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One-handed weapon

By Gabry122#1303 - MEMBER - August 26, 2016, 22:17:38

hi everyone, i reached lvl 150 and i'm looking for a good one-handed weapon of my level and of course it must be good for fecas,That's because i wanna get Asse shield that would be really in handy!

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Click here Frappus Shushu, the one and only weapon for fecas, still used till the very end game. It's a crafted weapon and to make it, you need to get Area-of-Effect Weapons Master's Seal which you get by maxing the AoE profession.

Here's how to get the seal after you finish profession: Click here

Full list of mats you need: Click here

Until you get it, you can use Relay Kamasword as a replacement smile
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Might want to consider Glavious Shushu as another option too

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cheaper (but not as good) alternative: Relay Kamasword

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