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Feca Glyphs Inherit Force of Will?

By Compositae - MEMBER - February 24, 2020, 21:41:08

If I cast Fecablades and Avalanche on a monster with a FoW of 20 from stats, would the glyphs have 20 FoW each for a total of 60 FoW applied to a monster or is FoW exclusive only to the character and applies only to the amount of AP/MP reduction?

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No thats not how it stacks
Each glyph has 20 FoW each
having 2 glyphs doesnt mean 60 FoW
it means 2 glyphs with the power of 20 FoW
The FoW the glyphs have is based of your Feca's FoW Stat

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As suspect said, each glyph will try to remove individually. Also, just two glyphs remove ap/mp.

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