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how to stuff a feca 125

By rottenchamalo2 - MEMBER - August 13, 2019, 00:32:41

hello everybody,

so i just got my ass kicked by kali's minions... wich made me realise that my stuff suxx.

i am currently lvl 122, with my poor 56% resistances and my lame 4500hp. playing mostly as a tank support (no s**t), i know i should look for resistances, monotarget an mele damage, and some hp (i guess).

but i am totally lost, i tried to look online but no luck... i precise i prefer to use craft as the LAST solution, as i prefer looting so i can have some fun playing with people, instead of farming ressources like a chinsese bot (no offense), and, if needed, buying (even if my finances are bleeding).

hoping to have some good advices, i wish you a good day my fellow partners!!

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You weren't really suppose to be facing off against Kali mobs with your level anyways.. After all the minimum level required to go up that dungeon is 156 and even so that dungeons is one of the hardest of that level range only behind Remington (In my opinion).

But if you want a suggestion for Feca stuff, equipments with all elemental resistance and lock is where you should spend your efforts but there is a catch, one of your equipments must NOT give resistance to all elements but instead only 3 since there's a passive that increases the resistance of your lower element so you can capitalize on that, other than that I don't have any more advices.. Feca is pretty straight forward and easy to build for Tank/Supp.

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i fully agree , even with a team of 3 lv170 on stasis 1 , the dung is significantly hard

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As some people pointed out kali's minions are 170...
Anyhow for feca, as long as you focus on high resist and lock you can manage to stay with the same gear for a long while. Leveled gear usually serves to raise mastery and HP, for bigger shields and lasting longer. Melee and ST applies to Orb, which is the main tank issue. With new runes it's a tad easier to stack more resist and higher lock.
I usually also worry about some control (for glyphs) and range, for utility.

You can take my 125 feca build for example, it's runed with old runes so it has more balanced stats. With new runes you can reach much better lock and resists on the same gear. I put all stuff on legendary cause I was aiming for the best I could reach. There might be better individual pieces of gear now and if you aim for mythical you should be able to work it out well with new runes.
Have in mind that on 125 you can put 50 resist on major, this gives a nice bump.

Last, feel free to ask me for individual items. Since my inventory is an ugly mess due to this "?" it might be a little hard to see. I have no epic/relic runes nor sublimations.
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thank you very much for all your advices!! just for teh record, im not in the dungeon, i died just after using the bow, against the two mobs... wich were pretty high lvl i agree (but ffs, i was just 400hp short to finish them!! biggrin) ill try everything you told me but, wtf are these resist!!! 75%?? i have some work to do, for sure biggrin have a nice day mates!

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