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Passive Elementor does not work.

By OnionPie - MEMBER - July 29, 2019, 05:14:13

The Feca passive "Elementor" does not extend the duration of my glyphs. (Feca blades, Avalanche, Flaming Carpet)
I believe this is  specifically to the lvl.2 version of the passive. When I hit level 120 (when Elementor gets to level 2)  is about when I noticed my glyphs did not last as long.
This started at least a year ago and I stopped playing for a while hoping it would be fixed.

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Hey, this is actually not a bug, but rather an intended change. Elementor now increases the AP/MP removal of avalanche and blades instead of increasing glyph duration. Details can be found in the patch 1.56 changelog if you need more info.

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Ah. That's good to know. Thanks. Sometimes the descriptions on skills are not the most clear. 
Now I need to figure out what to do during downtime and change my build up.

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