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By HowIsKasz#4161 - MEMBER - November 08, 2016, 13:09:15

Feca Master passive dont work on my main Feca but on my other Feca in same account it works fine...i have test it few times with diffrent gear...gear with 3 element res same and 1 element res low dont work on main Feca but on other my feca it works even with all res same it give me more fire res. I have give my main gear to my other feca and it works even with the gear but not on my main feca how could it be...can only choosen fecas use feca master or what?
because of this i cant use the gear i want and it ruin my game and dont tell me to Play the other feca all the work i put in to my main and now i cant use all passive correctly... iam thinking to quit wakfu all the work for noting.
So please ankama fix it,
leveling my other feca feels like ankama had robbed me....i spend my Money to buy sex appearancechange potion and mimic for my main feca and know kinda waste my Money cuz have to lvl my otherfeca to use just 1 passive what fit to my build...

sorry for my bad english hope u can understand it.

wtf ankama now my other feca cant use the passive he dont get + res to the weak element.. i bought extra Booster Pack to Level him and now he bugged too are trolling me ankama or what... 

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Maybe that passive only works at level 1.

level 1 passive (res+40) = it works
level 2 passive (res+80) = LOL +0 res

devs never fix that bug.

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