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Glyphs AND Shields?

By TommyTrouble#3500 - MEMBER - August 21, 2016, 21:02:45

Hi there, I'm wondering- are there any specialty stats that boost Glyphs AND Shields? I know Single Target and Close Combat will boost shields... but do Glyphs count as Single Target too? Or AOE? Or Distance, based on how far they are from the Feca when triggered by a mob? I'm hoping there must be some special stat that's shared between Shields and Glyphs (aside from the obvious Elemental%).

Thanks smile 

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Glyphs aren't std, they're purely AoE. LRD can count depending on how far you are to the mob(s) when the glyphs are triggered, so CC and AoE together is for best glyph damage. CC is what boosts both shields and glyph damage (again, only if you're close enough). Berserk used to count towards shields too but it doesn't anymore, only towards damage now.

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Thanks so much for the reply smile I guess it's CC all the way, then. And after that, just Elemental%. Thanks a bunch!!

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