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crashing wave/glyph feca

By OzTheRaven - MEMBER - April 19, 2016, 10:12:52

Hi everyone!

I am a feca relatively new to the remington server. I am currently experimenting with the idea of a "dpt" feca. And I have read in a lot of threads that crashing wave helps with that and that glyphs are the main source of fecas damage. However, I am unsure of what stats/majors I should add. Like do I need wakfu points in my major? Close combat damage or general damage? Whether earth/water or water/fire (the problem I have here is drip armor feels lack luster compared to orb.) or tri-element feca. (In this case the amount of spells to max may be limited.

I would like to hear from more experienced fecas about this build. Thanks in advance. ^^

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Heya, nice to meet you Oz! I'm Etiennette, a level 151 Feca from Nox (but you can call me Etie for short). biggrin

I suggest placing points in close combat damage, since it now affects the armors you place on yourself. Plus you get a nice bonus in damage from your glyphs if you're locking enemies on them. As for Crashing Wave, I never really used it myself besides a few times in the restat room. It looks like a nice spell when you're soloing mobs, but the high cost makes it rather risky in dungeons when you need keep up glyphs and armors. As for WP, I don't think adding a major point into that is necessary. There's bunches of ways you can replenish WP in a fight (like locking mobs or whenever glyphs are casted). If you need a reference, my major points are AP, MP, and final resistance at the moment.

I agree that drip is lackluster armor, but most water spells are meant to be used for support. Thus (in my view), it should ideally be used on low resistance allies who are too far away from you to benefit from the orb aoe. A pure water/fire build will make you less tanky, so taking up water/earth or a tri build seems like a good choice.

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Hi Etie! Thanks for the reply ^^ too bad you play on Nox not Remington sad That being said I agree with what you have said about close combat damage and crashing wave. I am just trying it out for fun honestly xD And ya tri-element seems to be the way to go. I will probably make a guide about this build if I ever find success on it.

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Don't go tri... glyphs are our main source of damage, but avalanche and fecablades (the water and earth glyphs) aren't very good damage. Your spells will be tri, your damage %'s will be dual. Most good tanking gear in the game is dual element. e.g. Dora borette, paradoxical eppaulettes, loyal guawd talisman, indestructible boots, and the list goes on, at lower levels some tri gear is fine, but eventually you'll have to be dual. Fire/earth damage % is always best.

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