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Feca Build Help

By cakedo - MEMBER - August 11, 2016, 02:19:48

Hello, I'd just like some feedback on my build.

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Abilities are:
Intelligence: Elemental Resist, Armor Health Points, and Health Points.
Strength: Health Points
Agility: Lock
Chance: Block and Critical Hit, ------
Major: AP and Elemental Resistance, ------

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This seems reasonable.

Two things:
1. What is your build concept? It looks like you have a pvp focus in mind from your spell selection.
2. What are your elements? You've got spells from all 3, are planning on being tri? Feca dmg is already really low, going tri makes it worse.

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Elements are Earth and Fire, The water spells are there just for the ap steal and pulling enemies.

Not really pvp focused, I just team with an Eni and Osa so this was what currently worked best with them.


i have changed the armor health points to 0, and put 6 into the block, and the rest into resist and health.

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