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Help with my deck :v

By Blodhg4rm#9802 - MEMBER - June 30, 2016, 20:35:22

Hi, i'm a lvl 123 Feca and i'm looking for a help in my skill deck.

My actual skill deck is based in "dmg", but i dont know if it's effective.

I know Feca isn't a dmg character, but i can cause a little lot of damage with this deck.

Can anyone tell me what skills i change to make my deck better? And if possible, can tell me why?

Thanks biggrin 
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I suggest you to use Fecastopheles and natural attack,i've seen a lot of damage fecas using them.The reasons are:
Fecastopheles: deals decent dmg,limit enemy's heals and increase ''flaming'' dmg
Natural attack: deals good dmg for its cost,good range,diminish enemy's crit and gives you ''flaming'' which gives a bonus in lock and at the begin of your turn it damges enemies near you

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from what i saw your build focus on area damage.. and i agree with fecastope, its not use wp and give flaming buff.. and it have huge range.. if you just want make DD feca without thinking of being a tank you can try range feca with area damage its like a panda with map manipulation. and feca can boost their range with buble also..

so you just need 1 shield to reduce wp consume. and if really want to use crushing wave just use that on good turn.. like when you placing a glyph and end your turn with crushing wave to buff damage on your glyph.. and your need tooth for a tooth later..

and again if you make DD without thinking tank build you can replace that carapace. so you can use passive gives you damage buff like carnage.. or atleast use temporal for easy teleport.

i dont think inverse is a good support spell right now that -ressist penalty too huge. so you can add feca hammer on your deck.. thats help you to make a gap between you and your enemy.

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Ok so, personally I would recommend strongly against this type of deck. Feca had the worst damage in the game. So building a damage deck on a Feca is like building a utility deck on a Iop. I would reccomend a tank/support deck.

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