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%AP and %MP Resist with Glyphs?

By TommyTrouble#3500 - MEMBER - August 10, 2016, 21:43:46

I'm new to playing a Feca, and am really enjoying the Glyphs, but I noticed a possible discrepancy- I statted the 40% AP and MP Resistance from the "Agility" tree of stats. However, I keep losing the full amount of AP/MP when on my Glyphs, and additionally, my Glyphs do not add Hypermovement or Hyperaction to my Feca.

I can understand if this is a balance thing, to keep the Feca from being too powerful a Tank. But some notice or clarification would have been welcome, so I didn't end up wasting those 20 stat points.

Any ideas or info I missed about this?

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Yep, You also don't gain MP/AP removal loss from it.

It's works like that simply because technical restraints on the Devs side. As long as it's an ally(Including yourself), It'll affect it's maximum value. So yes, Devs were like "Unmovable and lack a canceling feature - powerhouse stats.

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Thanks smile I guess that makes sense. At least I'll be strong against enemy AP/MP theft, I suppose.

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