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are fecas gonna get nerfed?

By Gabry122#1303 - MEMBER - June 20, 2016, 00:48:19

In the forum i saw a lot of people complaining about the fecas tankiness and i also know that when 1.47 is out, there will be changes in certain feca's spell.I mean i hope we don't get nerfed too heavily.And yeah i would like to know what do you guys think..My opinion is that fecas are so tanky,but that's fine,that's what they are made for! Feca is the representetion of ''Defense'' and you can't private them of their quality just because some people can't win at PvPs against a feca or feeling useless in a Group, and then crying to mommy ankama asking to nerf it.Sorry......i'm a little pissed off and i shouldn't.

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From what I think, people aren't mad about PVP but are mad about them being the ONLY viable tank. In my opinion, instead of a feca nerf, a buff to sacrier/panda etc. would be much more interesting. Maybe each class could have a special tanking role. Something like:
Feca: PA, most resist, no other armors, secondary focus on buffing allies.
Panda: Decent armor, decent resist, secondary focus on debuffing/positioning enemies
Sacrier: Most shields, highest health pool, lowest resist (not terrible), secondary focus on beserk stuff (damage, huge armor, etc)

This isn't set in stone, just an idea.

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People who are trying unique builds have more flexibility, but it skews the roles in the group. :wacko: I like people who fill the respective roles for their class because it allows space for tactics and predictability. Fecas shouldn't get nerfed badly because they tank well, since the purpose is cut out for them. A slight nerf in dmg is okay, but the devs should compensate with more tanking mechs. As for pvp, I never really done it as a Feca myself. But what I do know is that we have some glaring weaknesses (against mobile and high burst dmg classes). In my view, some classes have the spells to beat us easily while some don't. *Position spells are such a scourge on glyphs, argh.*

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feca no need to get nerf.. but another tanker need to get buff. i try my sac on SB.. he have 1k++ lock but SB still can move from him. until SB have 160 damage inflicted because he can move from my sac.. WTH 1k ++ lock still can move?? (again ANKAMA JOKES).. i watch in front of my lappy and just can laugh see my sac cant lock SB.. and the greatness things, my sac can face SB with 160 damage inflicted till last phase. with just 1 eni left on field and 1 DD. and all die after that coz lack of DD.

the way make feca best tank is - ap mp and they no need dolls like sadi who make game very long and bored. my feca just have 900 lock can lock SB just becoz he have earth glyph (what make feca still best tank with 2 shields and 1 ppush armor with 4ap or 3 ap with feca mastery).. sadi great tank i can say yes they are. sac and panda need more buff to get same as feca and sadi.

lol they not try to make uniqe build they fool their self.. if they want make something unique find your own PLAY STYLE no skew the team coz you have ABNORMAL BUILD.

but i saw a bit player success with their new build and still do great inside party.

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all i can say is pls dont nerf tonic glyph... if you do that you genuinely destroyed every reason i made that feca in the first place in 2 consecutive updates...

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Feca needs a buff because currently it's as effective as a full gear sidekick. But Ankama gives no fucks

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Fecas were nerfed the last 2 revamps/updates.

3rd time's the charm, right guys?



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Wish granted, nerfed again on March 2017.
Leather plating and Immune/PA shield nerf.

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I think that the role of feca is clear. He has to defend. Who loses against simply feca uses very little strategy. Just stay away from feca to win, it's not complicated.
BTW, I am of the idea that classes should have specific skills for specific skill for PvE and PvP.
Remove defenses or tanking the feca could rebalance the pvp according to some, but surely destroy the PvE. Currently feca against very powerful bosses are likely to die and have to constantly come up with strategies. Removed the defense, with little damage they do, in PvE surely become unusable except with a second support / tank.
Instead of crying people should study the strategies.Today one xelor lost against me, and he immediately thought that feca are too strong.
DIAL enough spam and move constantly removing ap. He would win or at least I would have put in difficulty.

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