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Class Revamp 2020 - Feca

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 13, 2019, 16:00:00
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I see that some of the lines in my message are debatable, so I'm going back to them to clear up any misunderstandings.

"The revamp was released even though we were not satisfied with the result."

That is not quite what I wanted to say, and I want to clarify the situation. I wanted to provide some context in a transparent way. Unfortunately, I was clumsy in my wording. Here are some clarifications:

1) We fully assume the current shape of this revamp. It did not come out "in spite of" an imperative, it came out because it was consistent with our vision of class balance.
2) We already know that some adjustments are necessary as of today following your feedback: we therefore wanted to warn you now.

As far as the is concerned, we have been thinking over the modifications for months. You have not been taken in surprise as to our intentions to change the said class. Since the survey that was released last December, we have taken the time to discuss on the devblog, the different feedback topics, the lives etc..

Now, back to the Feca revamp. The class has evolved a lot between its first beta version, and its final release. We always try to offer new consistent and fun content even if it's always difficult to please the community as a whole.

For this reason, we're ready to step up our efforts around this revamp, which is causing dissatisfaction for a part of the community. Since our primary goal is for you to enjoy playing the game.

Many classes (all of them, I think) have experienced adjustments following a major rework/tweak. There were always adjustments and improvements in the weeks and months that followed.

More changes are to be expected. In our opinion, we are doing balancing on the long term.

Update on the team's ambitions for the class

We know what is at stake. And while there are still plans to make Feca a good or even very good class, we do not want it to return to the level of the old version.

As a result, we do not intend to respond to certain requests from the community as they are inconsistent with our vision, even if we remain attentive to your feedbacks.

Rationally speaking, Feca represented just too much of the game's content.

Some of the effects don't need to be on the class. (AP donation, gameplay buff/tp/buff/buff/tp...)

I can hear some remarks that Feca doesn't bring much in a team of "ranged" characters. I think that improving its role of crowd-controller / tank control will be enough to bring this usefulness in such teams. Some of its tools can be reviewed to add relevance in these configurations.

The new Feca will be different anyway, but not useless. The purpose of the redesign is to bring a real renewal in contact-based teams.

Future improvements on the Feca

First of all, I've read some of your feedback on Staff and I'm thinking of changing it.

Some players are right to point out that it's counterintuitive. It's a spell that increases melee damage but reduces survival potential, if you want to sum it up. Except that melee characters, by essence, are about survival potential. And the Feca revolves around protecting his allies.

We decided to approach this spell from another perspective: we think it doesn't need a downside, but it needs a trigger.

  • 30% melee DI on application
  • 10% extra melee DI at the beginning of the turn (max 60)
  • The shield is infinite, but it’s removed if the state carrier does not end his turn in next to an enemy.

I think this is much more intuitive, but let me know what you think.

Secondly, we'll probably go over the ranges and constraints of casting spells again. For his support role, he probably needs a little more than he has right now.

Third little idea, we're thinking of giving a good boost to armor gains (potentially on all classes).

In return, we want the armor to go up at a maximum of 50% of the players' max HPs.

Feel free to share your feedback with me here !

See you soon,

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about Staff:
I think ending right beside an enemy can be counter productive, as some classes don't have ways of delocking efficiently and/or benefit a bit more of hitting at 2 cells range instead of 1, so can it be done that the staff effect can work with an enemy within 2 cells instead of 1 like you proposed?
About ranges: I completely agree, 1-4 is very restrictive for a lot of content, it would be golden with 6 but that's just me saying stuff
About Armor general Buffs and limit: absolutely agree there

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In return, we want the armor to go up at a maximum of 50% of the players' max HPs.

rip every other class with armor, you died an honorable death for your feca friends ohmy
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I have been thinking what bothers me about this new feca. In short i feel like the new feca is changed out of the 'meta' (most effective tactic available: for Wakfu would be the oneturning aspect of the game, comes down to clearing enemies as fast as possible for better odds of surviving, less frustration and beter chances of rewards through the ladder system). Yet that same meta still exists through the dungeon, enemies and end of month reward design. Its why i think this revamp should have come with a overhaul of the stasis and ladder system. Its also why i feel people will just work around this new feca and pick classes that fit the meta in a better way. 

As for the current feca and the roles it covers: the tanking aspect currently is weak as compared to the previous version. It can hardly compare to other tanks in game, but hoping to see changes to that soon with better armor ratios. 

For the protector role: giving 100 resistance to allies is decent and it should be about a 20% damage decrease for whatever damage your ally takes. But instances in which you know your ally will get hit are scarce, ai of enemies is often unpredictable. Casting it for security also quickly becomes too expensive. Same thing about armor ratios here as for the tanking aspect; its ratios are too low and situational. 

For the buffing side of feca: I can't help but feel that the current buffs are trivial at best. Only 'staf' sticks out, but this spell heavily favours a melee oriented playstyle. This is not a bad thing (we know that generally distance teamcompositions fare better), but its selective and i would love to see a distance oriented counterpart.

the control side of feca seems to be limited to the use of glyphs, but for them to actually have a profound influence on map control it requires a passive. Ofcourse the control role is heavily intertwined with the aspect of tanking, but this role could really be more well-rounded with additonal effects of glyps. 

We did get a more clear damage role and a reason to build mastery: it potentially helps to armor ally's. Although i am not really sure why there is such a huge emphasis on it through passives and competitive damage/ap ratios. Its not really coherent with the class itself in my opinion.

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This is a point well taken.

I tried not to interrupt the process of Feca with my entire dislike for old feca.

But what part of protector playstyle enhances the teams ability to clear the dungeons with record time or so the current rewards for content are based on?

I think enhancing the offensive power of being a protector would be good idea. Recieving more bonuses for protecting allies for example.

Also, I don't quite like how Feca tanks, it's a very simple damage dealer tank. You teleport to you, armor yourself,  if you have the ap place a glyph after. I think variety in tanks would be nice.

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about the 3 new ideas
1- staff is a very strong spell and you wanted to make stronger?60% di is a lot,
my sac say thank you very much. the idea of triggering can be ok but at least it has to be used in lot of situation; for example i can't  end my turn in cc with all boss of zinith  area stasis 31+ unless i want to see a dead char. btw in my mind i figured out already that the staff of today can work well, if you won't cut half of the armor away
2- bravo the only real issue of this feca
3-this idea is a bit confused:so you want to give to every char the possibility to increase the armor, how so?with a passive? with a passive every damager would toss that so no benefit from that,
or with a spell?maybe it can work but if you give to everyone the same possibility  it's equal to give nothing to everyone.
the idea of 50% of max armor is a nerf that we don't deserve: think about at berserker chars, think about at robust healt sublimation,think about that the armor 100 %of hp  reachable cap of this new armor is 1 of this improovements that i really like a lot, and not only me

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As a relatively new player I was really upset with this new update. I invested a lot of time to level my feca and now I feel it is not fun at all to play with it, the player changed completely... 

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Same here, it is how it usually goes. You learn a class and love it then it gets completely gutted, loses all its old abilities and isn't even fun to play anymore.

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About Eye For Eye passive, isn't it should be last one more turn?
The effect +10% dmg 20% armor given lost at the end of Feca turn, so any glyph and shield triggered after that don't have any bonus.
Basically you wear one blank passive.

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Score : 328

Yea, totally agree. You can only use it with Wave or Master of Shields (passive).

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You changed the role of a feca in a composition, and it no longer has the tools it needs to function in ranged teams. I don't even mean perform as per your distinction. A Feca feels like dead weight in a ranged team, and a geared lv 200 feca underperforms in ranged teams even in just stasis 21 lv 170 content. You have ignored players who have pointed out how the new vision for the class does not fit into the current state of the game, and insisted on pushing through with a broken class that does not work for those who were utilizing it.

I won't be supporting Ankama by paying for a class change, as that would be financially rewarding you for taking a character from overly useful to worse than useless (I could just invite someone else to take that slot and have a better experience)

I don't expect feca to remain able to do everything it was able to before, that's clearly unreasonable, but I do expect that it should remain a capable tank for a ranged team, and it has lost that capability.

Until such time as that is remedied or you issue a free class change because you fundamentally broke people's compositions, I will also not maintain a booster.

I'm quite disappointed with this turn of events, especially with how much I like the new content and otherwise enjoy the game, but I won't be going through leveling another character or paying to not have to because you went too far with changes.

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Score : -354

I Agree with armor increase for all classes at the cost of maximum armor set to 50% of caster hp. This is smart move. 

 I read people posts, and I'm scared. What's the point if every class can do everything ? Where is roleplay? All can push, all can heal, all can revive, all can do teleportation (short distances), damage is also nearly same for all classes. This is what gaming become now days ? Or it's only wakfu ?  We really going to play game where all are the same, only different skins and names ? This game becoming more and more cosmetic... If I can't do something, I bring who can(exchange, social aspect, make friends, offer what you can do best).
 Seriously at character selection screen we have tips: certain classes are positioners, certain are healers etc. Now it seems outdated, and all classes do whatever. I played nearly all characters and they all do same very little or no difference.
 I think Feca need absolute new role, like de buffer that have no direct damage skills, but enemies receive damage if attack Feca, or Feca place chaos debuff on enemies and they sometimes hit each other, sleep, stun etc...
 Good luck.

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Score : -808

if you try to farm at zinit you will know this point, many monster have condition to kill them( 2 range close, backtab kill, 2 ppls mele with) and too mobility, so if they revamps feca and remove feca mobility by remove teleport and suport tool, it hard to farm alone with feca in if you just have 3 man team. that the points. so we need a party get more effective needed. By this the newfeca with nothing cant be selected,cause sac or panda now do it better

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I think truce and magnetism should be swapped, magnetism seems like a spell that should be unlocked early so players can have fun with glyphs in the lower lvls when they usually still play solo or with just astrub knight

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Score : 60

I think I have a slightly different view than a lot of other players here, in that I think the direction of the Feca rework is better for the game and overall a better balancing design — the original Feca's kit was overloaded with way too much of everything, resulting in it being all-but necessary in every instance throughout the game, effectively dominating or simply determining the meta by itself. That is unhealthy for the game, so I agree with giving it a specific role, and Protector is a great fit.

I do, however, feel that the current version is too weak, and doesn't serve much purpose — a Protector should be there to provide a crucial defensive component to a team comp that warrants bringing this defensively-oriented support character to the fight equal to (or situationally better) than another front-liner or tanky-type character would. And it is this component right now that I feel the Feca is weakest with; I can't see much reason to use most of the shields, defaulting to only two or three turn after turn, which becomes tedious and boring very quickly, because their effects just aren't that interesting or all that useful as a whole. It lacks tactical consideration and impact.

So I would like to see more strength given to its shielding components, providing more interesting benefits that work in multiple situations, rather than, for instance, just a flat damage increase (wherever possible, it'd be nice to avoid pure damage bumps since that's just so bland and thematically a bit off ('Protector', not 'Empowerer')). Some interaction with some debuffs applied on enemies from single-target skills, or more interaction between allies with shields and glyphs, etc., could make for more impactful gameplay. Pushing more on bonuses for those in melee range to give them what they need is a good flavor and bonus for the otherwise risky playstyle melee types tend toward.

Just some examples ... A spell that can turn the last cast shield into a permanent shield (with reduced effectiveness; e.g. Volcano doesn't give WP anymore, Drip is reduced to 2/2, Magma doesn't deal damage) with a hefty WP cost and limited to one per field, could be interesting and free up some of the Feca's basic actions to do something else in the turn. A passive that allows the Feca to provide thematic buffs to allies standing in their glyphs while the ally has a relevant shield (e.g. Fire shield with Fire glyph could make their next offensive melee spell apply Scalded to the enemy, or Earth shield on an Earth glyph that makes all melee offensive spells cost 1 MP in addition to their other costs but can remove 1 MP). A WP spell that adds a turn to the cooldown debuff on shields applied in exchange for applying a glyph around the character based on each of the shields they have equipped, increasing in WP or AP per element of shield. 

As for the idea that the Feca "needs" movement skills or a superior Teleport or longer range: I disagree entirely. If you want to sit back and support your allies from 6+ tiles away, you'd be better playing a class that is designed to play at longer range. Let's not homogenize the classes and give everyone the ability to do everything; yes, even if that means there are weaknesses to a class, 'cause there should be. The Feca fits more in that front-line "in the thick of it" kind of support, and that's fine, but only if there was reason enough to bring them for the benefits they provide over the other characters considering the increased risk of their position in the battle. And on that note, not every class should have multiple movement/positional spells; some classes should have to consider where they are, which skills / stats to utilize to best manage their positioning, and not rely on cheap and easy teleports. I argue against providing additional range or movement skills in their kit, since they have just enough to fit the theme; Range and mobility are a Feca's biggest weaknesses, and I say keep it that way.

As an aside, though I play Protector almost exclusively, I do feel like the offensive options are ... just really boring. Glyphs are super expensive and I think that Elemental Glyphs should be their default behavior (also, the water life steal, doesn't really fit their theme?), so they're not sustainable or all too impactful in a lot of cases. And the single-target spells are just boring. They do nothing. Just raw, low damage. A mechanic that allows these to interact with the shields or with a tank focus beyond a simple passive would go a long way to making it feel better to play, like a more coherent and synergistic kit.

All that aside, I think this is a good direction, but it's definitely in need of a bit more oomph.

3 -2
Score : 15

I had a feca. Today is a sacrier.

3 -2
Score : -8

While the old Feca was definitely stronger, I don't want him back. He was so boring to play, because all I was doing was giving ap and buffing damage, as it was the most effective thing to do in most dungeons.
The new Feca shows some promising new features though!

The conditional shields are a bit weird. It's great and absolutely necessary, that armor doesn't decay, because getting armor in the heat of the moment is too difficult. I have no need for a shield, that doesn't activate when the person takes damage or that limits the other player to not use WP. The only unconditional shield "Wave" is nice to use and having it as a glyph is a great idea, but it's simply too weak. There seem to be just a few ways to use shields:

  • Either use them on players, that don't really need it, because they don't get hit anyway.
  • Use a passive to circumvent the restrictions but get a high CD on shields
  • Use the weak shields from Wave/Glyphs

Shields should be less restrictive or at least give more than just armor to justify the restrictions and/or the cooldown. But as you wrote before, increasing the armor value might also work. That way the player gets a feeling of success when pulling off a shield with some weird condition.

The idea of using glyphs to not only NOT damage your allies but give them shields instead is great. That being said the glyphs are simply too small. I can't even target both the ally and the mob, which is standing in front of the ally. Or two mobs next to each other. The cost of one passive slot is very high to make your glyphs a more usable size. But the shielding mechanic is a really good idea and you should built on that. Make the glyphs bigger, so that you can throw them into a melee fight to damage enemies and shield allies at the same time. That would feel pretty rewarding!

Stacking damage on glyphs is also a good idea, but it's not really worth it for glyphs, that only last one turn. We don't need to bring in the old 5 Turn Glyphs from Dofus, but 2 turns seem appropriate. Maybe that could allow the Fecas to stack more damage on a glyph without refreshing the duration of the glyph (or else it stacks infinitely). If the glyph duration doesn't refresh, I expect players not to stack damage onto a half-done glyph anyway. Since ability rotations seem to be important to you, that would also free up the Fecas to do something else, while their Glyph is active. Glyphs lasting longer would give the Feca more time to move to his other allies anyway, as his mobility is very much nerfed now.

Straight up buffing players seems to be a thing of the past and I'm happy about it. But that leaves the Feca in a weird spot regarding his ranged allies. He can easily stack armor on them while they are not getting attacked, but he doesn't give them much else. It's ok to stack armor on them for an upcoming fight, but it's not very exciting. But here it comes down to the design choice. Should the Feca just be someone who defends players from by giving them armor or should he also provide other means of support to his allies?
3 -4
Score : 328

The passives drawbacks are way worse than the advantages. I have almost no desire of using them. I don't get excited to unlock a new one, they don't even evolve.

Some things i wish you could change:

  • Let the redirected damage from Bastion trigger the Inner Peace when using Rocky Skin or lower the Inner Peace gains of giving shields instead of removing it.
  • Lower the cost of Gliphs or let them trigger 2 levels of Inner Peace instead of 1.
  • In Persistent Gliphs, give a debuff to indirect damage instead of making us unable to merge gliphs.

Why there is so much passives that focus on dealing damage instead of tanking? Fecas should tank!
Feca is using too much WP and doing too little regen.
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Score : 3899

Yeah i agree, glyphs should give 2 inner peace on triger you can refund all WP from hitting 5 enemies instead of 10

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Score : -808

Do everything but bring teleport back for pleading,dont care what u gais do or thingking manything, many bad ideas on feca, but atlest, dont cut feca-wings

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Score : 1656


airFoxy|2020-07-11 01:31:27
Do everything but bring teleport back for pleading,dont care what u gais do or thingking manything, many bad ideas on feca, but atlest, dont cut feca-wings

Face it, Feca's 2AP 1WP Teleport has been one of the most broken ability in respect to other Class dedicated to Map Manipulation. I'll admit I too have been enjoying using it so much that my team comp and tactics is completely reliant on it to the point where this Revamp has disrupted the entire meta. Besides, Positioning was never one of Feca's role.
2 -6
Score : 328

They should give us more control, then. And more tanky passives.

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Score : -808


legendaryxelor|2020-07-11 05:12:52
airFoxy|2020-07-11 01:31:27
Do everything but bring teleport back for pleading,dont care what u gais do or thingking manything, many bad ideas on feca, but atlest, dont cut feca-wings

Face it, Feca's 2AP 1WP Teleport has been one of the most broken ability in respect to other Class dedicated to Map Manipulation. I'll admit I too have been enjoying using it so much that my team comp and tactics is completely reliant on it to the point where this Revamp has disrupted the entire meta. Besides, Positioning was never one of Feca's role.

 Anything, even xelor have mobility by just move around dial, sac got jumb, swap, i top got jumb, panda got barel, eliot got portal, and many many char got spell for move and u said: cause feca cant be position anymore so just cut feca-wings? about ur pic, this feca u said just ealy feca, update, are you sure this is realy newrole? do you think the tab control is real?, even now, control points on feca is nothing rightnow. ankama still want the feedback, it mean we still can chance something good for feca. dont setffish cause u dont play feca, and bring hates on it
1 -1
Score : -808

About the newfeca detroy the entire meta, indeed, that why many team dont need feca that why many ppls leave game, that why many topic complain about feca, the reason why you still here. instead of come to help, provice that curren feca is good.

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Score : 479

i read some comments with not much sense so please! if you're a low level player put it in the description because your knoledge of the game is...not complete.
All the news of this feca are designed to be effective in the meta;even this new meta is not the zinit meta, and that is sad, but we have to test it in the meta, because only in the meta we can se the possibilities
let me do an example: i run high stasi low level dg untill 170, there is no need of armor,old feca was a buffer, ap giver and a mover.
in moon dungeons feca was a tank and a mover, it needed armor only for himself
In zinith dungeon feca was kind all of that, and he gave a good amount of armor because there is a lot of high hits; a hit of 7/8000 hp or even more  is not unusual if you run stasis +31
in this scenario there is the new feca: this new feca with an old fullgeared set can give 3000 armor with 4 ap(more if you take off range and if you use robust and moon scales) and this value is ....not good. I give this value a bad vote only because i kinda compare that with any healing spell of the same cost but that's just my idea. Btw this new feca has already a  nice rotation that can do to give shields (volcano-defensive orb- avalanche)
And the issue begin: the new feca lv 215 fullgeared can give more than 5300 armor with 4 ap(as before more if you use precise and moon scales -robust on allies) and this is a good armor, but the issue is that untill this lv 215 gear  i don't need the new feca
So the issue is not that it can't give armor, the issue is that it can give armor only at lv 215
That's why some people say that feca won't need teleport or ranged spells: they don't run moon dgs
That's why  some people don't care about the 50% of life cap of the armor, they don't use armor 
in a usual char lv 200 that has 16000 hp the cap would be 8000
Do you realize that there is no advantage to have a fixed but stackable armor if you almost reach cap only casting once?But maybe  i'm not thinking about the meta, maybe a lv 215 usual char would have 25000 hp and the reachable cap would have more sense; just kidding i saw new items there will be a low increment of hp but by 1500 ish.
Btw about the idea of increase the range of the spell: is  good  but feca would be more like the sadida with long range buff /debuff/shields. if you give feca the option to move himself in the map that would be more specific for his role, in my opinion

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Score : 142

It seems to me that Ankama has a general direction in which they want to go with Feca (which I have nothing against), but they need to fine tune their ideas in order to stay in line with that perceived direction. For now, the new Feca seems to lack the fluidity or a general feeling of wholeness some other classes have. Some presented aspects seem to have good combinations or require some thought process in order to make it work, but it still seems somewhat off.

Protector Feca has a lot of passives to complement it, but in order to do that he becomes extremely weak by either losing the ability to protect himself, losing damage, resistance or block. No other support loses that much in order to protect their allies. Damage Feca seems to be very bland and resource heavy, because you're either going to focus on single target with no special effects, placing shields which deal damage which is restricting or placing glyphs which are expensive. Tank Feca has very good spells to go along with it (like Peace Armor) but seems to lack passives in order to make it a complete path.

I just think that certain passives and spells should be tweaked in order to either make them wanted at all (Pacification and Combat Armor), or to complement a certain playstyle or the direction in which you are going. For an example, Defensive Orb can either be used during first turn if you have the highest initiative, if you want to armor a ranged class which won't take damage either way, or in combination with Master of Shields (which limits all your other shields in a greater way than by just not taking Defensive Orb). This makes Defensive Orb highly unwanted, and limits the number of spells and/or passives you really want to consider. Other than that, I love Magnetism and all the combinations you can make with shields and glyphs, which compliment a more control version of Feca and Aegis must be one of my new favourite spells, for both tank and protector builds.

Edit: my Feca is only lv153, so my experience is limited when it comes to endgame content.

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Score : 510

To give my own two cents about the current Feca:
I get that Feca shouldn't be able to do everything at the same time, but the rework made me think that the dev team tried to throw even more effects on him, while weakening them all. I feel like more of a jack of all trades than before, but with worse buffs to go with. I'd prefer to lose half of the effects if instead I had effects that felt really impactful.

The things I like about new Feca:
Telluric Whack is a spell I always wanted for Feca. It enables a very specific playstyle taking advantage of 2 tanks at the same time. I wish we would have bosses that encourage this playstyle tho, for example have a boss that needs a tank all the time but stacks a debuff on him as long as he locks him. That would encourage you to switch out the tank regularly.
I also think Bastion is flavorful for the Feca. It only costs 2AP so it probably balanced, but it still feels kinda lackluster if it only stays for 1 turn. I'd prefer it to be unlimited but with a different kind of limitation, for example the number of teammates that can have it or more creative: lower the max WP Feca can have per Bastion armor in play.
I also like the idea of Staff with the heavy melee buff, pushes all the melee classes into the spotlight again. The problem is again the current limitation of not getting healed or gaining a shield. It shouldn't include selfheal or selfshielding, because it totally cripples many of the melee classes that are supposed to be buffed. I don't mind however it denying heals or shields from others, it should just not get into the way of the playstyle of the class itself (which many of the spells feca has do btw).

Things I dislike about new Feca:
Let's start with what triggers me to the moon: Why did you not just change the effect of flaming carpet instead of switching around with Volcano? You know how weird it is that your magma armor icon no longer let's you pull enemies towards you but instead it is now your flaming carpet? This is just cosmetically, but I'd still apprecialte if the name and icon would be switched, I just dislike flaming carpet being the pull spell. But to actual gameplay relevant stuff. Feca feels clumsy as hell. We now got 3 theoretical playstyles: Tank, Support and DD, but all of them just feel bad because of how horrible our mobility is in combination with the range. Imagine you play support feca. You are forced to invest heavily into range, cuz your teleport is unavailable for buffing (disables shielding allies). Support Feca is therefore manageable with the piss-poor range he has. Problems are however in shielding your tank. It was already mentioned how Avalanche isn't that great, but you can't use it anyway, because of it's locked range of 3, forcing you to stay close to your tank, which might not be the smartest move as a total squichy. Henceforth for shielding your tank you kinda need Rampart (which will become bad if your tank can't have multiple enemies on himself), or Volcano (which needs a pretty bad passive to be used). Now tank: Why would you wanna play tank Feca? Is there anything that seems to actually encourage you to play this? Your teleport is way too bad for this. Max teleport of 4 tiles, so Magnetism is by default better, just pull the enemy unto your cheap earth glyph. I didn't think tank Feca could be more boring, but here we are. Again only considered a tank for dungeonruns because of the buffs he gives allies, but now with worse buffs, worse positioning, worse mobility and worse range. Now what about DD Feca? Well same problem as always, no range and mobility to actually have fun. The Line passive that would allow Fecastopheles (main dmg spell) to have any range is too bad, because using it in line means your glyph rarely will hit multiple targets. The damage also isn't good enough to waste your AP on position spells like your teleport or Magnetism. The glyphs are also so damn small and paying 3 WP to still have a smaller flaming carpet? Nah man. What if you play melee DD Feca like the old times? It looks doable at first, cuz you still got glyphs and your pull spell, but you realise fast how reliant you were on your teleport. You waste way too much AP just to get a chance at applying your dmg, I prefer to just throw my Fecastopheles spell directly at the enemy, I hardly ever get into a situation where placing glyphs would boost my dmg output. That way I can also use Armordiction.

I do think Glyph Feca might be way too busted in PvP, if the poor range and mobility doesn't cripple him. A problem Glyph Feca had in PvP was him having no heal (except bone) and that he couldn't reposition his glyphs. Now that he can apply glyphs each turn and can heal off his dmg by changing it to water I might actually be scared of checking him in PvP. In general it looks like he got.... quite a few steroids to buff himself to the moon.

To conclude: I actually wanna see Feca to be pushed into the go to pick for melee heavy teamcomps on the expense of ranged teams. By making the tanks fit into specific comps better than others would give them not only more screentime in dungeons, but also encourage more variety in group setups. I don't think people will want old times back, where you were forced to have the same 4 classes all the time again and I really don't like the mix the current Feca has, Ankama said they didn't wanted him to be a jackofalltrades, so why did they make him one? And seriously, if you want classes to be fun, then don't make classes with bad range + bad mobility.

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airFoxy|2020-07-11 01:31:27
Do everything but bring teleport back for pleading,dont care what u gais do or thingking manything, many bad ideas on feca, but atlest, dont cut feca-wings

Siu said it best,
"Some of the effects don't need to be on the class. (AP donation, gameplay buff/tp/buff/buff/tp...)"
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