to use glyphs, you might be better of staying berserked and using Avalanche. Map Mastery can allow you to place glyphs with no WP cost, allowing you to use Volcano.

As far as damage goes, Yes, you just use spells that fit your AP. Fecastopheles and Bastion have the highest damage per AP, so try to prioritize those. As an example, with 12 AP, you could cast Volcano on yourself, then Fecastopheles > Bastion > Volcano.

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