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Feca - How do I regenerate wp with this class?

By jechtblade - MEMBER - May 23, 2020, 18:49:36

Hi everyone, 

I was just wondering how to regenerate wp with this class. I am a bit new to the game and I noticed a lot of the Feca's buffs cost wp. I was just wondering how I could get wp back during battle. 


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iirc, Fecas have a passive state called Humillity that is automayically activated at the start of the fight. You can increase the lvl of this state by doing certain actions: Locking enemies, applying armors, when a glyph is triggered. Doing Feca stuff.

Each action increases the level of the state by a certain amount and once the state reaches level 100, you get 1 WP back. 

You can check the effects active on your character on the top of the screen or in your Info Screen during fights (right click on your character). This system is also active on other classes so keep an eye on it so you are able to recover WPs on a tough situation.

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That makes a lot of sense! I was trying to find any tips or tools in-game that explained how this works. I was reading guides and now it makes more sense why some people say certain spells are better for generating WP.

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