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[New Player] Looking for guidance to Feca builds.

By Diddlyderp#5624 - MEMBER - July 09, 2016, 10:55:39

Hello folks. Me and a friend decided to give this game another go after a long time spent away.
The new spell decks are quite interesting to us so we decided to Reroll on Nox as Feca and Sac.
It is my understanding that my friend will be taking the Fire Air route to his Sac.
My question is, are Water/Earth Fecas viable?
Is TRI element hard to build from the ground up?
In your personal opinion, which spelldeck would be most efficient for a well-rounded Feca?
Seeing as my friend and I are interested in both PvP and PvE, could you suggest a good build in case I need to defend myself?
Much thanks! Yours truly, Symaro of Nox.

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Hey Symaro, if you check out my guide Click here you'll be able to see
my end game earth/fire pvm/pvp Feca build. Igo into much more detail there. Msg me in game @Nutella Covered Balls and hope you stick with the game! -Nutella

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I can confirm. Nutella's build is excellent.

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