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Kraud's Guide for Solo Feca

By djrk16#1656 - MEMBER - July 20, 2020, 05:21:08

Updated for 1.70.2
Hallo Everyone! I'm Kraud, and I've been playing Feca for years. I believe the Feca's newest kit has some great tools for any way you want to play them! This guide will show you how even a support focused Feca can take on a damage role to solo enemies when their damage dealer friends aren't around.

Deal damage while your Ouginak friends are away.
Powerful armor generation keeps you at high health between fights.
Engaging combat rotations with utility and mobility options.

You are no Ouginak, it takes a long time to grind the enemy down and groups can be rough.
High resistance is needed to retain your armor and you have no healing options.
Enemies with poisons, non-reducible damage, or healing make for a sad Feca.

Note: You should be familiar with the Feca's abilities and game mechanics before trying to solo with this class. Other classes will provide a better solo experience at low levels. This guide is for Fecas level 100 and up.

Gearing and Stats
You can effectively use your support gear for solo damage. When building a Feca for support, resistance is important and mastery does not matter. This makes it easier to build for solo Feca, as you can choose what masteries you want to use. Fire/Earth is best for single target builds, while Fire/Water is great for glyph builds. The build I have later in this guide is effective with either mastery combination.

Stats to focus on for gear: Resistance, Melee Mastery, Berserk Mastery, Block, Critical Hit, Lock, Dodge, Armor Received

Intelligence: 10 Elemental Resistance, 10 %HP to Armor, 10 Barrier, Remaining in HP
Since you cannot heal while soloing, Maximize the strength of each point of HP. You will need %HP to Armor to protect your HP on turn one.

Strength: 20 Melee Mastery, Remaining in Elemental Mastery
Having a general pool of mastery lets you take advantage of both single target and glyphs equally. Keeping this open gives you access to more mob families.

Agility: Lock and Dodge balance
Balancing lock and dodge is an effective strategy. Remember that Peace Armor will grant you extra lock during fights.

Chance: 20 Block, 20 Critical Hit, Remaining in Berserk Mastery
Block makes your HP more valuable. Critical Hit is great for damage and armors. Glyphs ignore critical mastery, so berserk mastery is a nice alternative.

Major: AP, Elemental Resistance, Damage Inflicted, Remaining in personal preference
I currently run 12 AP/5 MP/8 WP but I am hoping to get gear for 13 AP in the future. Control has no use for the Feca. Feca's suite of mobility tools allows you to build with less than 6 MP and ignore bonus range. 8 WP is very comfortable for WP management while 6 WP can lead to difficulties in especially long fights.

Spell Deck


This general build does not require intense WP management and allows you to use both glyphs and direct damage effectively. It also has high utility between the shields available to you.

Earth Spells
Bastion is included for its high damage per AP and cheap glyph element conversion, so feel free to switch it out if you are building Fire/Water. Orb is amazing armor but has awful damage per AP. Staff is a great bonus and a good single target spell for adjacent targets.

Fire Spells
You will want a fire spell of each AP amount to fill up glyphs. Fecastopheles is your core damage spell, use it whenever you can. Magma has a nice utility shield and is good for triggering on-hit mechanics. Volcano should always be the first spell you use if you need the armor. If you use any WP spells or glyphs before Volcano, it will have no effect. Meteorites has amazing utility. The non-modifiable, non-line-of-sight range makes it the best option for positioning with Avalanche, and its shield has a really good effect.

Water Spells
Drip shield will give you +2 AP, and it's great for glyph element conversion. Avalanche is your core positioning spell and bridges single target and glyph builds.

Neutral Spells
Magnetism won't always be used, but it's better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it. Immunity is needed when you know you have some pain coming in. Feca's lack obstructive summons and heals. Marrow Bone covers both weaknesses. There are many situations where just a little cover or a little heals will go a long way. If you use Immunity on Bone, it makes a tile inaccessible for one turn.

Spells to consider
Rampart can grant powerful armors, but it is ineffective in 1v1 scenarios. Storm has great AOE damage but does not trigger Armodiction. Wave can help you with inevitability, but spending 2 AP without dealing damage is going to make the fight even longer.

The combination of Shepherd and Mastery of Shields gives you the choice of one shield per turn with little to no cost. If You Want Peace and The Best Defense increase your damage to a usable state, as well as granting armor when focusing a target over many turns. Field Experience makes your armors much stronger, depending on how often you get hit. The last slot can hold many different passives depending on what you like to do.

Carnage – Bonus damage that also increases glyph damage against armored targets.
Rocky Skin – Great for pulling large groups. In some cases, will improve your WP generation.
Persistent Glyphs – Good positioning for 1v1 with Avalanche, allowing you to use more direct damage.
Spiny Carapace – Useful when incoming damage is low or grinding out low level content. Direct damage stacks up to 40 Damage Inflicted, while glyphs can only take advantage of 20 Damage Inflicted.
Wakfu Comprehension – Requires careful WP management, but there's nothing better for keeping your armor up. Consider dropping The Best Defense when taking this.

When you start your turn, determine what shield you want to use for that turn. This helps prevent mistakes, such as using Volcano after using a WP spell, or stabilizing yourself too early with Meteorites. When deciding what shield to use, prioritize the following:
1. Is Staff Active? If you can safely end by enemies, apply it during turn 1 and keep it at 100% uptime. If you lose it, grab it again when you cast Peace Armor.
2. Do you need armor? Orb and Volcano can be rotated every 3 turns. On turn 4, you can use Immunity if you are out of armor. If you can't get enough armor, use Rampart or Wave in the rotation.
3. Do you need WP? Even if you don't need the armor, use Orb or Volcano to get up to 2 WP.
4. Is Drip off cooldown? Drip will grant you 2 AP even if you have not suffered any removals. More AP means more damage.
5. Is Meteorites off cooldown? Meteorites will grant you a nice bonus to Critical Hit and Block. Make sure to delay the cast if you don't want to be stabilized.
6. Use Magma. If there is no other useful armor, get in a bit of bonus damage with Magma. Always make sure to use an armor during your turn to give yourself Inner Peace.

Second, check if Peace Armor is up. There is no reason not to be in Peace Armor when soloing. If you don’t want the Peace Armor to apply the visual effect to your character, you can go pray to Feca over in Bonta to disable it.

Third, plan your positioning. While in Peace Armor, you will have access to Teleportation. If you have the WP, use it often. The most powerful damage mitigation is not getting hit, so take advantage of the terrain and enemy AI. If you are doing well, you can use positioning to get sidestab and backstab.

Fourth, deal some damage. Dealing direct damage will give your target Armodiction for the next turn. When placing glyphs for damage, start with Fire spells. If you want a Water or Earth glyph, use a cheap spell to convert the Fire glyph. Be efficient with your AP – Use Bastion, use Fecastopheles, and avoid Orb where possible. However, keep in mind that Volcano and Magma is a more efficient use of your last 6 AP than Fecastopheles.

Lastly, keep Staff buff active by ending your turn next to an enemy. It does not matter if you are standing next to an enemy at the beginning of your turn, just the end.

Final Notes
A few things to keep in mind when choosing to solo as a Feca:
Expect very long fights - Fights are decided through inevitability. This means that the enemy cannot outdamage your armor and you can outdamage enemy heals and armors each turn. You will have a very difficult time fighting enemies that ignore armor or have healing abilities.
Be comfortable with melee combat - Feca's kit promotes a melee fighter style. This is especially so when you are soloing since most enemies will run right to you. You should know how to take advantage of enemy AI.
When on a team, switch back to support – As a support class, it can be fun to try out damage builds. However, empowering allies will help them much more than your damage. It takes you six turns to knock out an enemy that your Ouginak friend can take out in two (or one with your help).

The most important note for Solo Feca is that you are doing it to enjoy your class. The fights will take so long that soloing for drops and xp is not worth it. Since you are not worrying about other players, have fun with it! See what strategies are effective against which mob families. Find out if you can fight them with an Automatic ALS build. Crank up the dungeon stasis higher. Pull bigger groups than you think you can handle. You might surprise yourself!
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Do Feca still need +Control? This Feca's Shield is a joke? 
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Currently, Control has no function for Fecas. You may place any number of glyphs as long as you have the WP to cast them.

It was mentioned in the class rework that Control may be used for glyph damage in the future, but that has yet to be implemented.
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What content do you solo with this build ? I would have thought glyphs would be better for soloing. I get the armoring tips but i don't see how you kill things. You just use a spell sequence that fits your AP ?
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You can solo any content that doesn't break your armor by the time you hit your next turn. I'm level 200, so I can take on single or small groups of level 200-215 monsters and some very low stasis level 200 rooms. I haven't tried lower level dungeons with ALS, so I couldn't give you content suggestions for that at this time.

Glyphs are decent for damage too. Since I don't have AOE gear, I haven't been able to test out any glyph builds. This guide is designed to help Fecas who have high ST/Melee mastery from the previous version.

Another advantage to using Single Target spells is lack of WP cost. Volcano shield can only generate armor if you don't spend any WP during your turn. If you want to use glyphs, you might be better of staying berserked and using Avalanche. Map Mastery can allow you to place glyphs with no WP cost, allowing you to use Volcano.

As far as damage goes, Yes, you just use spells that fit your AP. Fecastopheles and Bastion have the highest damage per AP, so try to prioritize those. As an example, with 12 AP, you could cast Volcano on yourself, then Fecastopheles > Bastion > Volcano.
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