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Can Fecas Get A Class Change

By ValvatorezSr - MEMBER - April 13, 2016, 19:54:35
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This guy again biggrin He's absolutely delusional, I don't understand why you "feed" him so much with attention. He just doesn't realize, and the worst part, doesn't want to realize, where the strong sides of his class are. It's all just an idiotic rant about the -200 resist, because that's what it's all about at the end. The rest is the same.

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ValvatorezSr|2016-04-13 23:46:36
waterincup|2016-04-13 23:04:50

You know how challenging the new boss would be if feca didn't get a nerf?ye 0 challenge,since he'll get os'd,devs dun wanna work on something for months so you can just go and os first try,no strat.

It is actually ankamas fault,since they should have nerfed it much earlier than this,but hey,they sure made some profit from does class scrolls.
What about the time it takes them to level and learn how to use Feca? Did that time not matter at all, or does it not matter to idiots like you because it's a Feca?
and to your last comment. Go do your day job somewhere else diddlydoo
it takes a weekend to lvl a feca from 0to 175 last time i checked.

time they need to learn to play?1 video was enough for me to get how to spam buff dmg and minus res lol..and the video was 4 mins long..atleast I got a job to do instead of whining on forum.
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Akiraiz|2016-04-14 07:51:59
saphiLC|2016-04-14 03:39:35
Akiraiz|2016-04-13 23:05:34
Garbage? Could barely do anything at all? What kind of Feca were you playing, and what kind of toxic head do you have that Teleportation Flux, Feca Staff Glyph, massive armor stacking on allies back when armor wasn't so easily gained by people was "could barely do anything at all"
Also, HealingHotness from another Feca outcry thread you made made a point. It only FELT like you had a place on the team, but honestly, you probably would never get it as everyone else has made a Feca to go with their Heroes due to how amazing they are
the only attack skill my feca had was meteors and weapon, the rest of the skills do no damage, well, except glyphs but not built for those, so yeah, ankama raped many builds, they nerfed feca because the -res and they gave ecas -120% res skill... ankama devs are retarded...
You seemed to have quoted the wrong thing about my post. When I was talking about Feca there, I was talking about pre-revamp Feca where I loved being able to stack four Flaming Glyphs together and send them out with a Bubble.
I love that part, and already was initially disinterested in the new Feca save for maybe some few changes or passives, but the lack of being able to move glyphs and keep them relevant frustrated me.

Also, glyphs are not built for damage? In every iteration of Feca I have seen or witnessed, Feca glyphs have always been amazing and looked like they were built for damage or for support.
At the very beginning, there was the extremely iconic and RNG-based meteorite glyph that could be stacked together.
Following that was the Fecastopheles quicksand which prevented huge mobs from ever getting out of there due to mp reduction while dealing aoe damage
Then there is the flaming carpet glyph, feca staff glyph, steam glyph trio both of which provided quite a decent amount of support all in different methods.

This iteration of Feca's glyphs can remove painful amounts of AP and MP, and if you think that isn't enough or if the damage they deal is completely lackluster too ALONGSIDE those debuffs (Even from that of a 3 cell circle wide Flaming Carpet Glyph), then yes I will sympathize with you that Feca's offensive capabilities have been neutered.

Although honestly, this meta of Feca Efficiency never really capitalized on what a Feca can do offensively by itself, and I was already unhappy when they changed Feca's Armor/Glyph mechanic. I never got to pick up on Feca afterwards, and this Feca Meta only made it worse.
I think we all miss old glyph teleport ;-;

Pve feca has no damage as compared to dd classes. And it's incredibly difficult to damage late game bosses since their immunity mechanic usually pros before glyphs do. Other than that, we're fine, it's the price of being a tank. I mean, theoretically, you could build a glass cannon feca, and the base numbers on our glyphs could maybe deal some good damage, just not as much or to bosses. But we would lose a decent amount of resist for dd gear
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