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Question about end game feca's stats

By kinkydudefromtx#1443 - MEMBER - August 18, 2016, 18:02:31

Hello all,
Soon my feca will hit lvl 200, and as i was checking the new gears, i saw some new good gears which could work great with area-of-effect mastery feca.

So, i was wondering, if anyone has tried this or not.

My feca now has these resist :-

AIR 779 82% WATER 761 82% FIRE 831 84% EARTH 801 83%

And elemental damage of :-

FIRE 1230

EARTH 1234

WATER 1056

And secondary damage of :-

Area-of-effects mastery 412

Single target Mastery 55

Close Combat Mastery 139

Addition to this, she also has 88% block off battle and 948 lock.

Now my question is, that is more Area of effect mastery possible without sacrificing either of resist, elemental damage or block ? I can sacrifice close combat mastery

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First you should make sure you really want to spec your feca for AoE. I can tell you won't benefit much form it, because most of the time you will find yourself in close combat with enemies, and while CC/ST mastery increases your Orb Armor, AoE mastery doesn't. Because of this, I do not recommend AoE feca if you still want to tank efficiently.

However, my guildie feca aside from regular tank gear owns AoE gear, specifically for dmg. But obviously he has sacrificed a lot of tankiness and doesn't use this build in end game dungeons.

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