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Class Revamp 2020 - Feca

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 13, 2019, 16:00:00
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legendaryxelor|2020-07-11 16:29:05
airFoxy|2020-07-11 01:31:27
Do everything but bring teleport back for pleading,dont care what u gais do or thingking manything, many bad ideas on feca, but atlest, dont cut feca-wings

Siu said it best,
"Some of the effects don't need to be on the class. (AP donation, gameplay buff/tp/buff/buff/tp...)"

OK im washing my hands smile next revamps might be osa and xelor, take care 
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Also masqueraider
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Ok, to start i'm going to say that this feca isn't THAT bad per se, but i can't think of any reason one would pick a feca over another class with the same role.
The protector role:
Feca can give a few good armors, with those spells you are able to effectively make a rotation to shield most of your team. However there is a huge range problem, you'll hardly be able to reach all allies that need shielding which is crucial when someone is about to die. Now sadida can give a ton of armor to allies almost anywhere in the map, and heal at the same time! So why would anyone choose feca?
The tanking role:
Feca can shield himself every turn with a variety of spells which are however limited by a cooldown. Peace armor grants a huge res bonus which is however most oftenly not needed because it's quite easy to reach the new res cap (90%) for a tank without buffing. While it is able to remove some mps, its mobility is quite pathetic and resource consuming. Now, why would i want to use feca when i can move mobs and bosses however i want with panda, while tanking, healing and shielding myself better than feca does? Sacrier is also able to self shield better, and move better than feca.
The support feca:
This role was killed. Feca could give ap, damage, range and now the only thing left is this "Elemental Shields" passive and the new "Staff" spell which is honestly not bad. This playstyle should be complemented by an addition of a buff for ranged characters, which currently have no synergy with the feca. At the moment every support class is highly better than feca in this role.
Now, what could be done to fix this is to add more types of glyphs with different effects to allow you to better suit your playstyle (maybe some support glyphs?), an effective push/pull spell, and a range buff to spells and/or removing LOS necessity.
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feca becoming very deference class. really bad
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Unfortunately the update of the feca was the worst ever made for a character, it ended up with the class making it practically unplayable. It would be better to create a new class and change parts of the functioning of the feca as opposed to this which undoubtedly became one of the worst to play. All without a clue ... we will still have for what looks like a zob that provided a shield and maybe it won't heal ... For the love of God, in a few minutes we will have an eni that doesn’t heal, a zob that provides shield, a steamer '' dressed in feca and so on ... summarizing AMATEUR DEVELOPERS when it comes to class rework
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i just thinking, why u need make all spells can turn to glyphs? i think its useless, coz u cant use the same glyph in another different area.. e.g earth glyph in boss and another earth glyph on mobs.. so why u need make all spells for glyphs? just cut it as 3 glyphs fire earth and water.. and make it more valuable.

also feca have too complicated mechanics.. why u need put glyphs and use magnetic again and again.. why u not make it like sac with motion sickness.. so u only put magnetic on feca and when feca place glyphs the mobs got pull into glyphs.. and also 2 cells only.. seriously? feca dont have old teleport and now he have fix range teleport and u only give 2 cells per pull?

just think simple.. so much waste mechanic on feca..

truce.. LOL this is the most funny things about feca..
100 ressist for all entity.. seriously? for allies and mobs? i know feca is protector.. i forgot about his role as protector sowwy.. he is protector for his team and for enemy also.. why u not give feca some glyphs for heal enemies also.. XD

new feca seems like turn to be so bored tank.. use peace armor > tele to boss > put aegis on feca > use earth carpet -MP - end turn.. and in the next turn.. u cant do nothing.. old feca can use bubble to get 4 range and buffing allies..

atleast make feca like masq.. he can support allies while deal good  damage..

dont think too cruel and complicated and makes a lot useless spells.. think simple and makes skills more valueable is better..

oh 1 more things.. why u need to make all spells as single target damage also.. feca only have aoe damage when he use carpets and shield him self with fire shieds.. LOL this is a joke also.. glyphs coz high WP.. and enemy cant even stay in that glyph, they will walk from glyph and glyph become useless in the next turn.. and someone who have aoe mastery on feca? for wat? this class mechanics really broken after revamp..
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I'm not saying it's okay.

But you could straight up use another non conventional tank with feca protector with new Feca. By that I mean. You could potentially tank with an Ouginak with a Feca support. That seems to be the intent of the new feca. It's not a design that lines up with the communities wishes and goals. Personally, I'd have preferred if Feca came into itself as it's own character instead of living for someone else again. It might not be a AP slave, but it is a Resist/Armor Slave now.

Seeing this as an intent, perhaps the goal was indeed to make melees feel more welcome in the frontline rather than playing the kite game which they do at high stasis.

I expected much more of an solo presence from feca with the revamp, with Feca being able to perhaps supporting in more creative ways than then straight forward give him resist and activate an armor end your turn that it currently is.

There's no sense in identity from Glyphs currently.
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I disagree. I spent time leveling a Feca because i wanted a tanker in my group Now you're telling me to dump one of my other characters and waste time (which i don't have much) to level him because they messed up the main Feca role?
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Currently, glyphs can only be fused if you target the middle cell. Can you make it so that you can target any glyph cell for fusion, like magnetism works by targeting any glyph cell?

Sometimes I forget and pull monsters into the glyph before fusing it sufficiently, and they block LoS.

In fact, it's quite sad that feca has a grand total of 1 spell that doesn't require LoS, as things like magnetism and teleport benefit greatly from no LoS required.
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At least they could make it so if you hit a monster on the center cell it still upgrades the glyph
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Can you giving all glyphs the effect of casting spell, like Wave skill and Hippolyre Sidekick do?
That will make the 2 and 3WP cost of glyphs are worth to pick up.

Supporting Glyph is unique and makes more sense than you are trying to do now with front line support.
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Score : 1633

This is the worst  joke!  i hate new normal....
-what could this character named as god of fecas in anime series 3 could said to developers ? *maybe all giving their underpants and a hard slap ^^
RIP to all you fellow fecas is the end of a hole race ...hope some retro server could work for ankama in future .
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Score : 24
I actually enjoy the new feca.

I'm a returning player, don't multy account, play casually.
Currently level 164, have not tested my build in a group yet (mostly due to lack of time).
Most of time I play alone or with my brother.

Now, the reason why I enjoy the new feca is because it made possible for the feca to grind alone.
I usually grind at Enurado or Xelorium alone, before the update I was able to solo but it would take ages to beat a group of monsters, now I can do it much faster and the overall gameplay experience is much better because I need to think instead of using a blind rotation.
I can still fight alone, take few to no damage at all, apply decent damage, and when needed I can heal myself for 400-600 hp.

That said, the class may carry some useless skills, and I say "may" because I haven't tested a support build or tanking something more significant.

I will keep playing it the way it is and not the way it was, lets see how it goes.

By the way, Rampart is not applying Flaming.
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Feels like you nerfed the hell out of every aspect of feca then gave it the staff ability to try and balance it. There is no point in suggesting improvements because it sucks so bad that it would still suck even if you did buff it in some way. It was certainly a powerful class before but I don't understand why you would completely remake the class rather than tweak and modify it. It was fun, people knew the class, it had a place in parties. Now it's horrible, you spent a lot of time making it horrible, and you end up having to tweak it hard anyway to try to make it less horrible.  Sadly it seems like you got plans to do this to more classes too. Consider tweaking them instead of ruining them.
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Score : 217
Hi, this is my opinion of this rework. Sorry if my english is not very good.
Opinion: I really hate this rework, the feca currently is useless in every way, instead of a rework, it seems like a nerf in all aspects with much hate from developer to this class. why they had to nerf so many things???, it's okay to be left to focus on tank or support  rols and leave some countermeasures , but currently it is a class that does not serve in any role, what bothers the most is the ability it has to move, the teleport is too conditioned, if it does not have an enemy nearby it cannot move, all the melee characters have some way of approaching enemies, but the feca is by far the worst of all.
Congratulations !!!!, they have turned a good class into a lot of trash.
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Score : 52

I'm testing the new Feca since the beta release. Many change was applied for the good balance of the game. What i can say is. We lose the Meta Feca for more choice of classes breaking the currently boring meta.

Right now the Feca is still Work In Progress. Many mechanism don't have the right description of the "Protector" roles. [Imma write down.]

The Tank role lack of something like reducible damage on enemy, can be really dangerous if they stack FD and high stasis isn't a joke. Pacification isn't applied on enemy's stasis damage so it's really dangerous if nobody know it, i know the planning of more than s31 damage won't scale but, on future update enemy will be insanely strong no matter how much res and reduced damage we will have.

Spells i think need a change for not respecting his Role
Defensive Orb: I wanna start from it.

Actually is good only with Master of Shields, but it's completely useless because of is condition.

In my opinion, this shield can be changed in: At the start of Feca's next turn if no shield are active: 1350 armor.

This can be a good change because shields are temporary low so, having this emergency shield can be a little safe for everyone.

I know Feca is designed to be DD / Tank / Support but i think this is a bad skills because don't have any effect of trigger. Only damage around the target

.This can be changed in something like, pushes 4 cells if attacked from Melee [1 to 2] or reduce damage to 2000 [Fixed at 215 and can scale according of the level and Resistance from the target] from distance. Allowing it a little of protection from dangerous mobs.


It has a nice DPT but lack of bonus. This can be sad if it will remain for raw damage only

Adding an effect like: Reflect 20% of the damage taken into the next enemy attack at the end of the turn. Can be really nice because of is cost and the effect that i thought.

This is the change i'm hoping on these skills. His deck spell is really good and condition are okish if you respect it.


I know on next patch we will see something different and buffed from Fire's ranged Pact but i'll write for having multiple ideas.

Having the restriction of casting in a strainght line isn't really good. You need to be on the right position to buff or damage and Feca lack of movement spells because Teleport is unlocked only on Peace Armor and shield can't be applied on ally so.. It is counterproductive.

Removing the strainght line condition will be ok, 1 range from passive will be nice maybe if we need a condition debuff we can apply -15% of FD/Armor Given.

I hope these ideas can be helpful and balanced.
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Score : 7282
Defensive orb: sure but that is also a bit restrictive, maybe if there are no allies nearby? or no enemies nearby?
Storm/Fecastopheles: You already have so much effects on other spells, it's nice to have some spells with pure damage, since all other spells are weaker because of their utility

Line: Well the fire spells are meant to be more damage based, why would you want a damage reduction passive on a spell that improves their range?
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I definitely like the core of the new Feca. Let's be honest, it has the tools that teams need. Buffs for example. There are a lot of them. I have no way to challenge the game's damage through glyphs. On the beta version, I felt how quickly the WP was depleted from Feca. Mobility was removed, yes, but there are three possibilities: teleport the enemy to yourself, teleport to the enemy, and also very good tp by Telluric Whack’s shield .
Perhaps the class should be given a few passives for the tank role and reconsider the cost of glyphs.
Otherwise, this is a pretty good revamp. Slightly worse than the Foggers, but we were warned that there was a need for the class not to be able to play all roles equally in one move.
Thank Siu! 
P.S. I hope Xelor will be next 
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Score : 341
This really seems like you has never used the new feca. And i just can say that the next reworks will be the same, destroying classes core.
7 -13
Score : 7282
I really think they should double the WP regen from the glyphs, that would at least make them tricky to sustain instead of impossible to sustain without using shields
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Score : 217
Some suggestions to improve feca current status:

- Improve pw regeneration, and reduce pw cost for glyphs (putting some limits, like you  can only combine 3 glyphs with the same element or something like that)
- Improve positioning skills, feca need better ways to push and pull, that active skills named magnetism is so useless and expensive. Another necesity for feca its a skill that let him approach enemies without much cost. If you really wants make feca gameplay around glyphs maybe you should create a skill that let him teleport to a glyph and it should be a skill with a decent range, not like the current teleport that its just 4 range and you just can teleport to a nearby enemy (useless) and this new skills should be a independient skill, not like the current teleport where you need to use peace armor.
- You need to make glyphs gameplay more creative and dynamic,  think a little in sram traps, why srams traps are more usefull than feca glyphs??, glyphs are a kind of trap that force enemies to make some actions to prevent them, for example: when water glyphs are activated,  vortice glyphs appears around water glyph and if an enemy ends turn on a vortice glyph they are teleported again on the water glyphs, why cant you think something like that???, its not that the purpose of glyphs?. And i can just give you more ideas around glyphs gameplay all day, but that its not my work. I just hope you really can change your mind about feca gamplay, and make wakfu players more interested in the game. Bye
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My favorite feca tools were removed and not replaced with viable alternatives. I want to tank but the positioning tools are now terrible, expensive, and clunky. And the hoops you have to jump through with shields aren't fun and are too cumbersome for such bad effects. Can please have free class change?
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Score : 748
YES! Every mob can push me or run away with a goddamn jump. GIVE US MORE TANKING/POSITIONING TOOLS
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Score : -480
Its can be so cruel but at the moments, a dropknight with lvl200 gears even more efffectives than feca. For suport tools: drop can healer, can give ap, mp, dmg, can position, can move better than feca by selft mp buffs, can change effect from air or fire, can give debuff for monsters. Wanna heal something awsome?, Siu, do you can swich spells betten feca and drop knight, lmao xD
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Score : 3147
My feedback is:

"The revamp was released even though we were not satisfied with the result." - Siu

I think that quote speaks for itself.

I have waited a very, very long time for an honest to goodness Xelor revamp. The Feca mistreatment makes me cringe at the thought of it.
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Score : 674
I think there is few problems with this kind of revamps, which I will be listing here
As a player who has a mindset to play with, i know my limits "in damage" and my ways around each dungeon with its mechanics, it took me a while to figure out this stuff, but its needed if u want to be top tier ladder player which i enjoy/have a fun time being a one, reworking is serious problem when it comes to changing the way I play which stresses me, i throw away days of practicing/taking notes on my runs, disappointing to say the least, when the fogger got its revamp to live servers i could find my way around it and picked up second xelor as my DD, which worked out fine, but this time, on feca, I can't replace this one, there is no class that could could any close for what feca used to do, and none can say no for this, that feca was so strong in everything, yeah it deserved a nerf 100%, but a rework? a rework that you, yourselves "developers" think it sucks? the reason it sucks is the following
numbers are so low, shields that u can give is laughable at, buff those numbers and lower the costs
second is the tank role, what is that? I'm just a locked meatball literally, i lock whats standing next to me and nothing else, i need tool to work with, i need to move stuff around, panda and sacs are way better of an options for this, I mean yeah everyone is saying that panda is one of the best tanks in the game "if not" that doesn't mean "let's nerf panda to the ground", no you should make other stuff more useful like feca, take the buffing path, rather than the nerfing one, cause the nerfing kicks players in the balls, which causes disappointment, loss of motivation, leading into quitting ur game that you putting too much effort into
support rule is the worst one so far, 15% fd and 30% fd buffs, okay so far, but you have feca staff which good but an ONLY MELEE BUFF god knows why, i recommend rethinking the staff idea, which the forcing me to pick a melee if I ever want to play feca, which is a huge question mark, why am I forced to pick melee if i don't want to? this even minimizes the chances of feca fitting into a team comp
feca took a huge punch, feca turned from a god-like support that could tank/buff/shield all at once, into something that has to pick one thing to do at once and IT CAN'T even do it any close for what it used to before the revamp, which calls for a emergency hotfix buff which u guys sleeping on
Plus you need to give more support tools, buffing ap in low numbers "two for example", range, etc, you must keep a way to play your game in a rush style, wakfu is disgustingly slow, if u kill all the high speed ways of playing/grinding the game "which u destroyed the 2 most important classes so far, fogger and feca" you will loss alot of ur player base who doesn't have 8+ hours a day to play ur game, keep it quick so players could keep the game/market rolling
better step the revamps up quicker than this and LISTEN to the player base cause those are the ppl who are running ur game, there opinion matters as much as yours, before its too late, if this keeps up, your game will die between ur arms before you even figure out what u did wrong
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