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Feca skill question please help.

By MoneyLover#6951 - MEMBER - January 03, 2018, 08:15:11

So i'm pretty new to wakfu joined yesterday with like some friends and while fighting some monsters my skill "Tonic Glyph" which places down a glyph was bugged when I used "Flaming Carpet" I am unable to place down glyphs. I can't seem to find the solution to this problem but when I either use Flaming Carpet or Tonic Glyph I can't use the other one until it's gone. I'm pretty sure this wasn't an issue before because I have used them both while fighting. Can anyone help find the issue? The skill is greyed out when I use one skill so confusing.

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To summon a number of glyphs you have to have more than 1 control. Ideally for a feca get 4 control

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So what does that gotta do with me not being able to summon after using 1 flaming carpet? o-o

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Each glyph needs 1 control to use. If you have only one, that means you can only have 1 glyph out. If you have 2 then you can have both flaming and tonic out at the same time.

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Wait so the flaming is considered a glyph? I thought flaming wasn't a glyph rip.

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edit: Never mind, someone else already explained it =)

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