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First-time Feca nearing higher levels, need some general info.

By HaikuHeart#9590 June 27, 2016, 14:12:47


I'm a new Feca nearing level 100s (very slowly). So far I've just been winging it and doing whatever works in solo play. However I'm interested in running some group stuffs later game in the relative near future and I understand that what I'm doing now (sitting in a corner and tanking until stuff dies to glyphs, lol) is not a good way for a Feca to play in a group at all.

So I was wondering if any experienced Fecas can tell me: what do you do when running a dg with groups?

I'll figure out the specifics (like which stats to raise etc.) myself, I'm wondering more in general - dungeon fight started and what do you do? What is your priority? What is your most used skill or combo? What general advice would you like to share? What does a good Feca do in a later-game dungeon?

I'd appreciate any help - I generally played solo for a long time because I was afraid of being useless in a fight or doing something wrong and causing inconvenience.

I'd like to break through that worry someday and play with other players so any help would be welcome. smile

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you can wing it till 170 honestly no-one groups up really. When your there just see what other fecas do it's no rocket science ask a little bit and restate. Now most of the high lvls I see just steamroll dungeons without much strategy the only strategy required are for moon islands really and the last 2 UB's

Oh also just an extra note that lvling becomes extremely more difficult past 110 since the Exp requirements increase exponentially or something

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Just support your damage dealers with AP, damage increases and stuff, protect team, and you will do just fine.

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As a tri-element Feca, there are a couple of tips I could share:

  • Make sure your resistance is at its max so that you can take damage
  • Use Armour to protect allies that are weak against the enemies/ close to being KO'd
  • Be careful where you place your glyphs so that you won't injure allies
  • There are a number of spells that can really help allies. For example, Meteor will help your allies in increasing damage
  • Teleport really helps a lot! From getting you and your allies away from dangerous enemies to getting the enemy close enough for the damage dealer to kill it.
  • Help out your allies in other areas too, like destroying that cawwots the wabbits have placed on the field.
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In groups, Feca is able to support (with positioning, AP, final dmg, etc) and tank (keeping mobs on them, reducing mob dmg/mp) very well. While learning, I would start off focusing on 1 of the 2 while gradually working in the other until you can do both at the same time.

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