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Can we get rid of one of the armor active spells...

By Isc4riot#4276 - MEMBER - July 14, 2017, 22:13:25

...and get a spell with which we could reposition our glyphs instead please? With a passive that maybe refreshes heir duration? Two armor spells are pretty damn boring to be honest. Why was the moving glyphs feature even removed?

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I'd rather if some other spell was repurposed with an additional effect, instead of taking away half the invulnerability we now have.

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I guess it was removed because it was too powerful. -4 AP/MP glyphs that last 3 turns is already strong as hell, being able to move them at will is broken.*

And there's use for the 2 immunity spells, I don't see a reason to remove either of them.

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The two armour actives might be seen as plain to you but they are extremely useful and dare i say needed for the class
Two spells that are essentially complete immortality if used correctly, in pvp it may seem like this is broken and to a degree id say i agree
But in lategame pve this kind of armour is very balanced especially with the cooldown, you can take one or the other if you wish or you might take both
one things for certain i don't think you will ever not take one, they are both far too powerful to ever not take.
Plus why do you need to re-position your glyphs when you can re-position your enemies onto it with teleport? Even if a re-positioning glyph active were to exist the cost would be pretty much the same as teleport, and you have teleport to do exactly what you need anyway.

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